Bricks in the Wall

In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

In the boiler room of The Mortuary, Tombstone stands before bricks and mortar. There’s a ginormous hole from his fight with Destructo Boy and The Burned Man and he intends to repair it.

“I know what I did. But to understand the complexities of the mistakes I have made, you first need to understand the wall.”

Tombstone gathers his trowel and begins laying mortar.

“And more importantly, ones place in it.”

The first brick goes on.

“This is me. I am The Ferryman and it is my duty to ferry souls to their final destination. I have no other purpose. I must perform the tasks set by the universe or else. Failure to do my job results in the events of last week.”

Another brick follows.

“This is you, Colt Ramsey. You’re a journalist. Your duty is to the truth; it is to principle and honesty. It is to sharing what you’ve learned with a public that are unknowing. It is information.”

Then another brick.

“This is you, Harold Attano. You’re a man on the hunt for redemption. You are solid. You feel as if you have the world on your shoulders and that all the bricks above and below you rely on you. You feel the weight of that. Your daughter is a prime example.”

And one more – though this brick is chipped and slightly uneven.

“This is you Narcissa Balenciaga. You don’t like being part of the wall. You want to change the way it is made. You’re a broken and defiant brick, hoping that your actions will be what topples it all. You don’t concern yourself with the other bricks around you, only a desire for change.”

Tombstone stops speaking and starts placing bricks and mortar quicker, patching up the hole in his boiler room wall. Once it is finished, he puts the trowel down and steps back to admire the complete brick wall.

“But when you step back and look at the bigger picture; something very obvious dawn’s on you.”

He folds his arms.

“Whether you’re a Ferryman, a Journalist, a man on a search for answers and redemption or the leader of the Uprising… We’re all just bricks in a wall.”

“Each one of us is dependant on something therein.”

“There’s no Ferryman without souls “

“No news without people.”

“No redemption without heart.”

“And no Uprising without all of it.”

He walks over to the wall and places a hand on it.

“However, I could remove any singular brick from this wall and it would not destroy it. I could take Colt Ramsey, Harold Attano or Narcissa Balenciaga out and the wall would remain. What they’re dependant on, would remain.”

“But if you took The Ferryman out…”

“Well, then the wall might just crumble.”

“Which is why all three of you will inevitably meet your end.”

“And you should never fear your end.”

“For the end is where your brick is removed from the wall and we meet.”

“And I will send you on your way.”