Angel’s Trumpet

In Gemini Light, Promo by Gemini

Have you ever heard of the Angel’s Trumpet?

You’d know it if you saw it.

If you walk through just about any part of Arcadia, you can see it swaying to and fro on someone’s doorstep.

Gosh, it’s so beautiful and colorful, with bulbs like a large trumpet blowing its notes out into the world. Except this flower’s notes are its amazing fragrance.

But nothing beautiful in this world gets left alone.

People like to surgically remove them from their stems, selling them to the highest bidder. Horticulturists, they call them. People who operate on plants of any kind, like a plant doctor.

Except they don’t save them, do they?

Other people just like to eat them, ripping their bulbs off and enjoying the juices sliding down their throat.

But that’s the thing about an Angel’s Trumpet.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, they’re highly toxic. They’ll kill ya, by golly.

The reason they’re so intoxicating is because they contain some kind of infectious powder, meant to draw you in.

It’s not their fault, but they have to pay the price.

They call it an invasive species, because it takes over everything around it, crowding out the native plants and disrupting entire ecosystems.

So why does everyone treat me like an Angel’s Trumpet?

All I want to do is dance through the forests of Arcadia, swinging my arms and singing my song.

Just because I bathe in flowers doesn’t make me one, ya know?

And the nerve of some people!?

Bird Face is one of them horticulturists, thinking he can just cut me off from my home and do whatever he likes with me.

And the Tooth Fairy doesn’t even want to bother with surgically removing me, he just wants to eat me!

Eat me!

I promise I wouldn’t taste good, Mister Fairy.

Nobody except Mister Skull ever looks at me as anything more than a flower to consume and enjoy.

But I’m more than that.

Just like the Angel’s Trumpet, I’m highly toxic if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And from everything I’ve seen, neither the Tooth Fairy nor Bird Face have any idea how to handle me.

Do you think I can’t see your hungry eyes, your quivering scalpel? Do you think I’m stupid?

I’m not stupid.

No, I’m just like the Angel’s Trumpet. Invasive.

My positivity is infectious, drowning out the darkness of the Tooth Fairy.

My joy shines with beauty, outshining the black you both drown yourselves in.

And my song smells wonderful, though the ugly mask of Bird Face prevents him from smelling it!

If you’d just let me be, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Because I’m here now and you’re drawn in. You’re the native species here, and I’m the invasive one.

Because I turn black to rainbow.

Death to life.

Sadness to joy.

Hunger to fullness.

Your ecosystem will never be the same.

You can try to cut me out, or even just eat me.

But I’ll still stand strong.

I’m sorry about your dark death stuff, but you really should have taken a picture.

It’d have lasted longer!