In Luther Grim, Promo by Luther Grim

In a realm where legends whispered of a treasure that could change the very fabric of one’s life, two enemies found their paths intertwined in a relentless pursuit. They were consumed by a deep-seated hatred for one another. They wanted nothing more than to see each other suffer. And so, they stood before the ladder, determined to ensure that the other would never ascend its rungs and claim the life-altering prize.

The first man, driven by an insatiable hunger for power, yearned to ascend to the pinnacle of the food chain. He craved dominion over others, the ability to command respect and instill fear in the hearts of those beneath him. To him, the treasure represented the ultimate source of power, a key to unlock the throne upon which he could dictate the fate of all who defied him.

The second man, burdened by the weight of his desolate existence, yearned for a flicker of optimism amidst the surrounding gloom. He carried the weight of misery and misfortune, which seemed insurmountable. Every step he took was marred by hardship and sorrow, and he believed that within the treasure lay the key to transforming his existence into one of prosperity. 

But you see, both men were so entrenched in conflict, so engrossed in annihilating the other, that they lost sight of a fundamental fact: that life is not a solitary ladder, but a vast scaffold. They were so fixated on a single, linear ascent, that they remained oblivious to the multitude of paths upward. 

Much like the first man, Blacktooth can’t fathom a life without power. His heart beats with the thirst for dominance, his mind consumed by strategies to outwit and overpower any who stand in his way. In his eyes, the treasure serves as a conduit, a steppingstone to wield the dominion he craves. With every step, he imagines himself perched upon a throne, commanding the world beneath him. 

And much like the second man, The Burned Man harbors a seething anger towards the world. He has been dealt a hand of misfortune, his life bestrewn with disappointment and despair. To him, the treasure is like a glimmer of hope, a chance to uncover the secrets that could unravel the chains that bound him. He longs for a future free of the shackles from his past. 

You see, Blacktooth and The Burned Man are two fools lost in the labyrinth of their desires. Because in this fervent chase, reason has been abandoned. Come Titanfall, they will be looking to tear each other apart limb from limb. They will clash and collide over one singular ladder, to ensure that the other man does not climb it to claim the treasure. 

But me? I won’t be ensnared in their battle. I won’t sit around, trapped in conflict, focused on just one ladder. Because you see, I am going to seize the next available ladder, the one overlooked in their blind rage. And while they inflict harm upon one another, I am going to ascend that mountain of opportunity to claim the reward they were too consumed to grasp. 

It’s hunting season.