Blood, Sweat & Tears

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“I’ve shed blood, sweat and tears for the Rewind Championship.”

“I sweat to win it. I battled through hellacious circumstances to take that title home. I’ve held it three times and defended it twice. Every time I set foot through the ropes, I gave every ounce of everything I have and nothing less.”

“I was sweating buckets when I beat Sir Bellator twice to capture it.”

“I was sweating buckets when I lost it both times.”

“I perspired that much when I beat Wiz that you could’ve filled two buckets with what leaked from my pores.”

“And it was worth every drop.”

“I remember when I first won it at Wrestle Heroes – I cried that day. I cried when I held the title in my arms like it was my first-born child. I hugged it tight and shed tears because in that moment, I was the happiest I’d ever been.”

“Then Sir Bellator took it away.”

“I cried then too. I bawled like a little baby who’d just lost his pacifier. I wept, I screamed, I cried tears of sadness that I never thought possible.”

“Even after I beat Sir Gable and defended this title just last week, I cried. I cried because of how much this Championship means to me. I cried because I’ve put in the time, the hard work and the effort to be the Rewind Champion and it means something to me.”

“And finally, I’ve bled for this title.”

“I’ve had bolts driven through my hands. I’ve been busted wide open on multiple occasions from Vayikra who’ve tried to manipulate, bash my brains in and destroy me. For every drop of tears, there’s been blood. For every drop of sweat, there’s been blood.”

“That blood has dripped behind me like a yellow brick road, and it doesn’t matter what direction I go, what I do, or how I do it – it’s always there.”

“Finally, it’s attracted a Vampire.”

“You can smell the blood, can’t you Kaine? Every single drop of it I’ve left in my wake in the capture and defence of this Championship, you can feel, see and bloody taste.”

“I can hear you behind me, salivating – desperate to catch up to The Generation Kid and feast on that tasty prize.”

“But you see Kaine, if there’s anything I’ve learned from being in Old School Wrestling – it is this; whether someone is following or creating your blood, sweat or tears, there is always someone behind you, waiting to strike.”

“And you either turn around and face them or wait for them to catch up.”

I’ve just turned around.”

I’m covered in sweat.

I’m crying like a baby.”

And my fists are balled with blood dripping from them.

“It’s not mine.”

But I’m gonna let you have a taste.