Built for More

In Promo, Tec by TEC

According to my research on the Intranet, the first robot to climb a ladder without a harness or safety net was designated as the Sloth and was built with toy construction blocks.

It was given that name due to it being a quadruped and taking ten minutes to perform its sole purpose. It was revolutionary for the time, but it was rather primitive since it was only able to climb ladders.

Months later, a company called Muscle Corp., in collaboration with fifteen other unnamed companies. built the Dream Robo. It was equipped with five motors and hooks for hands and feet that enabled it to climb up and down ladders at a much quicker pace.

Despite it also being a massive step forward for machine prowess, it was also quite primitive, being designed solely to climb ladders.

Technology continued to make strides in climbing long after the Sloth and Dream Robo were created. Some were able to climb with less than five motors. Others were able to climb with no limbs or hooks at all.

However, no matter how many advancements were made, they were still built for a singular purpose. They were built to climb ladders and nothing more.

At Titanfall, said titans are expected to do more than climb ladders. They are expected to push themselves to the absolute limit through a trial by combat. In my case, I am expected to do that while also outlasting three other competitors for an opportunity to climb a ladder and unlatch the coveted Rewind championship from its restraint.

All of my opponents will assume that I am simply not built for handling such a task. They see a machine like me and think that I can only handle one task like the primitive creations I talked about earlier. As such, they’re all assuming that I can be manipulated in some fashion in order to turn the bout to their favor.

Jinx thinks that she’ll easily hack into my CPU and eliminate me from the competition, leaving her with only two opponents to worry about instead of three.

Aarman believes that he can use his charms to sway my programming into fighting for him, giving him a partner instead of an opponent.

Tombstone feels like he can send me on my way by hitting my rest button again, shutting me off and forcing me to experience death the only way a machine can.

However, they all underestimate my capabilities. I was built to serve more than a singular purpose. I was built to be the most advanced and capable officer the APD ever had.

I will make them proud by eliminating all three of my opponents from the competition, climbing that ladder, and retrieving the championship. I will show you all that I am more than a primitive machine that’s only capable of a singular purpose.

I’m no Sloth or Dream Robo. I am the Tactical Examination Correspondent, and I will showcase my full prowess against the three of you at Titanfall.