In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]I[/edgtf_dropcaps] once had a tiny little yellow canary.

It was a beautiful bird that I kept in a cage with the door open. I did not want to trap the bird, so I gave it freedom. If the bird did not want to come home, it wouldn’t.

But no matter what, from the day that I came to own the bird, to the day the bird died, it always came back.

Every morning I’d find the bird perched in its cage.

You have spent your entire life in a cage of some variety, Harold Attano. When you worked for Zeus, you were bound by him to a cage that looked like freedom but was not.

And when he disposed of you, he sent you to a place where the illusion of freedom was a mere reason to survive, but you were none the less held in a cage.

Now that you’re in Old School Wrestling, you’ve decided to imprison yourself once more, this time with those who wish to do you harm for their own selfish benefit. It is a cage that you can come and go from, but a cage that you always return to.

So, when Zeus offered you complete and utter freedom, it is of no surprise that you choose to return to the cage.

Just like my yellow canary.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you don’t, you will always return to where you’re most comfortable; the cage.

The problem with a cage is that if needed, the owner of it can close the door.

And all the fluttering, flapping and squawking in the world won’t change that.

Zeus showed you this when he dropped you in Deathrow and left you to rot.

There will come a time when you choose or are forced to return to a cage that you cannot escape. I know when this will be, Harold Attano.

Because my boat is like a cage.

There are no visible bars that you can see. There are no wardens or inmates aboard with you. There’s no cell, no creature comforts – no bed to rest your weary head.

But it is a cage.

Once your soul arrives on my boat, you cannot leave. There is no escape. You are stuck with me, and the journey is one way. It will be one cage there is no way out of because I’ll be the one to close the door.

Perhaps you’ll be comfortable there.

Perhaps you’ll feel at home.

Or perhaps you’ll wished that you truly embraced your freedom whilst you had the opportunity.

At the end, there is always regret.

You shouldn’t fear the end though, Harold Attano.

Because the end is where we meet.

And I will send you on your way