In Promo by Banzan

“The last echoes died on the white slopes; the new mount glittered and lay still in the silent valley.”
– Evelyn Waugh


To face the full force of an avalanche is the greatest fear of those that climb the slopes.

We learn to read the conditions, listen to the mountain. When the rumblings begin, one is able to survive the avalanche by moving from its path.

For to take on an avalanche head first is foolishness.

While I was teaching at the monastery, we were approached by a strange foreigner. He sought to see the Earth from its highest peak and was journeying to the peak.

The foreigner was adept at climbing, and knew he had the talent to reach the peak. He was confident and set off with his guides.

But what he lacked was one key piece of knowledge. The ability to know when the avalanche would hit.

His guides soon returned with the news that he had been lost to the avalanche. When it hit, he was taken unawares and swallowed by its immense power.

Days later, the strange foreigner returned. By a stroke of sheer luck, he had survived the avalanche when he was feared dead. He lived to continue his quest for the peak, beginning his climb anew.

The whispers of a new day begin as the rumble of the avalanche dies out.

You approached Old School Wrestling keen to climb the heights and explore what this planet had to offer you Vigour.

Your foreign eyes weren’t adapt to life on this mountain.

So you never heard the rumbling beginning.

To your foreign ears, Vayikra were no threat. For you couldn’t hear the avalanche that they would become.

But I could.

I know the dangers of misplaced faith.

The avalanche claimed you with a noose around your neck, and your guides were unable to help you.

But, like the lucky foreign mountain climber all those years ago, you find yourself with the opportunity to start the climb afresh.

You rose once more.

The last rumblings of the avalanche have died out for you, and the whispers of a new day have begun.

You can choose the path you pave for yourself from here. Your mount is refreshed anew.

Only, you bring your own avalanches back with you, don’t you.

The full force of an avalanche threatening to invade our home.

Your path ahead is clouded, murky, but with it you face a choice.

To stop the rumblings of this fresh avalanche or to let it destroy everything in its path.

I don’t fear avalanches, Vigour. Not upon my mountain.

When the rumblings begin, I walk these halls with the full power of the mountain.

Because as much as you fear what they will do, that is not the avalanche of imminent threat.

I am.

When the rumblings begin and the next avalanche comes, it is my hand that sends it.

You can run, you can hide but you can never escape the full force of the Mighty Mountain’s avalanche.

Can you hear the rumbling?