Candy Necklace

In Promo, Teddy O'Toole by Teddy O'Toole

My SWEET children, have you tried my delicious candy necklaces?

You can CHEW right through them.

But be careful children, not to wear my candy necklaces and look in the mirror too long. Don’t concern yourself with your clothes or figure. Fear not the judgment of others for your lack of fashion.

Because to Fashion?

You’re just a candy necklace.

And fashion will CHEW right through you.

It is a story as old as designer clothing itself.

Advertisements with beautiful women wearing expensive clothing, or beautiful men with sunglasses that make their faces look nice.

They target you.

I know, because when I was a child, they targeted me too.

And before too long, I was one step away from plunging myself into the Chocolate River…

As a child I was very concerned with my appearance. All the magazines and advertisements told me that the most important thing in the world was to be BEAUTIFUL. And the only way for an average child like me to be BEAUTIFUL was to WEAR NICE CLOTHES.

Before too long, I was spending my entire allowance on a shirt that was too expensive.

For the cost of one shirt I could’ve had twenty delicious candy bars.

For the price of looking BEAUTIFUL…

I was giving up what truly gave me HAPPINESS.

And the worst thing?

They had me convinced that I couldn’t be HAPPY unless I was BEAUTIFUL.

So instead of being happy with a drawer full of candy?

I was depressed and SUICIDAL with a drawer full of nice clothes.

Before too long, I was just a chocolate shell of myself.

And I want my SWEET CHILDREN to avoid the fate I barely escaped.

The fate that Narcissa Balenciaga never managed to.

You see, women like Narcissa used to be little girls.

Little girls who loved CANDY.

But Fashion did to Narcissa what it does to SO MANY young women.

It chewed right through her.

Like a candy necklace.

Narcissa Balenciaga fashions herself as an artist. She thinks designing clothes and selling an impossible image for most young girls to obtain is her purpose.

Not for a single second has she considered what Fashion has done to her.

Because Fashion is a war.

A war on CHILDREN.

It drafted her as a child soldier and made her a General of its cause.

They have led her to destroying the very thing she once was.

A young woman.woman who deserved happiness.

A young woman who deserved a candy bar.

But when Fashion CHEWS through you like a candy necklace, you can either devote yourself to its cause or die.

Because once something chews through you?

You’re broken.

And there aren’t enough candy bars in the world that can fix you.

But fear not, SWEET CHILDREN.

Narcissa Balenciaga just needs a reminder.

Who can remind her that Fashion has chewed right through her? Who can remind her that she is nothing? Remind her that she’s a broken chocolate shell of herself?

The Candy Man Can.