Bed of Nails

In Promo by Sir Bellator

The concept of a nail piercing flesh is well founded in the good book.

But where a single nail pierces the flesh with a swing of the mallet, man can lie down on a bed of nails without harm.

It all amounts to the distribution and spread of pressure.

If one lies down upon a single nail, it will pierce them and they will bleed.

A bed of three nails will still offer no avail. A little of the strain may be spread among the three nails, but will ultimately still end in the destruction of the flesh.

A bed of a thousand nails allows pressure that is placed upon the bed to be spread evenly. Even as a great weight is placed upon the bed of nails, no single nail will pierce the skin. For man can withstand pressure when the load is distributed evenly.

A great pressure has begun to build within the walls of the Slaughterhouse.

Tensions have risen, and these tensions act as pressure that presses flesh upon nails. Some have already fallen victim to this pressure. Many names have found the nail pierce their flesh and have faltered in the face of these tensions.

Their spirit was weak, and they have now been lost to the annals of history.

But you never stood upon a single nail, did you, Bad Mother Fuckers?

You proudly dominated this arena as a trio, the sharpest three nails in the land. You stood together, fought together and fell together.

For as strong as you were together, you each felt you would be stronger apart.

For you each wanted to be the sharpest nail.

Together, you showed the world you were able to spread the load of the pressure that has continued to build within these walls. But apart, you have crumbled and broken.

Luke Storm, the pressure of fatherhood has pressed down upon your shallow life. Without your friends at your side, who is there to protect Scarlett? How much does that nail pierce your skin as you realise that every step you take puts her at risk?

Pyre, the weight of marriage presses upon you. With it, comes changing alliances and the destruction of friendships. The ghosts of friendships past are the nails that threaten your future happiness.

Zero, the pressure of your past acts as a weight that presses upon your present. Sure, you have battled through and slain the dragon that threatened your future. But what toll has that particular nail taken upon your weary spirit?

Your beds of nails are looking decidedly sparce.

But we, Vayikra, build our bed of nails on more than shallow principals.

We build a bed of nails upon every promise contained within the word of Yahweh.

Bellator and Rhodes will stand united to prove that though we may not agree, we stand together in one mission.

Spread the light, so that it may act as a bed of nails.

So that you sinners may see the err of your ways.

And Bad Mother Fuckers will repent before those nails tear their flesh to pieces.