In Luther Grim, Promo by Luther Grim

I’ve come to realize that people are just like castles. In that, they come in all shapes and sizes, each constructed of their own type of material. On one hand, there are the smaller, more modest castles. They are made up of their simple walls and unassuming gates that blend in with their surroundings. They don’t command attention, but they’d like to believe that they are just as important as any other castle.

Then, there are the normal, medium sized castles. Their walls may be constructed of a more expensive material, something that the smaller castle could not attain. In the medium sized castle, the halls are much more spacious, adorned with certain tapestries and paintings. They are not the grandest, or most imposing, yet they are able to catch your eye one way or another. 

But then, there are castles like you, Outlaw Zero. 

You’re the type of castle that stands proud and mighty. With a tall and tough exterior designed to protect you from the dangers of the world. You are convinced that your moat is deep enough to where no outsider would dare approach you. You would consider yourself to be invulnerable, wouldn’t you? Many enemies have approached your walls in the past, in an attempt to knock them down, but they have all failed. You were able to outlast them. 

However, The Hunter is no ordinary enemy. I don’t come to marvel in your presence, Outlaw Zero. I don’t look at you with the same gleaming eye as others before me. I don’t come with the hope that I could overcome you. But I’ve come to knock you the fuck down and show you, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are not indomitable

For years, you have lived under the impression that just because no one has ever managed to figure you out, that it would never happen. You want to look down on me, as if you are truly larger than me. You hope to stifle me and overwhelm me, much like you have to others in the past, so that you can continue to live as that vigorous castle. But you are so convinced of your own invincibility that you have failed to notice the danger right in front of you, Outlaw Zero. You are so convinced of your own prowess that you are inclined to believe that you are the most inviolable castle to have ever been constructed!

But at Ring of Dreams, I am going to show you that you are nothing more than a measly fucking building, Outlaw Zero. I am going to destroy your fortification, as you crash to the ground, a testament to the folly of those who believed that you were unconquerable! Because you see, I don’t care about your history. I don’t care about those that you have denied of entry in the past. Because when I look at you, all I see is imperfection, Outlaw Zero. An inadequate structure begging to be brought down. And at Ring of Dreams, you are going to be reduced to rubble!

It’s hunting season!