In Promo by Hades

For most, gluttony is a sin.

For a behemoth, it is its purpose.

In the bowels of Tartarus, these insatiable creatures fill its halls.

They all have their differences such as multiple heads or traits of different beasts amalgamated into one yet one similarity binds them, an insatiable appetite for raw flesh.

The desire is all consuming, every moment in their lives is spent starving or feasting.

Whenever a mortal encounters one, they pray to me to take them first.

They never realize the behemoth is the answer to their actions, the gods have already listened and we have already decided your fate.

You’ll be in my realm either way.

The only true thing you can wish for is that I’ve decided to provide some mercy to you and feed my favorite of the behemoths in my realm, the hound of yours truly, Cerberus.

I consider it mercy for the same reason all fear him, a touch of his is instant death, while you can’t escape him, you don’t have to endure the pain the worst of your lot are forced to.

If you could, this would be the cruelest of the deaths I give. At the end of the day, he’s a dog and while his primal urge is to devour you whole, he always plays with his food first.

He’ll rip a limb off and bring it to me to toss. While he’s playing fetch, your body would be bleeding out. While you would be in deepest agony, you would watch him roll around in delight.

Once bored, he’d start tearing you apart slowly, enjoying every bite as if it would be his last. Your muscles would be ripped off the bone, every second would be immeasurable pain as you slowly faded out of consciousness.

When you cease to exist, he’d still eat every last morsel he can pull off you until all you are is the bones that were forced to hold up the weight of a person who didn’t deserve to be supported in any way.

Eating a person alive and consuming them despite death is the true mark of a behemoth.

It is not simply being large and liking to deal pain.

That doesn’t make you a behemoth, that makes you a bitch.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Siberian Husky from Russia itself, Pietor, the “wolf” within you is still a bitch.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the so-called king of the jungle, Thunk, a bitch in lion’s clothing is still a bitch.

It doesn’t matter whether your breed is a question and the only solution is that you’re a mutt, a bitch is a bitch.

I’ve seen countless varieties of behemoth and none of you fit that bill.

They’re all in my realm, I’ve tamed them all including the biggest hound in all of existence.

If I can tame Cerberus, what do you think I would do with three bitches like you?

Right, feed them to the real behemoth on my side.

Forever will be the last the world sees of you, it won’t be the last you see of me.