Apex Predator

In Promo by Deathnote

“As the first signs of frost lay upon the land, the gazelle will begin to migrate.”

“Along the way, they will feed upon any signs of plant life they find. Leaves, shrubs, grass. Anything.”

“There was once a gazelle who decided that she would not migrate for the winter. Instead, she would stand her ground and attempt to weather the harsh storm that was to come.”

“She began eating as much as she could possibly find and putting on a good layer of winter weight. She was going to need to be as plump as possible in order to be able to withstand the freezing temperatures of winter.”

“She began moving about the different heards of animals that had begun to store their winter food. From each of them, she ate as much food that she could sneak away with.”

“Little did she know there was a lion that had been shadowing her every move.”

“The lion had watched her for a long time, realizing that she was fattening up for the winter months.”

“Licking his chops each time he saw her swipe another bit of food off another’s plate.”

“As she wandered off on her own to bear down for winter, the lion stalked behind her.”

“The gazelle stops for one last bite, and that’s when it happened.”

“The lion POUNCED out from behind the bush and tackled the gazelle with ease.”

“The feaster became the feasted.”

“There’s a gazelle that’s been grazing through the halls of OSW for some time now.”

“Her name is Ether.”

“She may have been operating as part of Jet Set Radio all these months, but together they worked to steal off the plates of others.”

“First it was bMf around every corner. They stole just enough from them that they could get away cleanly without a scratch.”

“Most recently? They stole from the Blackhearts. They stole from Sigil and Renault.”

“As JSR begins to fizzle, two remain. But the gazelle isn’t planning to migrate with the rest of the herd, is she?”

“No, Ether plans to take what’s hers and try to bare it all through the harsh winter that lies ahead of OSW.”

“And soon, she will take her last bit of winter preperations from Tag and sonder off on her own to bed down and tough out the winter storm on the horizons.”

“But you’ve caught my eye, Ether.”

“You’ve caught the eye of the lion..”

“And I haven’t eaten in a very long time.”

“I’ve watched as you swiped away at the plates of others for months now. I’ve noticed as you stored away all of your food for the winter, and I watched as you snuck away with one half of the Tag Team Championships last week..”

“This week, the gazelle will wander off on it’s own ready to bear down for the winter, but the hungry girl will stop for one last bite.”

“Again, the feaster becomes the feasted.”

“The lion will pounce from that shadows which I have watched you operate for months.”

“And I will feast upon your soul.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“The apex predator¬†of OSW..”