Broken Dreams

In Drexl, Promo by Drexl

In the dazzling world of fashion, where dreams and creativity intertwine, there once lived a talented designer.

Known for her avant-garde creations and fearless experimentation, the designer earned herself a reputation as a true visionary of the industry.

Her catwalk shows were highly anticipated, drawing the attention of fashion enthusiasts, critics, and Arcadia’s aristocracy alike. For months at a time, the designer would spend her hours meticulously planning her latest collection – each time believing that her work would revolutionise the world of haute couture forever.

However, beneath the glamorous exterior of her being, the designer had a hidden secret – a debt that weighed heavily on her shoulders.

Like many young artists, the designer had once taken out a loan to fund her early collections, hoping that success would swiftly follow.

One fateful evening, as the runway lights dimmed and the crowd hushed with anticipation, the designer prepared to showcase her latest collection.

But – just as the show was about to begin – a tall, menacing figure stepped onto the catwalk, exuding an aura of authority that froze the room into a stunned silence. The man was a notorious loan shark, known for his ruthless collection methods.

In a cold and unyielding tone, he ordered that repayment of the debt be paid to him in full.

As the audience watched on in shock, the glamourous spectacle grinding to a screeching halt, fear began to flicker across the designer’s face – for she knew the consequences of not satisfying her creditor’s demands.

As a betting man, I wager this story sounds somewhat familiar to you, does it not, Narcy Doll?

As an aspiring artiste with exquisite taste, you were once regarded by Arcadia’s elite as an exceptional talent – admired for her boldness and unique concepts.

For a time, it was a reputation well earned. Your passion for fashion was never in brought into question, and when the time came to unveil your grand designs to the likes of Zeus and his merry men, you ensured no stone was left unturned, pouring your heart and soul into every fabric, stitch, and embellishment, ensuring each piece embodied your artistic vision.

But just as your catwalk began to gather pace towards the dizzy heights of celebrity and fame, your secret was exposed – a debt that has weighed heavily on the shoulders of your career ever since.

And now, Narcy Doll, I have come to collect what is owed.

I am not here to offer you a leg up, nor shall I prevent the inevitability of your broken dreams from becoming a reality – you did all that yourself.

When it comes to unsettled debts, your path to redemption does not lie with you walking into the face of adversity, nor will your artistry or passion help you transcend the obstacle that now stands before you.

With each second that passes, your career teeters on the edge of ruin and I will be there to help it on its way should your final settlement fall short – that I can guarantee to you.

It’s a case of you pay me, or I’ll owe you one, doll.

Because sooner or later, everybody pays.

And Narcy, baby…

I love getting paid.