Bad Dog

In Damien Wolfe, Promo by Damien Wolfe

I used to own a dog, curious git that it was. Liked to rove around and explore, well his propensity adventuring got us both into trouble. Because he well, he liked pissing, and he didn’t much enjoy being told where not to go. 

So, more than once, I found myself out of my hard-earned credits to pay for his urinary habits because he enjoyed pissing on others property. 

Eventually, I got tired of having to all the time pay out pocket to replace the belongings of others. So, I got myself a rolled-up newspaper and every time he would so much as cock his leg in the wrong direction. 


I would bring that newspaper down across the bridge of his nose. 

After about three weeks of this dog came to heel, his attitude, and pissing habits changed. 

Just so sad that I lost him when I had to bravely retreat from a gang fight in the lower levels, I miss that dog… he was a good shield. 

Now we have a dirty dog and his bastard, whom is also “an” or should I say “The” Explorer. Who believes he can just go wherever he pleases. 

Pissing on and pissing off whoever he please, this Pilgrim is nothing more than another disobedient mutt who needs to be broken. 

Because he thinks that he owns every level of Arcadia that he sets foot on. 

So much so that he’s never filed a single travel permit, so to me that means the Fabled obviously enjoys urinating on my work the most of all. 

The thing I can tell you from experience, it’s extremely hard to paper work when some disobedient mutt has used it as toilet. 

That’s the thing Drewitt I realize that you don’t care.  To you, metaphorically this word is your toilet and you don’t care where you go because you view it as all yours to begin with, just like an untrained bitch. 

Because you’re no better than a feral dog. You wonder Arcadia believing you can do as you please, go where you want, and that you can bare your teeth to get your way.  

This type of chaos, cannot be, and will not be rewarded, because that’s where I come in.  

It’s my job, everyone sees me as a paper pushing nobody obsessed with rules and bureaucracy but it’s that bureaucracy is order in this world of chaos. 

With no rules, no regulations, no permits, untamed dogs like you would be allowed to piss where they wanted. 

It is men like me that make Arcadia a functional society and not some piss reeking toilet. 

So, this week I will bring you to heel, I will you down until you’re broken, and trained to respect the rule of Arcadia no matter how small and insignificant you may think they are. 

Nothing personal, it’s just… every dog needs to be trained at the end of the day.