In Promo by Sir Renault

Feasts used to be held for moments of celebration.

Had we won a battle to save the lives of our family and friends? We would feast from dusk til dawn.

Prominent members of society getting married? A feast like none other would be held.

Back then, we couldn’t just party for the hell of it— we had to earn it.

The hardships of living were much starker during my heyday. The sacrifice it took just to get by, let alone thrive, didn’t allow for many moments to escape reality.

These days it seems there’s a party for everything.

Every weekend there’s something glorified whether it has merit to it or not, and I find myself annoyed at all the gluttons dancing with the devil under a rainbow of lights, knocking back drink after drink, and indulging in the pleasures until they soil themselves as a nightcap.

There’s a trio of deceivers who roam the hallowed halls of the Slaughterhouse who engage in this type of behavior.

They call themselves the Rainbow Party.

Well, I’ve found what’s at the end of the rainbow, and it isn’t a pot of gold.

It’s a nightclub. That’s where I’ve spotted you and your rainbow buddies, Vigour.

You live in the wider range of the color spectrum, on a mission to spread your joy far and wide by bringing color to everything you touch.

You’re an indigo: a freethinker unlike anyone before you whose destiny is to spiritually awaken and create change in humanity.

The purple aura you emit attracts those around you, projecting you to the front and center of any party you attend.

You’re just out to have a good time, brother.

Right, VIgour?

At least, that’s what others perceive about you.

I live beyond the color spectrum in a frequency unseen to the naked eye, where hidden things come to light when it is shone upon them.

Ultraviolet light is used to uncover such truths.

And the truth about you is that you’re a glutton.

You party all night, living life to the fullest and pushing your limits for no cause in particular other than to fulfill your selfish desires.

It doesn’t take an ultraviolet light to unearth that revelation.

But what I see in you that no one else does is that deep down inside you are not too different from myself.

You are no stranger to sacrifice in the world you come from; you are programmed to obey.

The reality you escaped from may be black and white, but it was designed that way to protect you, much like the teachings of YAHWEH.

I am the black light, VIgour.

At Bad Attitude I’m going to shine down on you and expose you for the hedonistic heathen you are.

But unlike your noir realm, you can’t escape me.

And when you succumb to and obey YAHWEH’s light there will finally be a true cause for celebration.

We can party all night long, and if you survive we could even share a meade together.

For we will have earned it.

Just pray that your eminent crucifixion doesn’t give your pals the blues.

Deus vult.