“I don’t know why but today seems like it’s gonna be a great day!”

The sun is shining…

“There’s something in the air that makes me feel like things are gonna go my way!”

Birds are chirping…

“The birds are chirping tweedly-deet, the sun is shining bright!”

The air is cool and crisp…

“There’s a skip in my step, a pip in my pep..”

Only what the FUCK do you think this is?



Marvolo opens up Block Party with a thunderous shot to the skull of Willie Manson, cleaning whatever was left of his already rotting clock.

His rather proud grin is quickly wiped off his face by Axel The Shark, who can be seen running down the alley behind him, bulldozing him to the ground like some kind of… sharkdozer.

If that wasn’t enough, by the time his hands go on his hips, Rico has appeared from the crowd to our right, flicking what appears to be a used condom in the direction of Axel. Spunk hits his costume and perturbs him for a moment, giving The Artist Formerly Known As a chance to Superkick him right under the jaw.

“Wonderful day makes me feel so happy that my face is numb!”

That one certainly ain’t for the kids.

The camera turns left to where Jondo is climbing outside of a bin, looking like he’s just woke up. He flicks some mush from his hair and turns to see Noboru Tanaka running at him. The Japanese Samurai was hardly hidden tiger, crouching dragon, his footsteps loud enough to allow Jondo ample opportunity to run him straight into the bin instead.

“My heart is racing along barapa pampam!”

Behind the bin, either biding his time or pretending to count rocks is none other than Royston Hawkes. The Gold Medallist is soon sought out by Robert Gordon, who pulls him straight to his feet.

“Hey! Hey get the fuck off me! No! Fuck no!”

Robert looks at the cheering fans behind him and lunges forward with a headbutt.

“I don’t know why but today seems like it’s gonna be a great day!”

We pick off where that wonderful introduction left us, in an alley, the fans crowding nearby to watch as these eight guys ROCK THE BLOCK. Focus jumps back to Axel The Shark, no longer covered in condom juices, being launched into a brick wall by Marvolo. Marvolo bounces his head off a trash can and stands with his arms on his hips, almost celebrating.

“Marvolo is number one!” suddenly yells a voice.

It’s Raquel, who pops out of the dumpster to their left. He pushes her back inside and pulls down the lid, turning around to a massive SUPERKICK! NOBORU TANAKA OUT OF NO-WHERE!

Noboru opens the lid to help Raquel out, only she slaps him and sends him reeling backwards.

Luckily, Jondo is waiting with two large dustbin lids.


Noboru stumbles and walks straight into a Clothesline. Jondo goes to pick him up but Axel The Shark comes running with a SUSHI KICK! Shining Wizard! That little Shark certainly isn’t a fish out of water. He turns around and ducks underneath a Kendo Stick strike by Willie Manson, grabbing him into a Suplex position, only Royston Ridgewell Hawkes is quick out of the gate, popping in behind The Shark.



Both want a Suplex, Willie back elbowing Axel until he lets go, Royston then using all that power and momentum to drop him with a Release German Suplex. He pops back up to his feet and starts to showboat, only Rico cleans his clock with a Superkick! SNAPSHOT!

Rico runs his hand through his hair as Willie Manson wraps a piece of dirty rope around his neck, pulling him backwards into a BACKSTABBER! ONLY HE KEEPS THE ROPE WRAPPED TIGHTLY! Rico looks close to tapping out! He’s going to..


The Iron Man reaches down for Rico and pulls him away, throwing him head first into the nearest pile of trash he can find. Jondo meanwhile has gotten back to his feet and has the dumpster, running it STRAIGHT INTO THE BACK OF GORDON! He positions it near the fire escape ladder, grabbing Wllie and throwing him atop the closed dumpster.

Wait a minute.. what the hell is he doing?

He starts climbing the ladder. Oh no… he’s not going to… no way…

Before he can dive off though, Marvolo has followed him up the ladder! What the hell is going on? Willie stirs on the bin lid, rolling off as Marvolo and Jondo head to the first floor fire escape. They’re brawling atop the metal structure now, right outside of someone’s apartment!

Royston Hawkes takes this ample opportunity to follow them up as well, realizing that he can escape the action below. He gets to the top just as JONDO THROWS MARVOLO HEAD FIRST THROUGH SOMEONE’S FUCKING WINDOW!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!

Hawkes pushes Marvolo inside and nails Jondo with a kick to the gut. You’ve gotta be kidding me? We’re going INSIDE THE APARTMENT!

Marvolo scrambles amongst the glass as the people whose home this is scream in fear. Hawkes though, he’s going to try and calm the situation. “Have no fear ladies, I’ll be dispatching this ruffian shortly.”


The Man The World Forgot doesn’t even pay attention to the terrified people, grabbing Marvolo and throwing him over the couch with some force that the couch itself goes over.

Royston gets back to his feet and picks up a stool, crumpling it across the back of Jondo, having him outstretched in agony within seconds. The Olympic Hero walks over to the fridge and opens it, grabbing some milk and DRINKING STRAIGHT FROM THE CARTON! Jondo wanders back over.. FRIDGE DOOR TO THE FACE!! MILK CARTON ACROSS THE HEAD!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!

Marvolo gets back to his feet and grabs the television, ripping it from the plug socket… but no! THE PEOPLE STOP HIM!! They snatch the television back and Marvolo, infuriated, picks up their cat and THROWS IT AT ROYSTON RIDGEWELL HAWKES!! THAT FUCKING BRUTE!!

The cat flies through the air, hitting Hawkes in the face and stumbling him. The Marvellous One runs over and grabs him, dragging him to the window and throwing him through it. He follows as Jondo slowly gets back to his feet, wondering where the fuck he is? He opens the now broken fridge door that comes off in his hand and reaches inside for a coke.

Meanwhile outside, Robert Gordon has been slammed into a barricade. Willie Manson stands there, pummelling away at him. Axel The Shark is battling with Rico and Noboru Tanaka.

SUDDENLY JONDO COMES PLUMMETTING DOWN THE FIRE ESCAPE AND LANDS BACK FIRST ON THE FUCKING DUMPSTER!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! HOLY SHIT!! He rolls off in agony, Marvolo making his way down the ladder whilst Royston recovers up top.

Marvolo covers…




Tanaka grabs Marvolo and runs him into a metal door, denting it with the ferocity of which he drilled him. He turns around and ducks under a Clothesline attempt by Robert Gordon, picking up a kendo stick and WHAAAAACCCKKK!! KENDO STICK TO THE SKULL OF THE IRON MAN!! WHERE’D THAT COME FROM?

Here comes Manson though, dragging him away by his hair and towards the crowd. Where’s he going? They’re fighting into the audience! Royston meanwhile has dropped down from the fire escape and opens the bin lid, Rico stumbling over only to get a rake to the eyes for his troubles. Royston grabs him by the hair, and here comes Marvolo, both backing him up together and…


Hawkes goes to slam the lid down but Marvolo attacks him from behind, leaning him over inside the bin and WHAM! LID TO THE FUCKING BACK!!! JUST THEN, GORDON SLAMS A TRASH CAN DOWN ONTO JONDO!! JESUS CHRIST!!

Robert turns around, Marvolo with a rake to the eyes!! He whips him straight into the bin, not realizing that Hawkes storms forward THE RECORD BREAKER!! THE RECORD BREAKER!! NECKBREAKER ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR TO MARVOLO!

Hawkes turns around to see the bin open with Rico inside it. He drags him out backwards so that he’s using the bins as if ropes… THE GOLD RUSH!! TOP ROPE.. I MEAN BIN NECKBREAKER!! HE COVERS…





We cut down a block from the ring where we find a group of kids trying to convince Neville Sheldon to take part in a spoon race.

“Come on Mr. Sheldon! It’ll be fun!” They shout whilst shoving a spoon into his hand.

“Alright kids, you twisted my arm.” Neville smirks.

Just as the children load an egg onto his spoon, Matthew Cories appears with a scowl.

“What’s up, Shelly!?!” Cories mocks, batting Neville’s egg off his spoon and onto the sidewalk with a splat.

“Oooohhhh!” The kids gasp in dismay as Sheldon’s egg brakes before their eyes.

“What!?!” Matthew seems confused.

“We’re trying to have a spoon race, Cories, and you just broke my egg!”

“What are you trying to say, huh? You can run with an egg on a spoon faster than me!?!” Cories looks highly offended. “I think not! Give me an egg.” Cories demands of an eight year old girl.

“Now I know ya’ll fella’s ain’t tryin’a say ya’ know more ’bout eggs than ol’ Cooter here!”

A few of the children pop at the sight of Cooter Hayes but Neville and Matthew don’t. Hayes doesn’t seem to notice though, grabbing a spoon and an egg and setting up next to Cories.

“Let’s git-r-done!” Cooter shouts and the children line up next to him.

The race starts and Matthew immediately turns to underhanded tactics, knocking one of the children’s eggs off their spoon with a chuckle. Neville, taking slight to this, steps in Matthew’s path.

“Now hold on their mister!” Neville places a hand on Matthew’s chest, knocking both of their eggs to the ground in the process.

“What’s the big idea, Sheldon!?!”

“Yeeeehaw!” Shouts Cooter; winning the race while Neville and Matthew are distracted. “Cooter Hayes laid the egg!”

All the children laugh and Cooter laughs right along with them, though not entirely understanding what it is he’s laughing at. Cories brushes Neville’s hand from his chest and walks off angrily… Neville shrugs.

“At least the kids had fun.” He mutters as he eyeballs Matthew Cories walking away in a huff.

The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons blasts through the speakers filling the open field. Red spotlights flash all over the sky. Spots light grow brighter on the stage as the song builds, and The Question steps through the curtain. He has tape around his midsection, seemingly in recovery from the car accident last week at Afterburn. He begins to walk down the ramp to a chorus of boos. He is moving slowly, dragging the head of the axe behind him. He walks over to the timekeeper, and leans the axe against the table. He slides into the ring and waits.

The crowd is stirring with anticipation. Suddenly, the guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits. The crowd goes wild! There’s no flaming circle, however. The crowd is looking around. Where could the Crashmaster be? Then a low drone in the background becomes louder. A small, single-engine airplane comes directly towards the ring, and it’s flying very low. Amazingly we see a figure jump from the plane! A bright blue parachute opens, and it’s Crash! The chute comes closer, but instead of landing gently in the ring, Crash pulls the release and free falls the last fifty feet! He lands hard in the middle of the ring, but right on his feet. His knees buckle to soften the impact and he kneels with his head down. The crowd is silent, wondering if he is okay. Then, he flips his hair back, grinning from ear to ear. If the Question is impressed he doesn’t show it.

The referee calls for the bell. The Question rushes at Crash who side steps the man, slapping the back of Hunter’s head as he goes by. The Question stops, turns around and looks at Crash. If he wasn’t angry before, he clearly is now. Crash just looks amused.

Hunter rushes Crash again just to be taken down by a Russian Leg Sweep. Crash and Hunter pop up at the same time. Crash grins and taps his own temple showing that he has outsmarted the Question. The Question rolls his neck charges one more time, and this time Crash is guesses wrong. He was expecting a clothesline, so he ducked, and is instead met with a JUMPING HIGH KNEE to the temple. Crash is down, but the Question isn’t ready for a pin. He pulls Crash up by the hair and SNAP SUPLEX. Still not finished, Hunter pulls Crash up again, and THE IRONY!

Crash is thrown by three German Suplexes, the last one flinging him through the air!

The Question quick to cover




No! Kickout! Hunter can’t believe it! He pulls Crash up again, and Irish Whips him to the ropes. The Question goes for RELAX, that huge clothesline, but Crash ducks, bounces off the other ropes and returns with ROLLING WHEEL KICK! Both men are down.

The ref counts 1……..2……..3…….4……..5…… The Question in getting to his feet ….6……… 7……..8…Crash is up too. They trade punches, but Hunter has huge size advantage. Crash is reeling, but counters with a kick to the gut and a JAWBREAKER! The Question is down and the Daredevil sprints to the corner, leaping to the top turnbuckle. CRASH AND BURN! Crash covers…




Crash is up and is stomping on the Question, not wanting to allow him up. Hunter grabs The General Lee of 1, 2, 3’s ankle and yanks hard to the side, knock Crash off of his feet. Crash jumps rolls out of the ring while Hunter gets to his feet. Crash is standing outside the ring and the Question reaches over the top rope, grabs Crash’s hair and tries to pull him back into the ring. He gets as far as the apron when Crash grabs The Question’s head, drops off of the apron, and doesn’t let go. First Hunter drops throat first onto the top rope and is then wrenched over the top rope to the floor!

Crash wastes no time sliding back into the ring and to the top turnbuckle! CANNONBALL!!!!!

Crash launches himself from the ring post to body of Hunter on the ground below! Both men are writhing in pain!

The ref counts 1…….2……..3………4……5…….6…….Crash is up and rolls back into the ring and collapes there……….7……..8……..9……..1

No! The Question just makes it in the ring in time. Both men climb to their feet. Crash is quicker, though, and hits Hunter with a SINGLE HANDED BULLDOG. Cover!





Crash pulls quickly puts the Question in the DEVIL’S CLUTCHES! The Question is fading! Crash cranks as hard as he can! Hunter is reaching for the rope………………….

…………..and gets it! But Crash won’t let go! The Question, using his size advantage stands up with Crash still attached to his head! The Question somehow finds the strength to toss Crash high into the air and CONTRADICTION!




Kickout! What a match! Both men struggle to their feet and Crash with a burst of energy hits a SWINGING NECK BREAKER. Crash races to the top once more to hit the CRASH COUR……NO!

Hunter was playing possum and drops Crash with a DROPKICK as he was flying through the air. He is back to his feet and the Question locks in an INVERTED ANKLE LOCK! Crash is fighting it with all he has! He can’t get out of it, so he reaches for the bottom rope and he……

………doesn’t get it! The Question pulls him to the center of the ring! He tightens the ANKLE LOCK and Crash tries to fight it, but it is too much! He taps out!

The ref pulls Hunter off of Crash. Crash is lying in the center of the ring holding his ankle. The Questions walks over to the apron to climb out of the ring, and stops………

The Question isn’t finished. He stomps the downed stuntman’s ankle, repeatedly. The referee tries to pull Hunter off, but to no avail.

Finally, Hunter ceases stomping, just to place Crash in an inverted ankle lock! Crash is screaming, tapping, but the match is already over. Hunter then pulls Crash to the side of the ring, laying his ankle on the bottom rope. Hunter sling shots over the top rope to the outside, landing on Crash’s foot and ankle on the way over!

Crash is beside himself in pain; rolling around in the ring!

Hunter walks over to the makeshift stands, pushes a fan out of chair, and folds it.

He slides into the ring and gives three chair shots to Crash’s lower leg and ankle!

Hunter once again exits the ring and gets his axe!

This is ridiculous! He’s clearly damaged enough already!

Hunter slithers back into the ring, axe in hand.

That’s enough! We can’t let him do this!

Security leaves the ringside area and slides into the ring trying to stop the madness. He is met with shot to the gut by the axehandle. Then a huge clothesline sending him over the ropes to the concrete below.

The Question unfolds the chair enough to put Crash’s injured ankle inside. He swings the axe full force! He smashes the chair and Crash’s ankle inside! Crash has blacked out from the pain!

Oh, God! This has to be over!

But it isn’t. Hunter climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a Diving Stomp to the chair!

There is an audible “CRAAAAACK!”

The crowd falls silent, and The Question sits on his knees, smirking.

The camera has been picking up quite a loathsome group of fans near the front row all night. Three men, clearly intoxicated, have been pestering a group of women and children throughout the show.

“Hey, mommy! Come over here, and I’ll give you something to wrestle with!” one man says to a rather attractive woman nearby.

“He means his penis!” another calls.

The woman turns her back and covers her son’s ears. The men just laugh as though it’s the funniest thing ever.

The men continue to heckle those around them, when suddenly, a face we recognize pops up behind them. It’s Pickpocket! He is lifting their wallets, a watch, and cell phones! They are completely unaware of what is happening because they are too drunk to notice…..

…..but someone noticed.

Out of nowhere, Nigel Royal swings Pickpocket around to face him, and shoving him into the drunks as well.

“Set me up, will you! Well, one can return that favor!

Nigel begins to pummel Pickpocket right there in the middle of the crowd. Punch after punch, kick after kick, until Pickpocket is on the ground.

“What the hell, man! You spilled my beer!” One of the drunk jackasses chimes in.

“Oh, I’m sorry, mate! Would you prefer one just allows this filth pilfer your belongings? Check your wallet! And you, too!” He gestures to the others.

They all check, and see that their belongings are missing. Nigel pulls several wallets, etc, out of Pickpockets coat. They all look surprised.

“Would you like to have a go, then?”

Nigel holds Pickpocket’s lifeless body up, and the drunks take turns kicking him while he is down.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentleman, this is scheduled for one fall, weighing in at 286 pounds”

The music abruptly starts and before you know it as the smoke clears, Luther steps out from behind the curtain before introducing his Monster, Pig. Pig awkwardly walks to the ring following behind Luther, when reaching the ring he leans against the ropes waiting for his opponent

Paloma Ruiz: “Accompanied to the ring by Luther, he is your beast of Old School Wrestling…… It’s Pigggggg.”

The crowd boo as the two men stand waiting on the opponent

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, weighing in at 198 pounds, he is your innovator of Ovation……..”

The main lights shut off, with a few roaming red spotlight as “A City On Fire” by Fightstar blares out into the block. As the guitar starts, a completely white swan appears on both the stage and titantron, then the song kicks in. The light restores and Jimmy rushes out from behind the curtain, rushing over to a corner of the stage, pumping up the fans with a smile on his face. Rushing to the other corner, he places a hand over his eyes and gazes out across the sea of humanity. Walking to the top of the ramp, Sartyr crouches down, resting one knee on the floor and crossing his arms in an X in front of him. Then, rising to his feet, he unfurls his arms like the wings of a swan, as many members of the audience mimck his pose. Rushing down to the ring , Jimmy slaps the hands of fans on the way and slides on his belly into the ring. Hopping up to his feet, he climbs a turnbuckle and repeats his swan pose, before repeating it at the other turnbuckles. With the smile still on his face, Jimmy hops down and hops around the ring, limbering up for the upcoming fight.


This one is started by the fans in “the Block” chanting


This causes Luther to go mental on the outside, one swift “kill him” and Pig is on top of Sartyr, reigning down savage blows. Nowhere to go Sartyr ducks between the bottom and middle rope and appears to go outside, such is Pig’s strength


Sartyr went straight between the ropes, and instead of hitting the floor, straight along the rim of the mat, up the turnbuckle and delivers a huge CROSS BODY, quick cover



Kick-out. Luther goes mental on the outside, that does not deter our hero though as, as Pig chargers towards him, trying to deliver a huge clothesline, he is met with a dodge and a JUMPING REVERSE HURRICANRANNA. Sartyr is on fire here…




Pig kicks-out!! Luther is going mental on the outside. Winking at Pig, he gets no reaction, Pig is here to do a job and nothing else. Pig charges at his opponent, arm extended for another clothesline, seems he is confused and its all he can do right now. Sartyr ducks and hooks his arm over his opponents neck





The referee spots Luther up on the apron swinging about a steel chair. This one should be over, Pig was done!! The referee has went over to stop Luther though, distraction at its finest. Not quite believing his eyes, or his luck, Sartyr politely taps the referee on his shoulder reminding him of the pin, the only problem with that is as he turned his back on his opponent, Pig has clambered himself to his feet, stalking jimmy


NO… NO….

Call that the march of the sartyr, as just as Pig was about to connect with the mid section spear, Sartyr moved at the last minute. Pig now is where Jimmy wants him, slumped in the corner, breathless. Jimmy is climbing behind his opponent



Just before Jimmy’s knee slipped behind his opponents neck for his finishing move, Pig managed to stall his opponent with mid section blows. Sartyr now sitting on the top turnbuckle, Pig climbs until the two men meet face to face. Luther shouting “YESSSS” from the outside, the next thing we see is a sickening power bomb from the top turnbuckle. Sartyr almost snapped in half, big Pig used all his energy to counter that. Both men now lay motionless!

Luther goes wild on the sidelines as the “crowd begin a chant of “JI—MEY— SARTYR”

Forced to begin his count, the referee reaches three before either of the men begin stirring, It’s Jimmy who does stir first but he still looks disorientated.

“GET THE FUCK UP” Luther shouts from the outside, that is all it takes as Pig sits up, his gaze continuously fixed on Sartyr. Up standing tall, basically in one swift motion he encroaches Jimmy Sartyr, only to be met with a SMALL PACKAGE



Kick-out. Sartyr with the pin from nowhere almost winning it here. Buoyed by it Sartyr starts unleashing vicious kicks to the knee of Pig, cutting pig in half, bouncing off the ropes and returning with a huge DROPKICK to the animal who was on his knee’s. Sensing he has the best on the ropes, he makes his way to the corner, its TUCK’N’COVER TIME!

Luther is again on the apron, literally centimetres away from the corner Sartyr has climbed. Luther points into the crowd, the opposite way, the referee looks away for no longer than 3 seconds, that is all Luther needs, as he grabs Sartyr’s right foot and as quick you can say P-I-G, he whips it away, making Jimmy crash into the turnbuckle top, crown jewels first.

Signalling for his man to pile into his pained opponent, Pig obliges. This is where we see the brutality of the man, strike upon strike laying into the face off Sartyr, until Pig see’s fit to reposition his opponent, now standing but dazed against the turnbuckle, Pig backs off, opposite side of the ring he begins charging, picking up steam until…







A eyelash away from a victory. Spurred on by his mentor, Pig wastes no time and carries on the assault.

Carrying on his assault, whipping Sartyr into the corner, Pig gets right on top of his turnbuckled opponent and reigns down lefts and rights, that is until

BLOCK!! Right hand of Sartyr’s, another BLOCK!. Sartyr is gaining the upper hand, and grabbing Pig by his neck he rotates and flings Pig into the corner. Dangerous position for Pig here. LEFT HAND……. RIGHT HAND….. LEFT HAND…. RIGHT HAND, everyone of them from the innovator in ovation. Pig is stunned and dazed, climbing, Sartyr climbing the turnbuckle, finally he will nail the thillride.

“Wake up” shouts Luther. As if on cue, the dazed Pig’s eyes open and he grabs Sartyr, who is standing on the top rope, BY THE NECK.

TOP ROPE “THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY. That move see’s his opponent high in the air normally, this was from the top rope.




Jimmy Sartyr put up a brace fight against master and his best friend tonight, ultimately it couldn’t be done but nobody can fault the effort he gave. Luther and Pig showing the bond between them is unbreakable, with a huge victory.

After that tremendous match, Jimmy Sartyr gets back to his feet and offers Pig a handshake. The monster looks at him, staring a hole straight through him as Sartyr postures with his hand, trying to make amends.

Only Luther enters the ring, walking towards his animal. He smirks, shaking his head.

“GET HIM!” Luther suddenly yells.

Pig obliges, attacking Jimmy with a brutal right hand that floors him. He stomps away, kicking the holy crap out of him whilst the fans boo their socks off. Suddenly Luther grabs Pig, pulling him away. He wraps both hands around his head and instructs him firmly.

“End him, little piggy. End him!”

The animal needs very little more encouragement and rolls to the outside, grabbing himself a steel chair and sliding back into the ring. He grabs Jimmy back to his feet and rams the chair up under his throat, before violently slamming him down onto it, jarring his throat against the ring.

Sartyr falls backwards in agony, holding his throat as Pig stands over him, his head tilted to the side.

Luther congratulates his animal, patting him on the back as the career of poor Jimmy Sartyr lays in tatters on the canvas. The fans boo, showing their disdain for Luther and his animal but that bothers neither of them, as Luther backs his piggy out of the ring and up the entrance ramp.

EMT’s quickly enter to check on Jimmy as the we switch to elsewhere around Block Party.

The Thing by Ennio Morricone plays across the speakers in the outside arena as The Hangman is lowered into the ring by a crane stationed outside of the ring. As he lands and looks up to the crowd, his entrance music is cut off prematurely by Deranged by Coheed and Cambria as the Crowley Family appear at the top of the ramp, the patriarch carrying a microphone in hand as they head down the ramp.

“Sorry to cut you off, Jack. But there’s no need for all the fancy entrances. Besides, you are only entertaining family, aren’t you?”

Hangman calls for a microphone before turning back to the advancing Crowleys

“I am no family to the likes of you! You are children, you are villains, and I am your consequence.”

This gets a collective laugh from the Crowleys as the proceed to enter the ring, surrounding The Hangman like wild animals. Damien and Tobias flanking him as Lee stands in front.

“You misunderstand, Jacky Boy. You are already one of us. Whether you realize it or not. You are corrupt, you deny your violence.”

The Hangman looks increasingly aggressive as he stares the Crowleys down, the crowd rallying behind him. with cheers and urging to beat the smug looking Crowleys.



“Don’t just stand there, the crowd wants to see what the crowd wants to see. Family Violence! You’ll feel family love in the truest form. I’m deeming this… A WELCOME TO THE FAMILY MATCH.”

The crowd pops as Lee and Damien move to their corner, leaving Tobias and The Hangman to start the match off.

Tobias starts the match off for the Crowley Family, charging The Hangman and hitting a hard kick to the ribs of the big man, barely seeming to hurt the monster. Tobias tries again with another kick to the ribs, then another, then another. The Hangman remains unfazed by the onslaught of kicks, finally catching one and hitting an elbow to the side of Tobias’ knee! The Unfortunate son stumbles and The Hangman picks him up by his neck and tosses him across the ring! Tobias scrambles to his feet only to receive a hard clothesline that sends the smallest Crowley into the turnbuckle.

The Hangman begins raining strikes onto Tobias, the crowd cheering his brutality on. Coincidentally, so were the Crowleys. Hangman stops swinging as he looks back at the cheering Crowley Family, the distraction giving Tobias the opening he needed to hit Hangman with a swift punch to the throat! Hangman reels back and Tobias hits a big dropkick to Hangman’s knee cap that sends the big man down, allowing Tobias to shake the cobwebs and get the big man to his feet, whipping him to the Crowley’s corner. Tobias tags in Damien who enters the ring, getting on all fours as Tobias backs up, running up and using Damien as a stepping stone. Poetry in Motion! The big man is reeling as Lee pushes him from the turnbuckle.

The referee scolds the Crowleys for the cheap shot, allowing Hangman to get to his feet and grab the unsuspecting Damien from behind, hitting a German suplex! Damien folds in half at the slam, the Hangman getting the upper hand and picking Damien up, hitting a short clothesline and picking him up again before lifting Damien into a power bomb position. Before he can slam Damien, Mr I Don’t Give A Fuck hops over the head of Hangman, landing behind him and rebounding off of the ropes, running back to try and clothesline the Hangman only to receive a big boot! Damien goes down and Hangman goes to cover.



KICK OUT Damien is able to get a shoulder up, angering the monster who forces the Crowley to his feet, wrapping a hand around Damien’s throat. He lifts Damien up and goes for the Captial Punishment! REVERSAL! Damien wraps his arm around Hangman’s neck and reverses the move into a huge DDT! The crowd boos as Damien crawls away from the Manslayer, using a turnbuckle to get to his feet. He looks back to the Hangman who is slowly rising to his feet. With no where to go, Damien goes up the Turnbuckle, reaching the top, the Hangman heading towards him. Damien looks to the crowd and grins. “I don’t give a fuck!” He jumps from the turnbuckle.

PUBLICITY STUNT TO A STANDING HANGMAN. BOTH MEN GO DOWN. Damien rolls under the bottom rope, trying to get up after that huge move. The Hangman, infuriated with an inhuman rage, is first to his feet. He goes under the rope to Damien, grabbing him and tossing him into the ring. He crawls in after and throws Damien across the ring to the Crowley’s corner, motioning for Lee to face him. Damien rises to his feet, a smile on his face as he tags in Tobias, denying Hangman.

Tobias enters the ring, walking a circle around the Hangman who is having none of the mind games, rushing at Crowley and hitting a stiff boot to his face! Tobias rolls backwards, into the ropes, Hangman, raining down boot after boot onto Tobias, stomping a mudhole in him! He picks Tobias up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, looking for another boot. Tobias ducks it! Tobias springboards off of the ropes and flies back to Hangman with a huge dropkick! Hangman hits the ground and Tobias capitalizes, jumping and foot stomping Hangman! With Hangman down, Tobias moves to the corner and finally tags in Lee.

Lee enters the ring, pulling Smiley Junior from his belt loop! The referee is quick to scold Lee, trying to get Smiley Junior from him to no avail. Hangman rushes Lee who ducks, the referee barely getting out of the way as Hangman flies by and clotheslines Damien and Tobias off of the corner! Lee grins and pushes the referee towards Hangman who turns around and hits the referee! Crowley laughs as the crowd boos his actions.

Hangman advances at Lee who swings with his crowbar, Hangman catches it! He rips the crowbar from Lee’s hands and drops it. He nails Lee with a few stiff hands before picking him up. THE HUNTER’S KILL! Lee hits head first onto the canvas as Hangman goes for the pin, giving up on the attempt as the referee is still out. Hangman pulls Lee to his feet and looks to hit another when Damien and Tobias gang up from behind! Hangman turns to face the other two, receiving kicks and punches for his troubles. As the two look to go for a big hit, Hangman wraps his hands around their throats! DOUBLE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! The Crowley’s go down!

Damien and Tobias roll away as Hangman turns around to Lee. SMILEY JUNIOR TO THE SKULL! Hangman gets nailed with the crowbar which Lee tosses to ringside. Hangman drops like a ton of bricks as Crowley stands over him, he forces Hangman to his feet, hitting the Chelsea Grin! Lee covers as Tobias forces the referee up.




The Crowd boos the Crowley Family, their underhanded tactics winning them this match.

Hangman stumbles to his feet after the brutal match with the Crowley Family surrounding him like a pack of wild animals. The Hangman doesn’t even get a chance to move before getting hit with a boot by Damien Crowley! Hangman falls forward to the ground and proceeds to get stomped on repeatedly by the Crowley Family! Lee motions for a mircophone as he grabs his crowbar from ringside, rolling back in and calling his brood off.

“You should have listened, Jack. We offered you a Family and a purpose, but you kept fighting it. And you know what? We don’t like that, now do we, brothers?”

Damien and Tobias answer by putting a few more harsh boots into the skull of The Hangman, gleefully making an example of him. “You’re Family or an enemy!” Is shouted by the duo as Lee bends down to look at the injured Hangman, eyeing him before popping up.

“I know just what we need to do to our friend here. Damien, Jacky boy here to his feet. Tobias, grab me some rope!”

The crowd gasps, unknowing just what the evil Family has planned for the poor Hangman. Damien pulls him to his feet only for Lee to bash him with Smiley Junior! The Hangman hits the canvas again, to the howling laughter of the Crowley Family before he is lifted up and tossed unceremoniously over the top rope towards the ramp! The Crowley Family exits after him, almost calmly walking towards the beaten monster. Tobias is quick to catch up, clutching a long length of rope.

“Get moving before we make you move, Jack!”

The Hangman gets to his feet, looking to fight back, only to receive a stiff crowbar shot that sends him stumbling back. Lee shakes his head and instructs Damien to drag the Hangman, the monster refusing to comply. The crowd is booing and insulting the Crowley Family as they bring the monster to the top of the stage. Lee turns back to the crowd as Damien and Tobias tie the rope around the Hangman’s neck! They throw the other end over jumbotron!

“Take this as a lesson. You’re Family or you’re an enemy. And when the Crowleys offer you redemption, when we offer a chance, do not turn us down! String him up boys!”

The crowd yells in horror as Damien and Tobias pull on the rope, pulling The Hangman up, the monster kicking and fighting with all he’s got, eventually going limp as security runs in, attempting to get the monster down as the Crowley’s head backstage, their horrific laughs heard through the arena.

In view is an elderly lady, seemingly Mexican from her appearance, sitting at a bus stop as the sun sets. A man’s voice speaks from behind the camera, but the words appear to be in Spanish; however, subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen.

“So, what do you know of this man?”

“Man? I would not be so presumptuous.”

She smiles knowingly before easing back against the perspex behind her, awaiting her interviewer’s next question.

“So, this person is a woman?”

“No, definitely not.”

“So, what is he? I mean, it?”

“I do not know. I am ignorant even of it’s name, but I call it the Calavera. It wears the skull on it’s face, you see.”

“Ah, like the Day Of The Dead tradition? The decorated skulls and the face paint?”

“Yes, in this case the paint.”

“So, why is this… Calavera creature important?”

“I’ve seen them. I waited at an alley, many attacks have happened there. I wanted to warn people off of the danger. I warned it too, it just smiled and walked in. I heard shouting, screaming, and then? Laughter. As I checked around the corner, there was a gang, out cold on the floor in their own blood… But none seemed more wounded, more bloody than the thing standing, laughing. It’s hands were red raw, blood seeping from it’s side, but it stood tall. It turned and smiled at me, pressed it’s bloody lips against my forehead then walked away.”

“This sounds fantastical, like some old folk tale. Could this be some copycat? Or even something staged?”

“No. If this thing is a legend, it is one yet to be written. I believe it comes for the wicked, to drag them back to hell. I felt no malice towards me, but the men felt no mercy… Only pain. I don’t think this creature did.”

And with that, the lady looks away from the camera, eyes returning to the road as everything fades to black.

Paloma Ruiz: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the Hardcore Championship Match!!! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in this morning at 225 pounds from the Bronx, New York City, this is…..PICKKKKKKKKPOCKKKKKETTTTTTT!!!!!

The happy-go-lucky jam “Perfect Day” hits the speakers, and despite no light show accompanying the music, what follows is nonetheless a spectacle. Stepping out onto the entrance ramp is Pickpocket, who is pushing a shopping cart of stolen goods and weapons with one hand, and holding Buford the Monkey’s hand with his other. Pickpocket begins tossing stolen money into the audience, and handing out “prizes” to anyone he spots singing along with him to his entrance music, while Buford gives high fives to audience members they pass by. The song seems to serve as some communal message the audience picks up on: There is nothing Pickpocket would rather be doing than stealing and fighting, and tonight, he gets to do both. No wonder he is all smiles, the Prince of Thieves. A perfect day, indeed. It is a circus atmosphere as Pickpocket ties Buford’s leash to the timekeeper’s seat, parks his shopping cart still full of various weapons and foreign objects, and slides into the ring. The crowd is still roaring as his music fades.

Paloma Ruiz: And the Champion, coming to us from London, England……NIGELLLLLLLL ROYALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

The Anthem flares up and out steps Nigel from behind the curtain, union jack flag draped over him like a cape. He signals to the crowd for silence right now, listen and obey the greatest anthem in the world. The crowd naturally don’t play along which brings a look of disgust on Nigel’s face. Standing at the top of the ramp way he stands as tall as a mountain, hand on his heart and blares out God save the queen with all his heart, after the first verse he proceeds to make his way down the ramp, scowling toward the people he thinks have just disrespected his great country. Upon reaching the ring Nigel unties the union jack flag he has been wearing as a cape and holds it high for all to see.

The bell sounds and the Hardcore Championship match is underway. The challenge Pickpocket goes right after Royal who looks like he wants nothing to do with him, Nigel positions himself in the ropes trying to protect his face, all the while the referee doesn’t try and stop him due, Pickpocket kicks the rope, forcing it right into the genitalia of the Champion.

Nigel grabs at his Royal Junk as he falls to the floor. The opportunistic Royal reaches on the ring and finds what looks to be a fire extinguisher and when Pickpocket closes in Royal shoots the extinguisher into his face, temporary blinding him.

Nigel slides back into the ring with extinguisher in hand and cracks Pickpocket right in the skull, dropping him like a bad habit. Getting rid of the extinguisher, Nigel wastes little time reigning the kicks all over the body of Pickpocket, not allowing him to get to his feet. Finally, when up to a standing base, Pickpocket pushes Royal away but he comes right back, delivering a stiff clothesline that sends Pickpocket to the floor.

Trying to get to his feet, Pickpocket who is still feeling the effects of the extinguisher shot is crawling. Nigel follows him, stalking him even, playfully slapping the challenger in the head. Nigel positions himself right in front of Pickpocket, taunting him, yelling at him, scolding the fans.

LOW BLOW!!! Pickpocket went low!!!

The fans outside at Block Party howl wildly, laughing at the royal one. Pickpocket makes his way over to his shopping cart full of goodies and pulls out a steel chair and smashes the chair over the back of the champion. Now Nigel is the one trying to run away and hide as he crawls his way up the ramp. Pickpocket takes his time following him, but grabs his shopping cart and runs up after him..


Pickpocket drove his shopping cart into the midsection of Nigel Royal. Royal is bent over feeling the effects of that cart into the ribs. Royal continues to try and get away, Pickpocket cuts off the distance by charging at the Champion, when he arrives, Nigel is waiting flipping Pickpocket over his head and dropping hard onto the ramp. Nigel gains his traction and walks over to the shopping cart before knocking it over and all the weapons and debris go everywhere.

Royal picks the cart back up and puts it on its side. After positioning the cart where he wants it, Nigel grabs the stunned Pickpocket.


Not one, not two, not three but four suplexes and on the final one, Nigel crashes on top of the shopping cart!!!


The crowd is going nuts as the shopping cart crushes under both men’s weight. Nigel shakes the cobwebs and covers Pickpocket. He can retain the Hardcore Title.


Kickout at two. Nigel cannot believe that didn’t get the job done. Nigel steps away for a minute and comes back out with a huge ladder. Nigel sets the ladder up and begins his ascent to the top, looking to absolutely crush Pickpocket once again. In almost a second wind, Pickpocket gets to his feet as well and quickly climbs to the top of the ladder, cutting Nigel off. The two battle on top of the ladder, throwing rights and lefts. Nigel tries for the shortcut, poking Pickpocket in the eyes, temporarily blinding him. Grabbing Pickpocket by the head, he tries throwing him off the ladder, Pickpocket teeters and begins to fly off. On his way down though he grabbed Nigel Royal by the arm..

OH!!!! MY!!!! GOD!!!!



The crowd cannot believe their eyes, both men must’ve fallen some 10 to 15 feet and the thud was sickening. The referee is right there to check on both men to see if they can continue and before the very eyes of those in attendance, Pickpocket and Nigel are working their way up. It’s a god damn miracle they’re getting up, let alone continuing to fight.

Hobbling down the entry ramp, the two get toward the ring once again with the fans chanting for both. Each man grab a chair and get in the ring, slowly, but surely. Pickpocket takes the first swing.


Connecting with a steal chair right to the head of Nigel, but Nigel will not go down. Nigel is somehow able to pick his chair and swing.


Nigel now connects with Pickpocket and he doesn’t go down. They both simultaneously swing their chairs.



Nigel and Pickpocket smash each other at the same time and both men fall down to the canvas. Nigel is to his feet first, standing on the apron, disoriented, he is able to duck a punch attempt from Pickpocket, he swings again, once again ducking. Nigel elbows Pickpocket in the head, stunning him enough to grab him by the head and from the apron picks him up in the vertical position, Pickpocket connects with an elbow of his own and is able to squirm out of the hold. Pickpocket kicks Nigel into the midsection and grabs him by the head.


Pickpocket unaware of where he is, finds the body of Nigel and drapes his arm over him.




Paloma Ruiz: The winner of the match and NEWWWWW HARDCORE CHAMPION, Pickkkkkkkkkkkpockkkkkettttt!!!

Pickpocket struggles his way to his feet and is awarded the Hardcore Championship. After the war that was just waged there isn’t much of a celebration from the new Champion.

We cut down the street to find Cayci Spires helping out at the cotton candy machine. The children on line really seem to be enjoying her help and she enjoying their admiration… until the next in line steps up and Cayci frowns.

“What do you want, Ash?”

Ash Williams steps up to the booth with a dollar bill extended towards Spires.

“This is the kissing booth, isn’t it?”

“In your dreams.” Cayci scoffs.

“No, in my dreams, we’re doing a lot more than kissing… so give me some sugar baby!”

“You call that kicking mack!?!” The crowd pops as Bruce Van Chan strolls up with his wife, Paige. “Watch the master…” Bruce turns to his wife. “…baby, can I take your picture… so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.”

The crowd swoons for Paige but Cacyci and Ash scoff.

“You two ‘men’ call that ‘kicking mack’?” Cayci laughs as she turns to Paige. “Paige, if I was a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.”

The crowd pops for Cayci and Ash has had enough, throwing his hands up and walking off. Bruce looks at Paige so as to say ‘are you blushing?’.

“What?” Paige inquires innocently.

“Don’t worry Bruce, I won’t steal her from you.”

Bruce grits his teeth as Cayci saunters off, everyone’s eyes on her as she goes… except for Chan’s, which burn a hole through Paige.

Stunning ring announcer Paloma Ruiz stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand and a smile on her face.

Paloma Ruiz: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a THREE-WAY TAG TEAM MATCH, and it is for the OSW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIIIPS!

The fans pop to the frenetic fingering of “Through the Fire and the Flames” over the sound system; just a little airier than usual in the open setting.

Paloma Ruiz: Introducing the first team…

Neville Sheldon walks through the curtain and onto the stage, waving timidly to the crowd. He points back at the curtain.

Just as the power chords kick the song off proper, Cayci Spires storms onto the stage to another big pop!


She nods her head to Dragonforce, mouthing to Neville how it’s almost as good as Nubian Rose. The pair make their way to the ring as the music dies down.

Paloma Ruiz: And the second team in this contest…

We might be in Nevada, but right now Block Party sounds like it’s in Kansas! “Carry on Wayward Son” plays Ash Williams out onto the stage, followed closely by Matthew Cories, who seem surprised but nonchalant at the boos they receive due to their recent antics.

They stop at the top of the ramp, and Cories ducks as Ash proceeds to swing his chainsaw-hand around above both their heads.


Ash and Matt make their way down to the ring, Ash unscrewing his bladed appendage in favour of his patented Boomstick fist.

Paloma Ruiz: And now, the third and final team in this match…

A little Bon Jovi picks the fans back up, as “You Give Love a Bad Name” riffs its way onto the sound system. BOOM! Big pyro as Bruce Van Chan – accompanied by wife, Paige – and Cooter Hayes take to the stage, receiving a pop rivalling that of Beauty & The Geek’s.


Bruce in time with the thumbs.


They find their way to the ring, and soon all 6 competitors eye each other.

The referee holds up the freshly-minted OSW Tag Team Championship belts: everything these 3 teams have worked for over the last month, smelted and moulded into trophy form.

Neville holds the ropes open for Cayci out, but to his surprise, she shoves him onto the apron and insists she’s got this!

Those 90s Guys use rock, paper, scissors to determine Cories as legal man.

The Crowd Pleasers have Bruce elected, who tries shrugging off a shoulder rub from Cooter. Hayes settles for a firm, encouraging slap on the buttocks instead, Paige laughing.

Just as the referee goes to start things off, however, Cayci points at Bruce, then to Cooter, mouthing “the big one!”. The fans pop big time for her ballsiness, and Bruce happily obliges, switching with Cooter.

With all legal (wo)men decided, the referee calls for the bell.


The three Cs circle each other; Cories in the others’ bad books, but Cooter earning Cayci’s ire just last week – COOTER SIDE-STEPS A DROPKICK! CAYCI HITS CORIES!

Cories flies into the corner. Cayci rolls out of harm’s way as a charging Cooter pancakes That 90s Guy! Spires runs up to Hayes, but he flings her up onto his shoulders – she traps Cories in a headscissors – Cayci twists, taking both men down!

The Fresh Prince is back up and runs at Cayci, but she scoops him up, then spins round several times before planting him with a BIG slam! Impressive strength from Cayci – BUT HERE COMES COOTER! DROP TOE-HOLD! Cooter lands with an indirect headbutt to Cories!

Spires shoves him away and covers Matt early on.


Kickout by the 90s Guy!

All three get to their feet and stand off in a stalemate, staring each other down…


Neville, Bruce and Ash all storm the ring. Neville ducks an early BOOMSTICK, hits the ropes and DOUBLE-AXE TO THE FACE of Bruce – DOUBLE-AXE to Williams! Beauty & The Geek are kicking ass! Neville hits the ropes again, but Cories with a KNEE TO THE BACK which goes unseen by the referee!

Sheldon stumbles right into a bearhug by Ash, who lifts the Geek off his feet. As Williams ragdolls him, Bruce leaps onto the ropes, chopping the hoisted Neville down with a BIG SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Jim Neidhart WISHES he could hit a Hart Attack like that one!

Ash spins Bruce round by his shoulder – ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Chuck Norris WISHES he could – you get the picture. BVC turns to face the crowd and gives the thumbs, but Paige tries to get his attention –






Ash fell right on top of Neville and nearly got a 3! Bruce wipes his forehead with the back of his head, laughing earnestly.


He peels Cories off the mat, but the Fresh Prince pulls his tights, sending Bruce facefirst into the turnbuckle! The fans get on Cories’ case for the underhanded move as Ash tries to shush them from the apron, Paige mouthing off at him. Neville recovers and lies in wait as Cories steps back –


Neville has the leg trapped but Cories grabs the rope, keeping his head low. The referee warns Neville to let go, but he fights Cories’ grip! Neville drags Cories back for the Book Smart – ENZUIGIRI! Cories with the desperation move, CLOCKING Neville! Bruce slowly comes to, while an exhausted Matt tags Ash back in, but a potentially concussed Neville DIVES FACEFIRST AND TAGS CAYCI!

Cayci and Williams back in – BIG COUNTRY RUNS RIGHT THROUGH BOTH OF ‘EM! Big pop from the crowd as a fired-up, legal Cooter yells “GIMME DEM TITTIES, BOOOYYYYY!”BIG SPLASH TO CAYCI! BIG SPLASH TO WILLIAMS! The big man pulls the truck horn – you know what that means! He winds it up… LARIAT TO THE CHOSEN ONE!

LARIAT TO CAY– she ducks it –CHAOS THEO– Cooter swats her away! He snatches her up –


With Ash and Cayci’s shoulders still up, Cooter thunders into the ropes, looking to hit a splash sandwich – CORIES PULLS THE ROPE DOWN! Cooter hits the floor hard!The fans now grill the maybe-not-so-formerly-evil Green Ranger, as he stomps the apron and sticks his hand out for Ash. A groggy Neville does the same for Cayci, his glasses asked. Ash crawls over to his corner to make the tag…

BUT PAIGE PULLS CORIES OFF THE APRON! The referee is occupied, and Matt rounds on Paige – but Cooter steps in! Matt gulps. COOTER HURLS CORIES OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE – narrowly missing Rick Walker and Richard Roman! Ash leans over the ropes, threatening Cooter with his metal fist, but Cayci rolls him up –





Ash barely kicks out in time!

Cooter back in the mix now and all three legal competitors in a standoff once more!

Cayci zips over to Cooter. She ducks a tree-limb of a clothesline and scales the corner, then leaps off –


Cayci felled the redwood, Cooter! She rolls him over with everything she has left and makes the cover.






Things descend into chaos, as Neville now storms the ring –


The illegal Cories rolls onto the floor, with Neville in hot pursuit; along with Bruce, a melee erupts at ringside!

Cayci back to her feet –



But it’s not the end; Cayci keeps hold of Ash on her knees. She traps the leg and applies a headlock –



Looks like Cayci’s been studying hard, herself!

Cooter craaawwwls towards the hold to break it, every inch taking everything he can muster…

The metal hand of Ash hovers in the air, on the brink of tapping…

Hayes still scratching and clawing his way over…

Which way is this gonna go!?

Hayes… almost… there…




“Break Out” blares out into the open grounds as Cayci breaks the hold and covers her face, overcome with joy.

Cooter rolls outside, where Paige tries to perk him and Bruce up as they head to the back. Those 90s Guys shortly follow.

Neville comes into the ring and offers his hand to Cayci, who takes it. The referee hands them their hard-earned Tag Team Championship belts, and they share a congratulatory hug, then raise each other’s hands as the fans cheer them on.

The exit section, leading out to the parking area.

His King’s Guard leads the way, one going to open the barricade. Nothing. The barricade doesn’t budge.

“My Lord…” The guard stammers.

“Fool, can thou not open a simple barricade!?” Orwell states, heading for the barricade, attempting to shift it.

Still nothing.

Backing away, Orwell nods to the guards, who back up, and prepare to lift him over.

“Eyes wide open.” Comes a voice from behind the barricade, blocking them.

Orwell backs up, remembering the last week. His Guard turns to follow him as the King walks away with haste. He finds another door slightly deeper into the audience

“Eyes wide shut.” Comes the same voice from behind that barrier.

Konstantine almost bowls over his Guard as he heads in the opposite direction. He looking for sanctuary amongst an audience who refuse to give it.

“Fear the imminent.” Comes the voice now within the crowd. The voice of Reichous Marx a reminder of what is to come.

The King turns tail once again, trying many routes all of them blocked by opeople. As he charges down the road, frantically barging past people, he does not realize that his Guard has all but disappeared. They are no longer behind him.

Orwell walks through a a final set of people, and almost jumps out of his armor as two large men stand behind him.

“Fear the luminary.”

The voice makes its final mark as Konstantine realizes there is only one way forward.

Pass through the crowd and head to the ring.

And Reichous Marx.

Paloma Ruiz has a microphone as she begins to introduce the challenger.

“This match is set for one fall and is for the All-Star Championship! First, making his way out weighing in at 235 pounds from Bar Nunn, Wyoming; He is The Luminary Sage … REICHOUS MARX!”

Show me a smile on your silly face ‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race, My darling’ The crushing guitars blast through the sound system and a big yellow spotlight hits the audience which is suppose to be the rise of sunrise that would usually come out after the arena turns dark. Since we are outside however, it was slightly modified. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat. He reaches the foot of the stage, pridefully one-hand gripping his Serpent Dragon staff, and pauses to allow his eyes to drift from side to side. He then closes those eyes with a half-grin, kisses the head of the serpent on his staff, opens his eyes, points that same staff upwards, and resumes his systematic strut down the walkway and to ringside. He rests the staff on the edge of the squared circle, marches up the stares, removes his black overcoat, enters the ring, and takes his cue at the far corner.

Instead of Paloma Ruiz introducing King Konstantine, It is Lord Tremblay who makes his way out as he begins to address the audience.

“King Konstantine of the House Orwell, first of his name, Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling!”

Queen Kassandra comes out next, followed by King Konstantine. The King sits on a throne, carried to the ring on the shoulders of his King’s Guard. No music accompanies the royal family, only the sounds of his loving admirers in attendance. The Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling stands in his corner, looking at his All-Star belt, knowing how important it is he holds onto it. The Referee demands that Konstantine hands it over and after a few moments, does as the Referee folds it and holding it up, showing the title off to the audience in attendance and then hands it off to the time keeper, who places it in safe keeping as both competitors have a stare down as the referee signals for the bell.

Both men don’t give up an inch, as Konstantine begins talking down to Marx; HARD RIGHT TO KONSTANTINE! That places him on his royal ass! The King rolls out of the ring, shocked that Marx would strike without having Konstantine get his thoughts in. Marx is not done as he leaves the ring and chases Konstantine around the ring. The Ruler of the Ring rolls back into the ring and catches Marx following, smashing an elbow drop across Marx, cutting off his momentum.

“BOOOO!” The crowd jeers at The King in disapproving fashion.

Konstantine then brings Marx to his feet and applies a bearhug to Marx, trying to take the fight out of the Luminary Sage quickly. The Defender of Wrestling shouts at the referee.


The referee walks around King Konstantine, asking Marx as he quickly replies. “NO!” as then he begins punching Konstantine to the face. A flurry of rights later and Marx is free as he then …


The Anaconda Vice is locked in on Konstantine! His arms are flapping around, trying to find a way out of this vicious move. He is beginning to fade but as he does, Lord Tremblay jumps on the ring apron and shouts out.


This makes Marx drop Konstantine and go after Tremblay, just for the sake of annoying him with his presence. He rolls out of the ring, chasing Tremblay around and Tremblay slides back into the ring, making a mad dash towards the other side of the ring. As Marx rolls back in to hunt down Tremblay …


King Konstantine caught all of Marx as both men are down. The King cannot capitalize off of it but slowly crawls, inch by inch as Konstantine just manages to get an arm over the body of Marx, looking for the victory.




The Queen and Tremblay are both in utter shock that Marx kicked out. King Konstantine begins to get up and argue with the referee. He demands that the ref count faster. Now The Queen is getting into it, upset as the referee has his attention towards her. King Konstantine turns around, looking to inflict more damage on Marx. THE KISS! Marx out of nowhere hitting Konstantine with The Spirit of Ghost Incarnate and throws away the staff, out of sight of the referee. Marx hooks the leg, looking to obtain the All-Star title. The referee turns around, seeing the pinfall.




NOOOO! Konstantine just gets a shoulder up! Marx is irate but he wastes no time, picking up Konstantine.


NAILS IT! Marx is going to become the new All-Star champion! Wait, Konstantine begins rolling out of the ring until he drops to the outside before Marx can cover The King. Reichous is frustrated as he then goes out of the ring and as Marx brings Konstantine to his feet. SPEAR TO THE EDGE OF THE RING! Both men are down. Konstantine uses the guard railing that is set up for the OSW audience and grabs Marx, kicking him to the gut and SENTENCED TO DEATH ON THE GUARD RAIL! The guard rail slides backwards and almost into the audience as Marx is down, hurting in a bad way. Konstantine gets back in, rushing the referee to administer the ten count.

The referee is up to five as Marx is still on the outside, holding his back in pain.


Some movement by The Luminary Sage as he begins to stir.


Marx is crawling, grabbing on to the ring apron to attempt to pull himself up.


Konstantine is pacing back and forth, wanting the referee to count faster as Marx falls down to one knee, looking like his chances of becoming the All-Star champion is just about over.


Just before the referee gets to the count of ten, Marx rolls in! Konstantine raises his hands in frustration as he runs at the ring ropes as Marx gets to his feet, dazed.


Marx ducks the spinning lariat – SUPERKICK BY MARX! Both men are once again down. They don’t seem to have much more left in the tank but somehow, Marx is crawling over to Konstantine’s limp body and covers, putting an arm over him.




Marx can’t believe it, dropping to the mat in sheer exhaustion. Both men are stirring at the same time, getting back to their feet. Right hand by Marx! A right by Konstantine! They both trade punches as then Konstantine grabs Marx – HEADBUTT! He then nails Marx with a few more for good measure as it almost sends Konstantine down to the mat, sacrificing his own well-being in order to keep the title in his possession. It doesn’t take Marx down who strikes back with a knee to Konstantine’s midsection, forcing The First of his Name to lean forward.


Reichous Marx got all of that one! The Luminary Sage covers Konstantine, making sure he hooks the leg of Konstantine.




“Wars” by Hurt hits as Reichous Marx grabs his staff, helping himself up to his feet as the referee gets the All-Star belt from the time keeper. Marx grabs the title from the referee, holding the belt up for all to see. The Queen, Tremblay and the guards all look on in shock, not believing what has befallen their King. Marx walks to the back as Konstantine gets attended to and helped to the back.

The sound of a police car pulling up is an unmistakable one. The sirens die down just as it pulls up outside our limits, two police officers stepping out and heading towards the back doors. When they open one, no-one expects Destiny to step out. The fans have long turned to watch as they frog march her past the barricade and into the Block Party.

Waiting there for the arrival of the police is none other than Isaiah Black.

That’s right, Isaiah Black.

“Where is he?” Destiny asks, looking rather tired and dishevelled.

Black smirks.

“What, you didn’t believe me?” he scoffs, nodding towards the nearest alley.

The police martial her in there, where she spots Red River Jack sitting alongside David Manson, Brandon Hate and Mike Lane. Her mouth drops to the floor as Mike spots her, looking sheepishly ashamed and embarrassed.

“I.. it’s true? W-What are you doing?” she begs, trying to struggle her way free of the police. “Are you crazy!?”

Mike stands up but is held back by Jack, who refuses to let him go anywhere. Instead, Red walks over to her, standing before Black, the officers and Destiny with a half burned out cigarette in his mouth.

“Clarity, man. He’s not crazy, he’s gaining clarity.”

Manson and Hate walk a reluctant Lane off down the alley so that he can’t hear what’s going on.

“You did this to me, didn’t you? I should of been out by now, Jack. They don’t have anything on me but I’m awaiting trial.”

He physically weighs that up in his hands. “Well, they gotta have a little somethin’ somethin’, man, they just didn’t get it from me.”

Destiny flips her shit at that, lunging forward towards Jack who steps back and chuckles to himself. The police forcefully drag her away, apparently ending her day release a lot earlier than she had expected. Isaiah turns to Red with a smile of his own.

“If I didn’t want to kick your teeth down your throat, I’d almost respect you,” Isaiah says with a grin. He backs off slowly and heads towards the opposite side of the alley. “I’ll see you in the ring, Jack.”

Jack tips his hat and removes the cigarette, taking a long drag before flicking it away.

“I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” hits as a chorus of people come out, clapping and singing along with Marcus X’s song. Marcus soon joins them, dragging a chained and bagged person out onto the ramp way with him. As the crowd boo, The Freedom Fighter makes his way to the ring and enters.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is-”

Marcus snatches the microphone from her and interrupts.

“Excuse me, woman; let the black men of this world rise up,” he says whilst pulling his chained person forward. “Brent Kersh, I warned you that I wasn’t done torturing you. You only had to beg me for forgiveness and I would of been the bigger man, I would of done what all your ancestors failed to do and lift you back up.”

Lies, absolute lies.

“Instead of that, I’m forced to torture your wife, an innocent victim; just to teach you a lesson in respect. I’m not your farm-hand, Brent. I’m the new United States Champion and in a matter of moments, I would of taken from you what your family took from me.”

Suddenly the sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement. Brent Kersh steps out onto the steel and begins a quick walk to the ring, clearly unfocused and nervy. He holds his hands up, asking Marcus to stop as he enters the ring and demands a microphone.

“What do you want from me, huh?” Brent says. “Is it this it? Do you want me on my knees?”

Brent unbelievably begins to lower himself, only Marcus laughs, stopping him half way.

“You’re a foolish white man, Kersh.”

WHACK! Marcus slams his microphone across Brent’s wife’s head, sending her tumbling to the canvas in a heap. He rushes over, scrambling to remove the hood.



Marcus X knocking Kersh to the canvas and now it’s a series of boots to the back of the head of “The Enforcer”. Brent trying to work to his feet, but Marcus is all over him with those kicks. Kersh crawling into the corner and “The Freedom Fighter” continues this assault as the official moves in with a mandatory five count. Brent is stuck on that bottom turnbuckle taking blow after blow to his chest and head. This is brutal. KERSH takes a shot right to the jaw; Marcus finally adhering to the official.

Brent might be busted open!! Marcus X is definitely happy with how this match has started as the crowd furiously boos. Kersh is slow to his feet and the leader of the Negro Revolution gives him no time to recuperate. Back on the attack SLAMMING a hard clothesline into “The Enforcer” and driving him right back into the corner. Brent stumbles out, dazed, AND THERE’S A RUNNING BULLDOG! Brent eats the canvas face-first and Marcus goes for the cover!



THAT one was close, but “The Enforcer” was able to kick out just in time. The quick cover might have caught Kersh by surprise, but Marcus not stopping there. Brent lifted to his feet and DDT! Marcus going for the victory again!



“The Enforcer” is able to slip away and again “The Freedom Fighter” brings him to his feet. Marcus looks amused. He’s smiling and LOOK OUT! KERSH JUST TOOK HIM OFF HIS FEET WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE! BRENT ON TOP DRIVING A FLURRY OF FISTS DOWN INTO THE FACE OF MARCUS X! Marcus trying to protect himself, but to no avail. The official steps in again warning Kersh off the fists and this crowd has EXPLODED!!

Brent staggers to his feet. Marcus isn’t down long. He’s up and moves in to regain control, BUT “THE ENFORCER” WITH A SNAP SCOOP POWERSLAM! Marcus X is down and in trouble. Kersh quick to his feet. Marcus stumbles to his. BRENT… LIFTING HIM… “SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT” by “The Enforcer” and Marcus X is down!!! Marcus X is out!!! The crowd is on their feet, but Brent won’t make the cover!

Instead he… HE’S GOING FOR THE “LONE STAR”!! Marcus X is barely conscious and Kersh … HE LOCKS IT IN!! MARCUS IS IN A WORLD OF HURT!!! Awake now for sure and screaming in agony with Kersh yelling “TIME TO BECOME A CHAMPION, MARCUS! TIME TO EARN IT”!! I think Kersh is trying to break Marcus’ leg. Marcus screaming!! His hand is in the air! He’s going to tap!!! WHAT?! Kersh breaks the hold!!! The crowd quietly stunned as Brent comes to his feet. Marcus is gripping his leg in pain and Brent is lifting him up. He’s making him stand.

Marcus hobbling and KERSH SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE!!! Look at the expression from “The Freedom Fighter’s”. KERSH SLAPS HIM AGAIN AND MARCUS RESPONDS WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND! KERSH RETALIATES WITH A SHOT OF HIS OWN! KERSH AND MARCUS X BACK AND FORTH! EXCHANGING BLOWS! Neither man willing to give up ground, but Marcus cinches and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! That came from nowhere! Now a cover …



BRENT KERSH with another kick out and the crowd is right back behind him. Marcus does not hesitate. Trying to clear the cobwebs while still doctoring that leg, the leader of the Negro Revolution lifts Kersh to his feet. He sends him to the ropes and CLOTHESLINE from Marcus and Kersh goes down with his hands over his face. Marcus measuring and… DROPS an elbow on “The Enforcer” just as he uncovers. Marcus with a pin.



“The Enforcer” kicks out again. There is still fight left in the United States Champion. And as it appears blood too, because Kersh is definitely busted open now moreso than before. Blood is pouring out of his mouth. Marcus takes advantage with a big right hand to the kisser! This isn’t going to end pretty! ANOTHER shot from Marcus sends Kersh reeling AND THERE’S another running clothesline from “The Freedom Fighter” putting “The Enforcer” down. Marcus now going to the ropes. The middle turnbuckle! INTO THE AIR AND DOWN with a leg drop. It’s a cover.



I do not know how he did it, but Kersh was able to kick out again! Unbelievable show of fortitude here by the champion. Both men back to their feet and MARCUS drives another fist into the face of Kersh WHICH IS INSTANTLY RECIPROCATED WITH A FIST FROM “THE ENFORCER”!! AND ANOTHER! And now a series of blows AS THE CROWD BEGINS TO ERUPT!!

BUT MARCUS breaks the momentum with a kick to the midsection. Kersh may have expunged his energy and “TIMES OF CHANGE”!! “TIMES OF CHANGE” FROM MARCUS X!!! What’s he saying? Marcus is screaming at Kersh! He’s saying “BEG OR DIE, KERSH”!!!!! Marcus taunting “The Enforcer” now and he is applying a ton of pressure on the hold and Kersh is fading. Kersh is… he’s out, I think. Kersh is out. The official moves in to lift his arm.

It drops ONCE…

It drops TWICE…

IT DROPS A TH, NO IT DOESN’T!! Kersh is up! Kersh is awake and Marcus releases the hold out of frustration. Both men standing. Staring at each other. Marcus pointing “Beg or die, Kersh”. LOOK OUT! KERSH JUST SPIT A MOUTHFUL OF BLOOD RIGHT IN THE FACE OF MARCUS!!! AND LOOK AT MARCUS!! HE IS PISSED! Kersh barely standing and “BLACKOUT”!!!! MARCUS X TAKES KERSH DOWN WITH THE “BLACKOUT” AND HE MAKES THE COVER!!





“What the fuck man?”

That’s how we arrive in a cordoned off area of the park for wrestlers only. Jake Jeckel is standing in front of Jackson Slade with a piece of paper in his hands and to say that he’s unhappy with it is a slight understatement.

“You said you wanted to keep us in the ring and keep us safe from whatever Cain has in store, because you know he’s working with those assholes,” Jake says only to turn his attention back to the piece of paper. “Only this piece of shit, it’s a who’s fucking who of who hates Jake Jeckel. Pig, Mike Lane, Red River Jack, Isaiah Black, Reichous Marx…”

Jackson shrugs his shoulders. “What do you want me to do about it, Jake? You don’t want Light & Dark to interfere and I don’t want this match getting out of hand. It’s a win-win situation.”

“A win-win situation isn’t when I rip your entire roster apart, is it? Because if any one of those guys costs me this match-”

“You’ll what?” Jackson interrupts. “Don’t you forget who you’re talking to. I’m the Commissioner around here now and if you think I’m going to butt heads with you like I did in RAGE, you’ve another thing coming.”

What Jake doesn’t realize is that Gabriel Cain has by now sauntered over and stands behind him. He goes to walk away and bumps straight into The Revolutionary. They stare at each other intensely, their eyes focused only on each other as the crowd around the barricades surrounding them begins to gather.

“There’s no escaping me tonight, Jeckel. Tonight, we finish what we started. It’s about time that you did that, isn’t it?” Cain says, barging past Jake and walking off into the distance. He’s quickly surrounded by fans as the camera takes one last look at The Juggalo – his upper lip curled with rage.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and is the Triple Threat Match for the OSW World Heavyweight Championship!”

The opening tune of California Love hits the speakers as a mixed reaction comes over the crowd. The People’s Champion walks out onto the ramp, a much more focused and determined look on his face as he looks out into the crowd.

Paloma Ruiz: “Entering first, he hails from Hollywood, California, weighing in tonight at 262 pounds, MIKKEEEE LANNNNEEEE!”

The mixed reaction soon turns to heavy boos as California Love turns into the humming start of ‘to get to you’ as Red River Jack walks onto the apron, taking a slow casual drag of his cigarette as a slight smile comes across his face. The two members of the Awakening walk down the ramp, RRJ soaking up the boos as Lane just focuses in on the ring. Jack takes one last drag of his cigarette, putting it out onto the floor with a press of his boot as Lane climbs up onto the apron, holding open the ropes for Jack. RRJ climbs into the ring, before Lane follows him in.

Paloma Ruiz: “And the second challenger, hailing from the Streets, weighing in tonight at 230lbs, he is the self-professed Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds, REDDD RIIIVVVVEERR JA”AACCCKKKK!!”

A slow pounding bass rhythm begins to play across the loudspeaker to signal the start of El-P’s ‘Stay Down’ as Isaiah Black staggers onto the entrance ramp, peering disdainfully from underneath his hood. ‘The Grim’ doesn’t stop for fanfare as he starts his way down to the ring with his head bowed, cracking his knuckles as he goes. Eventually, Black gets to the ring as he hops up onto the apron, staring down the Awakening almost as if he dares them to try something. Lane starts to walk forward but Jack nudges him back, gesturing for Black to enter with a smile on his face. Isaiah does, slowly entering the ring as he pulls the hood down, never taking his eyes of his opponents for a second.

Paloma Ruiz: “And their opponent, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, he weighs in tonight at 203lbs, he is the current reigning and defending OSW World Heavyweight Champion, he is Walking Death, ISSSAAAAIIIAAAHHH BLLLAACCCKKKK!!!”


The bell sounds as Lane and Jack rush forward, both attempting clotheslines that Black ducks under as he begins throwing heavy hands, lefts at Lane, rights at Jack that stagger both men before a big uppercut drops Jack. Black blocks a left from Lane as he backs him into the corner, punishing him with punches and elbows, each blow sending Lane into the turnbuckle as Black lifts his foot up, choking Lane with it in the corner. Black is stopped by a forearm to the back by Jack who pulls Black out of the corner, landing several clobbering blows to the back before hooking his arms around his waist and trying for a German Suplex. Black manages to land on his feet however and as Jack turns around, Black delivers a massive Lariat, turning RRJ almost inside out as the World Champion goes for the cover



Lane pulls Black off RRJ as he lays into him with a flurry of elbows, topping it off with a big European Uppercut before floating Black over into a big snap suplex as the frustration and anger of the last few weeks begins to visibly build inside Lane. As Black gets to his feet, heavy hands begin to drop on him, each blow staggering the world champion as Lane delivers a kick to the gut that takes all the wind out of Black, doubling him over before he’s hooked up as Lane tries for the Degeneration. Black blocks it however, as Lane yells out in frustration, trying almost desperately to suplex Black. Black shoots forward with a headbutt, stinging just enough for Lane to lose his grip on Black as Lane yells in frustration, running forward right into a DDT.

Black begins to feel it as he pounds his chest, yelling for Lane to get his ass up as behind him, Jack begins to stalk him, waiting for the right moment. RRJ rushes forward with a Lariat but Black catches him at the last moment, sidestepping Jack as he grabs him by the head, throwing him outside the ring as the crowd begin to cheer. Lane gets to his feet as Black rushes to the ropes, BEAUTIFUL DEATH! Lane is laid out on the canvas as Black calls for the end, almost begging for Lane to get to his feet as he rushes forward

GRAND LEVEL…NO! Black gets taken down by Jack, who tackles him down from the side, saving Lane for the meantime. Black is pulled roughly to his feet as Jack punishes him with knee strikes, each knee to the sternum lifting the champ up into the air, before he lunges out with the Spartan Kick, sending Black hard into the turnbuckle, his back snapping against the steel. Jack wastes no time, rushing forward and landing a right knee to the jaw of Black before throwing him out of the corner SHADOW KICK! Black’s head snapped right back with that Superkick as Jack chuckles to himself, patting Lane on the back before dropping down for the cover





The smile fades from Jack’s face as he rolls out onto the ring apron, pulling the prone Black under the middle rope as he delivers a massive clubbing forearm, as he yells at Lane ‘hold him down’. Jack drops to the floor, backing up a few paces before running up, leaping into the air, APRON NECKBREAKER! Black’s neck snaps across the ring apron, as he rolls away in agony, holding his neck like it’s just been broken as Jack rolls back into the ring, pondering his next move. Jack moves forward, pulling Black to his feet before grabbing him by the neck and throwing him over the top rope to the outside, as he points to a refreshment table, telling Lane to ‘Kill Him’, as a smile comes across Lane’s face for the first time tonight.

Lane rolls to the outside, the crowd booing the once fan favorite as he pulls Black up by the hair, dragging him to the table slowly and forcefully. Black tries to fight back but Lane begins to beat him down, beating him down into the ground with a series of sickening punches that bust Black open slightly above the eyebrow. The blood is flowing down the face of Black as Lane pulls him to his feet, throwing him onto the table as he tries for the Degeneration once again. Black blocks him once more as Lane manages to avoid the headbutt this time but he doesn’t see the knee rising into his crotch which sends him down to one knee. Black wipes the blood away from his eye as he pulls Lane up to his feet, delivering a vicious knee to the gut before lifting him up high, TERMINATION THROUGH A TABLE!


Lane looks to be completely out cold as Black slowly gets to his feet, a sadistic smile on his face as the crowd begin to cheer. Black begins to slowly walk back to the ring as Jack rolls out to meet him, rushing forward with a clothesline that Black ducks under, SPEAR! Black just explodes with that spear, taking Jack down as he rains rights and lefts into the skull of RRJ before pulling him up to his feet and rolling him into the ring. Black rolls in after him, as he gets up right into a big time Discus Elbow, Jack nearly taking Black’s head off with that move as the crowd begin to boo. Wasting no time, Jack pulls Black up to his feet, hoisting him up onto his back, WHO BETTER BUSTER! Isaiah’s neck snaps violently onto the canvas as he looks out cold. Jack dropping down for the cover



BLACK GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Red pulls Black up to his feet, delivering another Spartan Kick that drops Black down to one knee as Jack rushes to the ropes, bouncing off as he tries for a knee trembler. Black rolls under however, bouncing off the ropes himself, BEAUTIFUL DEATH! The World Champ wastes no time, running forward just as Red gets to his feet, GRAND LEVELER! The running knee is driven into the skull of Jack as he appears to be out cold. Black sinks to his knees, using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet as he turns to the crowd,SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK!

Lane out of nowhere with that kick and that may well be it for Walking Death. Lane pulls Jack up to his feet as Red tries to shake the cobwebs out. With a sadistic smile on his face, he pulls the limp Black to his feet, grabbing an arm, swinging the leg over and SEEING RED! He nailed it centre of the ring and this may well be it as Red covers




NO! Black just gets his shoulder up as Red can’t believe it. Lane yells some choice words to the referee as Jack powers Black up to his feet, delivering a sadistic knee to the open wound above Isaiah’s eye before grabbing him in a double underhook, lifting him up high, WAKE UP CALL! The modified Piledriver spikes Black into the mat and surely this has to be it, new world champion




NO! Black gets a shoulder up once more as fury rises in Jack’s face, frustration building as he hooks the leg once more



Black kicks out again as Red yells out in anger, pounding the mat in rage as he gets to his feet. A visible idea comes into Jack’s head as he signals for Lane to lie down. The crowd begin to boo as Jack covers Lane, the referee hesitating for a moment but he begins the count



THRE…Black breaks up the pinfall!

All three men get to their feet as Black tries for a wild right but Jack ducks under it, grabbing Black from behind and holding him in a Full Nelson. Lane backs up, landing a picture perfect Shadow Kick which absolutely destroys Black. Jack twirls the limp body of the world champion around, grabbing his arm, swinging the leg over and delivering a picture perfect Seein’ Red.

Jack covers





The crowd boo intensely as Jack rises to his feet, a sadistic grinning smile on his face. Lane hands him the world title as he sparks off a cigarette, savouring every puff as the Awakening celebrate in the ring over the unconscious body of Isaiah Black.

A video appears on the screen, showing a somewhat stodgy but intelligent looking middle-aged lady in a white coat, with a very professional air around her. She’s only visible from the chest up, and looking past the camera to someone behind it.

“Thank you for joining us today, doctor.”

“It is no problem at all.”

“So, what exactly is ‘seep’?”

“CIP stands for Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. From birth, sufferers are incapable of feeling any form of pain, and in some cases also have an absolute insensitivity to temperature, as well.”

“Never feeling any pain… Surely that’s a good thing?”

“You’d think so, but no. Pain is a sensation designed to inform the brain that a body part is damaged, with the brain responding by attempting to minimise it’s usage. With no pain comes no flinching and natural aversion to that which may cause harm. It is extremely common for CIP patients to cause themselves serious injuries without even knowing. Often, especially in children, the results can be fatal. Sufferers may also be unaware of any illnesses or other conditions they may be afflicted with, thus making noticing, diagnosing and treating such issues considerably more difficult. Fortunately for those with CIP instead of CIPA, a more severe form that also prevents sweating and body temperature regulation, odds of survival are greater.”

“Doctor, I will ask for a personal opinion now rather than a professional opinion. If a sufferer was to reach adulthood and decided to engage in combat sports, what would you think of it?”

“I fear they may cause great damage to themselves. That is not my greatest fear though… My greatest fear is the damage they could do to others. I can only hope your question was hypothetical, sir.”

“Thank you very much for your time today Doctor, it’s been most enlightening.”

With this, the image fades to black, with the lady looking extremely unnerved.

When we head to the ring for our Main Event, many wrestlers surround the ring. Mike Lane, Red River Jack, Pig, Lee Crowley, James Hunter, Reichous Marx, Brent Kersh, Robert Gordon, Neville Sheldon and Cayci Spires.

“WHY DO I CALL MYSELF A JUGGALO!?!” – “Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and, as Jake Jeckel explodes on stage, the crowd goes wild with boo’s. Despite their distain, the Juggalo seems to enjoy the reaction, egging people as he moves at a jog towards the ring; air boxing and occasionally flicking his nose with his thumb as he goes. Once ringside Jake rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, immediately jumping up on the far turnbuckle; camera side.

Pandora Cruz: Billed out of Long Island, New York… weighing in at 228 lbs…. JAKE JECKEL!!!!

Atop the turnbuckle Jake peers down at the fans in the front row; a look on his face that conveys that they are nothing but peons to him. A snarl on his lips that conveys he wants nothing more than to rip their heads off at the neck. Jeckel tears off his shirt and fakes like he’s going to throw it to the crowd before letting it drop on the apron for the ref to kick off the canvas.

IVE THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, NOTHIN’ BUT THE TRUTH, SO HELP ME! “Truth Rising” by HED PE hits the stage and the crowd goes insane. “CAIN” appears on the screens and then changes to black and white clips of Gabriel Cain. Red and blue lights flicker throughout the field as smoke grenade erupt at the stage entrance as Gabriel Cain runs throw the smoke and stops at the edge of the stage.

He places his arms in an X position and explosions go off behind him.

Pandora Cruz: Billed out of Compton, CA… weighing in at 185 lbs…. GABRIEL CAIN!!!!

He jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring and leaps onto the turnbuckles and points to the crowd and motions for them get louder. He rips his balaclava off and tosses it into the crowd and pulls back his hoodie, exposing his dreadlocks. He shakes his hair quick and throws up the X again.

JAKE JECKEL ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! The Juggalo hardly waits as the bell sounds and our Main Event is underway. He spins Cain around and nails him with a Headbutt, taking his opportunity to throw him to the outside, where baying wolves happily tuck into their next meal.

Stomps come out of left and right field, the Lumberjacks absolutely unforgiving here tonight. Red River Jack picks him up and slams him back first into the barricade, rolling him straight back into Jeckel after.

The Juggalo levels some knees into his mid-section and pulls him from the corner into a DDT. He quickly rolls him over and begins beating away at him with big right hands, sitting on his chest with some big shots to the face before getting up and bouncing off the ropes and crushing into his skull with a knee.

Jake covers with a forearm in the face..



Kick Out!

Jeckel gets back up and grabs him by the head, T-Bone Suplex! The Juggalo is keeping the pressure on, stomping away at the legs of his nemesis in hopes of keeping him on the canvas. He grabs the right leg and stops away at behind the knee, burying brutal boots in there as hard as he can.

He snatches at the leg, attempting to hyper-extend it but Gabriel kicks out with the other, sending Jeckel backwards into the ropes. Cain rolls back up and catches him with a Clothesline!

Cain grabs jeckel and pulls him back to his feet, whipping him into the corner and taking a run up with a big corner Clothesline. He follows up with some big right hands, crashing them hard against his skull before pulling him away and out and into a big Belly to Belly Suplex. Cain covers this time..



Kick Out!

The Revolutionary really wants this victory and goes to the legs of Jake, looking for the Sharpshooter. He grabs the legs and begins to lock the move in, Jake though battling back with some big right handed shots to the face that eventually stumble him backwards. The Juggalo rolls back to his feet and runs at Cain, leaping into a huge DDT that he connects powerfully in the middle of the ring. Jake hops into the cover…



Kick Out!

Gabriel though doesn’t look like he’s going to give up that easily and Jake needs to change tactics, getting back to his feet and darting towards the ropes. He comes running back but The Revolutionary is up, leaping into a Clothesline that almost takes the Juggalo’s head off. Jake is quickly back up and into another devastating Clothesline as Cain begins to get ahead of steam.

He quickly gets Jeckel up by the hair and backs him into the ropes, whipping him across the ring and flipping over with a Powerslam. He covers..



Kick Out!

Not enough! Cain slams his fists down on the canvas in rage and grabs Jake, throwing him over the top rope. The floodlights come on here in the beautiful outdoors as man after man takes their punches with The Juggalo. They beat him black and blue, Pig picking him up and running him straight into the ring post. Cayci helps him back into the ring and back to The Revolutionary…






Both men are slowly back to their feet and it’s Cain with a high knee to the gut that stops Jeckel in his tracks, connecting with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Gabriel screams “GET UP!” at his opponent, grabbing him by the head and locking in a grounded Sleeper Hold trying to wear the Juggalo down.. wait, Jeckel though isn’t taking it lightly and somehow gets back to his feet, big back Elbows, Cain releases the hold, kick to the gut.. DDT!! Jake Jeckel with a DDT! He covers…



Kick Out!

It’s not going to be that easy with Gabriel Cain! I think he’s proved that over the course of the past month! Jake is back up and stalking his prey, he’s looking for the Hatchet and it’s gonna come any minute. Cain is back up, turning around as Jake scoops him up.. THE HATCHET-NO!

Cain drops down behind AND INTO POSITION FOR A COBRA CLUTCH!! THE GAS MASK!!! Jake struggles away wildly, diving himself through the middle rope with Cain attached and now both men are on the outside!

That causes trouble as the Lumberjacks immediately begin working them over. Jack, Lane and Spires go after Jake this time, whilst Neville, Crowley and Pig go after Jake. They push them back into the ring at the same time…


The fan’s can’t believe it! Jake has to cover but he doesn’t! He grabs Cain one more time, pulling him to his feet….







What an amazing Main Event and end to Block Party. The fans are on their feet, cheering and chanting.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” they roar in unison, saluting everyone ringside.

Only their cheers are quickly snuffed out by the sound of rotary blades cutting the air. With each swish and swipe, the fans cheers get quieter and quieter, the air around them being blown down their lungs.

The entire ring seems to shake as a chopper appears over head, stunning everyone.

Three ropes drop down into the middle of the ring as Old School Wrestling wrestlers slide in to greet their obvious enemy.

Azrael and Solomon are quick to slide down the ropes and into the lion’s den, standing amongst and somewhat surrounded by a roster of talent who can’t wait to kick their asses.

Only the next man to slide down catches everyone by surprise. The looks on the faces of Gabriel Cain and Jake Jeckel are a picture…


The former and final RAGE World Champion stands between Azrael and Solomon, staring down a man he’s had plenty of history with.

The chopper flies and… and…

No-one knows what to do!

Jake steps forward, staring Bellator down with a fierce gaze as the rest of the OSW roster begin to close in. This is going to be good and a long time coming…








Jake turns around with a sadistic smile..



Mike Lane, Red River Jack, Reichous Marx, Neville Sheldon, Cayci Spires, Brent Kersh AND EVEN GABRIEL CAIN are out-numbered! These guys start beating the holy hell out of them, attacking them in the middle of OUR ring! David Manson and Brandon Hate storm to the ring to try to even the odds but they get CUT OFF ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP!!


This is unreal. The fans are booing relentlessly now, watching the wrestlers of Old School Wrestling getting beaten from pillar to post in the middle of the ring. Finally, they finish dispatching their enemies and stand tall, all nine of them in the middle of the ring, the biggest of smiles on Jake Jeckel’s face.

RAGE are back….

What the actual fuck?

Block Party goes off the air with their faces, our roster laid strewn beneath their feet. What do they want? What will Jackson Slade have to say about this? Oh my god, you just wait until Afterburn.

You just wait.