In Promo by Sir Gable

When you travel with someone, you start to learn things about them that you hadn’t thought of before.

You learn their quirks, their ways to kill boredom, things they love, things they hate, random things that shape them but don’t change how you see them.

Long enough into a trip, you start asking deeper questions, the ones you have to ponder about or the ones that mean so much to you, you answer them in an instant.

Do you remember asking me what by biggest fear was, Grimwolf?

I paused because all my biggest fears were confirmed by that point, you realized I had trouble coming up with something so you filled the silence, you simply said, “a triangle”.

I remember chuckling and you snapped. This wasn’t a joke, no way to break tension, you were terrified of one specific triangle just off the coast of Miami.

The Bermuda Triangle, too many sailor’s voyages ended prematurely within its borders.

Hundreds of men, some sailing on the cheapest of sailboats, others riding highly advanced warships, all had different journey plans, all reached the same destination.

The bottom of the ocean.

Some say it was where Davy Jones locker was, others say it’s weather patterns, others say it’s purely coincidental and plan on traveling through anyway.

No one truly knows, all I know is you avoided the area like the plague, we lost countless hours by making special routes to avoid it.

The times we have had to go through it, you looked like you saw a ghost and accepted that you might not make it back.

Are you still terrified? Still scared of death after experiencing it? Good, that’s exactly where I want you to be because you’re about to jump into the middle of a triangle that makes Bermuda look like child’s play.

Vayikra is the triangle you should have always been scared of.

While Bermuda takes people by accident year after year, we execute our enemies on purpose as often as we can.

While Bermuda makes people drown, we make them burn.

While Bermuda indiscriminately takes people, our attacks have always been pointed.

While you constantly avoided it in fear of death, I was the one who made you actually face it.

While Bermuda’s power is in the mythology that surrounds it, ours come from the one who created that triangle and every other part of this planet.

I think that’s why you wrote me those letters, a way to get to where you needed to go without traversing the waters that got you closer to me, a way to avoid those triangles you’ve always been scared of.

Tonight, you have no choice. You have to cross into the waters you hate, you’ve been able to defeat me while staying on the fringes and flanking us but tonight you’re deep in the triangle, between two pillars that will destroy you where you stand.

The last time you went to Bermuda, we fell into the deep and we both found a way to escape it.

This time in the deep, the only way you’re leaving is in a box.