In Promo by Sir Bellator

In His holy word, Yahweh was crystal clear on the subject of betrayal.

‘Love the Lord, all ye faithful ones. For the Lord protects those who are loyal, but he harshly punishes all who are arrogant and betray others.’

The Assyrian empire was known for their power. A vast army, powerful and without any experience of failure. What they wanted, they took. What they saw, they conquered. They were feared among all, so when they approached the walls of the holy city of Jerusalem, God’s people feared the worst. King Hezekiah paid their asking price, hoping to avoid bloodshed but the Assyrians attacked regardless, besieging the city walls.

Lying, underhanded betrayers. They thought they could get away with whatever the pleased, for they wielded the biggest stick.

But God’s people kept the faith, never wavered. And God saw the vast Assyrian army struck down in their prime.

‘You expect others to respect their promises to you, but you betray your promises to them. You too will be betrayed and destroyed.’

A comeuppance of biblical proportions.

Loyalty is a rare trait among the halls of Old School Wrestling.

It’s a dog eat dog world where every soul looks out for number one. We’ve seen our fair share of betrayals, backstabbings and lying underhanded tactics. We’re no strangers to the sin of betrayal here, and neither are you Zero.

You’ve felt the sting of its bite.

She that you once held most dear, drove that knife into your heart and twisted it. You stood, with those you considered you brethren, all the power and might equivalent of the Assyrian army at your side. You had it all. What you wanted, you took. What you saw, you conquered.

Nobody stood in the way of you Bad Mother Fuckers.

But that army was struck down in its prime with one single act of betrayal.

It was all her fault, right?

Pyre, the soul betrayer that ruined your glory.

Yet, you assume no responsibility for the mess you’ve landed in, do you?

The mighty never see the fall coming, and you were blind to your own betrayal. For you betrayed the sanctity of the marriage vow in the first place. You who were actively attempting to steal another man’s wife from him. Sure, Pyre stabbed you in the heart, but you allowed it so. You thought you could get away with whatever you pleased, but you found out that you never wielded the biggest stick in the first place.

You were a betrayer’s fool, and became a bitch’s bitch in the process.

If you had simply stayed away from her bedsheets, you would have seen it coming. But your lust betrayed even you.

And you paid the ultimate price, walking right into Simon’s trap.

Now Vayikra holds that title you fought so hard to attain.

The sin of betrayal only ever ends in heartbreak. The Lord commands that betrayers be punished in his name.

Vayikra is the weapon of your comeuppance, of biblical proportions.

You, too, will be destroyed for your betrayal.