In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Outside of Zeus’s home, Narcissa is shrouded in attire that is anything but fashionable. The disguise worked to get this close.

“You can say this is where it all began.”

“Where the actions of a husband and the reaction of a wife led to what all of Arcadia now knows as the Uprising.”

“At the time, I didn’t think the apocalypse of our marriage would lead to the world we all face today but here we are.”

“At first, his sweet words strummed my heart strings and lulled me into the sweet death of things I held on to for my own safety.”

“He plucked every string until my boundaries were destroyed and all my walls were torn down.”

“Then he infected me with a poison that hurts more than any other, no disease is more painful than love.”

“Then when he betrayed me, that disease almost killed me.”

“I was ready to say goodbye to the world, everything I had worked for was falling out from under me.”

“I stood on top of his roof, on top of the world and had one foot dangling until I saw him speak to a guard with his true voice, a voice so encumbered with hatred, you felt livid the moment it pierced your ears.”

“I went from sad to motivated real quick, he’s the one who fucked up, not me, all the pain he caused, I’m going to make him feel it.”

“I’m going to save anyone from feeling the way I did because of him. That moment I decided it was me or him. I turned foot and made plans for the revolution, for the safety we all need.”

“The first person I went to was Artemis, his daughter who was the one person who saw him at his worst more than I had.”

“These were the first seeds of the current Uprising you see now, with Deathrow being available to us, we had eyes on those who suffered more than we had because of him.”

“When she was replaced by a cunt in blue, that was all we needed, he was the vessel for all the anger and hatred they held towards Zeus, when I killed him, they didn’t see me as Narcissa, they saw my true form, Hera, ready to break the chains he’s so good at latching on others. If I could get out, they knew they could.”

“We of course weren’t done, we had to make a statement and Tombstone and Drewitt were the perfect targets for a proclamation of change.”

“Now we’re at a crossroads because their blood intertwined and Drewitt now rides his horse alongside you two, Muerte and Gemini. All of us are occupied with the end. You’re for destruction while I’m here for salvation.”

“Either way, when we face each other this week, it’s bound to be the beginning of the end.”

“We all can feel the end, which ending will it be?”

Narcissa steps aside revealing a crack in the wall of Zeus’s homestead and poses with her arms outstretched to show what will be hers.