Breach of Contract.

In Promo by Simon

A man hires one of the finest construction crews he knows to complete a special project.

He has his mind set on an amazing piece of architecture, serving as headquarters for his operation.

The planners, engineers, and laborers put in a lot of work to see this project to completion.

They are meant to follow their respective contracts to the letter, without question.

And, at first, the project exceeds expectations.

A solid, stable foundation is laid down, and the crew is tasked with building upon it.

As the months roll on, the workmanship is on point.

The man is proud of his crew handling these tasks, and the crew is eager to complete their work.

But soon, the work slows down.

Things are not being finished to the man’s satisfaction.

Eventually, he finds that the crew has abandoned the project entirely.

And why? Because they’ve decided to go on strike.

The crew has begun raising questions about the land upon which the building was erected.

Questions they had no concerns over when the contract was signed.

And now, the man is furious.

In his eyes, the crew have found an excuse to back away from the project they agreed to finish.

Since they won’t do the work, he has no other choice…so he takes revenge.

Because they’ve breached their contract, the man knows what he must do.

He takes the crew to court, and successfully sues them for every penny he paid.

And with that, the dream project falls flat.

I brought Jet Set Radio into OSW with a job at hand.

A contract I expected them to follow to the letter.

They were to assist me in rising to the pinnacle, establishing something I can take pride in.

And, to a point, they were successful.

As the months went on, I rose from being a mere bit player to being the Commissioner of this place…and even Ring King.

But, as of late, I’ve noticed them slacking from their duties.

Things have slowed down in recent weeks, and why?

Because they’ve been asking too many questions that don’t need answering.

Worried about the loss of a friend who was, in fact, a liability.

And now, as we reach the peak of what this project has been about, my crew has backed out on me.

Their final breach of contract was taking something that should’ve been mine a month ago.

Tag and Ether chose to follow their own plans, instead of keeping to mine.

And now, I am furious.

I have no choice but to take my revenge on the people I brought in a year ago.

I will hold them accountable for their insolence.

I will bring them to my court of justice, in a lawsuit of my own accord.

To show that I am the one in control, I will win this case handily.

And I will take what is rightfully mine, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And you will not destroy what ol’ Simon has built here.