Artistic Movements

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

“You’re quite the enigma, Mr. Redgrave.”

“An artiste.”

“But for every artist, there’s the question of just who they are and what they’re creating.”

“The people you slaughter, you do so with a highly dynamic and spontaneous application of vigorous brushstrokes; only the brush you use is that blade. You love the effect of spilling and dripping their blood like paint onto the canvas of your choosing. It’s very abstract, isn’t? Very expressionist, too.”

“That’s why many would call that Abstract Expressionism.”

“But let’s be honest, you also love to blur the lines between different mediums, don’t you? You don’t mind simply murdering or merging your aesthetic with various forms of different skilful craftmanship. Your latest piece; what’s in the box, is an intriguing merge between mediums. The Schrodinger quandary, combined with the craftsmanship of the box has made a new masterpiece that you simply desire to know the answer to. ”

“Some would call that Art Deco.”

“Then there’s your emphasis on the dramatic; the exaggerated motion of your victims in their poses with clear intricate and interpreted detail. You do this to produce drama, tension, exuberance and grandeur. You enjoy nothing more than the dramatic reveal of one of your latest pieces. You’ve made Jackson Cade a one man audience to a dramatic showing of your what’s in the box enigma.”

“That’d be a little Baroque, wouldn’t it?”

“Yet we all know how expressive you are, Mr. Redgrave. Jackson Cade knows, doesn’t he? You love to express the meaning of emotional experience too. You distort those victims to craft a masterpiece that’ll exaggerate a vivid and jarring portrait of death and despair. There’s something beautiful in expressing yourself through the medium of body parts, blood and viscera, isn’t there?”

“A very Expressionism way of making your art.”

“There’s various different styles of making art, Mr. Redgrave. Men like you create these mediums using a whole variety of movements, but one thing in art is undeniable; no piece is truly appreciated unless bought and displayed.”

“You’re the artist – you make art for the masses, in your own sick, twisted and sadistic way.”

“And yet, only one person really matters in the world of art.”

That’s the person buying it.

“That makes you a slave to machine of commerce, my friend. All these pieces and styles mean nothing to you unless the person buying it; or in your case, believing in it, actually does that.”

I’m the buyer, Mr. Redgrave.”

“I’m the person with all the power. I decide whether you live, die, starve or succeed. It doesn’t matter what medium you paint in or what movement you subscribe to, I’m not buying it. I’m not interested.”

“At Pandemonium, the artist brings his art to the buyer and the buyer keeps his credits firmly in his pocket.”

“In other words, Jasper – I win and you lose.”