In Promo by Simon

A man spends his whole career expressing a positive mental attitude.

In the process, he builds a reputation for being the nice guy, the calm in the midst of the storm.

Not a bad word can be uttered about him.

He makes it a point to help those in need, to give and give again, and to shake hands with everyone he meets.

To top it all off, his portfolio is squeaky clean.

No criminal background to speak of, not so much as a parking ticket.

So nice, that the people start raising questions.

Can he be too nice for his own good?

Is he hiding some dark secret?

The questions raise doubts amongst his peers.

And that doubt slowly starts to peel back the layers to his career.

His personality, his habits, all brought under a microscope.

The interviews become more pointed, as though poking and prodding for anything out of the ordinary.

His closest friends start to wonder if they really know him.

His loved ones start to see him in a different light.

And that’s before the rumors start.

All it takes is one.

One little hint of sin.

One taste of impurity.

It could be the truth, or it could be a complete fabrication.

Doesn’t matter to the court of opinion.

Now the doubts become judgement.

And suddenly, like a flood, the investigations begin.

Allegations arise.

Before you know it, the man’s career, his very livelihood, comes crumbling down.



Tell me, Lucas, what’s your taste of impurity?

What sin have you kept hidden from the world?

Because this attitude you’ve had didn’t come out of thin air.

Nobody who acts like this just flips a switch in their mind and says “Fuck the World.”

Your career in both Hollywood and OSW prove otherwise.

Even as a tough, badass action hero, you always showed compassion.

Always took care of others.

A role model to your daughter.

An example to the world of how to be kind.

A nice guy.

But not anymore.

That secret sin has been festering inside you.

Poisoning you.

Making you weak.

And ol’ Simon is here to finish the job.

Exposing that dark secret to the world.

Putting it all out in the open.

And watching as the flood of investigations and allegations overcome you.

As everyone you know and love sees you for what you really are.

A liar. A cheat. A coward.

There will be no greater joy than to watch you choke.

To see your whole career flushed down the toilet.


Everything you’ve built up for yourself is about to come crumbling down, Lucas.

And I will be there to pick up the pieces.

To take what belongs to me.

The power, the respect, the gold.

Watching you succumb to your secrets will bring a smile to my face.

Those you know and love turn their back on you.

Most of all, your daughter.

That’s when it all sets in.

You’ll never work in this town again.