Cain and Abel

In Promo by Mordecai

“Two brothers, born from Adam and Eve, were working on offerings to please Yahweh.”

“Both of them lived different kinds of lives. The eldest brother, Cain, was a farmer. Meanwhile his younger sibling, Abel, was a shepherd.”

“Cain offered the lord the fruits of his labor while Abel gave the deity the firstborn of his flock. Yahweh favored Abel’s gift over Cain’s, causing the elder brother to grow angry and spiteful towards his brother.”

“With his mind clouded with rage, Cain led his brother to a nearby field and killed him.”

“When Yahweh discovered what the murderer had done, he had cursed him with the inability to gain strength from farming and turned him into a desolate wanderer.”

“Cain expressed fear that others would kill him upon learning what he had done. Yahweh, ever the merciful one, marked him so that anyone who were to murder him will suffer a punishment magnitudes worse than what Cain had suffered.”

“The murderer was given a second chance at life, despite what he had done to his brother. He went on to live a full life and bear child while Abel was left to be a mere footnote in history.”

“You and I are a lot like Cain and Abel, Sandman. The resemblance is growing even stronger now that you’ve essentially killed me.”

“You were infuriated that the Gods created me first and favored me over you. You hated that, no matter how many seeds of nightmares you’ve planted in people’s heads, I was always there to shepherd them back to the waking realm.”

“That’s why, when you lead me to your hiding spot a few weeks ago, you beat me down and tied me in these chains. You hate how the Gods made me equal in power to you and that you couldn’t do anything about it.”

“You’re quite wise to pull a stunt like this when they’re all dead. Imagine what would happen if they were still around and they saw you do this.”

“In a just world, they would eradicate you from the universe and make sure every last atom of your body dissipated into nothing. Since they are long gone, however, I suppose I’ll have to take justice into my own hands.”

“I will use the last of my strength to punish you as I see fit. You’ve had it easy up until now, brother.”

“I will fight you until my dying breath. I will fight for every soul you’ve claimed with your nightmares and channel their energy to make sure you suffer the same fate as me.”

“I’ll make sure that even in the afterlife, you cannot torment any unfortunate souls. I won’t allow you to ruin their paradise by inducing nightmares.”

“I will not fall by your hands in that ring. Instead, you’ll watch in horror as, despite your best efforts, I’ll stand tall over you in what should be our final fight.”

“Dream a little dream of me one last time, and know that I will always defeat you.”