Book of Revelations

In Promo by Sir Renault

Millenniums ago there lived a man named John.

A prophet, he spoke and scribed the word of the Lord, and it was his Book of Revelations that shone a light on what our new world would look like.

An angel showed John a vision. He saw the garden of Eden: the tree of life, bearing its fruit for all, surrounded by the flowing River of Babylon and cultivated by humans of all cultures working together in Yahweh’s name.

But this Paradise was found within a new city— a new Jerusalem where heaven met earth and was built by Yahweh’s own hands.

Four sides marked the territory of Jerusalem, each with three gates representing the twelve total tribes of Israel. Each corner consisted of three huge foundational stones, representing the twelve total apostles.

This new world was encapsulated in a perfect cube so that Yahweh’s presence could be felt everywhere, harvesting the fruit of his followers’ labor.

Like John all those years ago, there’s a man who competes here in Old School Wrestling.

A Shinigami, he authors a notebook full of Death’s prophecies. Penning each and every entry brings death to his enemies, and one by one he extracts their lives to eternally extend his own.

His very own Book of Revelations details exactly what each person’s cause of death is and when it will take place. However, these revelations are not set in stone, and the Shinigami is able to change the pages how he sees fit in order to alter his subject’s lifespan, and thus their fate.

Undermining Yahweh’s divine plan, he disrupts the natural world’s order for his own selfish purposes and actively works against those of us who work towards a collective goal of salvation.

Offering a glimpse of one’s idea of paradise, the Shinigami presents false hope only to bait and switch by inviting them to their story’s end: their death.

Your obsession with becoming the God of the new world blinds you, Deathnote.

Believing yourself to be a God because you can choose to control the death of others is nothing more than delusions of grandeur.

All you really are is Death’s puppet, carrying out his dirty work at his bidding while he sits safely at his table.

You claim this to be the new world, and demand us all to kneel before you.

But you’re just another false prophet, and this isn’t your world.

This isn’t even a new world. It’s the same world Yahweh built for us all, and you are just living in it.

And when you and Sigil step inside the ring to try to pry our tag team championships away from us, John’s visions will finally make sense.

You see, Deathnote, that ring is Vayikra’s sacred temple. The four sides, each with three gates, and the three cornerstones supporting each corner is the picture of perfection that the prophet John wrote about all those years ago.

According to Yahweh’s testament, at High Voltage #275 you enter paradise to meet your maker, Deathnote.

This is our world.

May God have mercy on your soul when you kneel before Him for your judgment.

Deus vult.