In Promo, Vision by Vision

They violated the sanctum. The Altar lies in ruins and the Third Eye demands retribution.

Heathen scoundrels respect nothing but their own inflated egos. Each blind in their own way, caring not what destruction they lay in their wake. Where the Third Eye grants vision to those who are brave enough to see, they are but a trio of fools… and fools with power will burn Arcadia down to swat a fly.

I see three sets of eyes, each inflicted with its own unique set of cataracts. Eyes clouded by foolish ego and the unwillingness to act when the moment presents itself. The Third Eye shows me their blindness, reveals the cataracts that cloud their eyes.

One eye is blinded by pain. The clouding of agony creates a blindness where that is all that can be seen. The eye sees nothing else of the human experience but the basest reaction, and that pain becomes life itself.

But one afflicted with the pain cataract cannot see love, joy or sadly… friendship. Those that follow the Preacher of Pain’s words cannot see that so much more exists outside his own agonising experience.

One eye is blinded by song. The clouding of emotion that music brings. The eye has let music itself be its guide, with song showing the pathway through the murkiness of life, and evidently… death.

But when the music is lost, one afflicted with the musical cataract merely stumbles in darkness. No sight, no sound. No wonder El Mariachi Muerte cannot see the side he should have chosen. Now, his blood must be spilled alongside the fools he now calls friends.

One eye is blinded by the cataract of eternity. Like staring into a long tunnel with no end, the one afflicted by the eternal cataract can unfortunately see everything around them, yet everything outside their eternal tunnel remains blurred. Through their tunnel vision, they remained stuck.

Able to witness everything they are powerless to control. It must be maddening to see as Drewitt does, afflicted for a thousand lifetimes of blindness.

Like fools, those who have found themselves blinded by these cataracts cannot see past their own world. Their ego won’t allow them the sight of perspective, the ability to see Arcadia through impartial eyes. To them, the sky is falling because they are blind to the truth.

That inevitably… Arcadia continues on.

Without music, it will continue to find its sound. Through the Third Eye, people will awaken to life outside of pain and find the truth that leads to freedom. Because it is freedom you truly seek, Drewitt. Freedom from an eternity blinded. Only when your cataract is lifted will you finally be able to take that final journey upon the Ferryman’s boat.

For the benefit of Arcadia, blood must be spilled. The blind must be silenced so that the truth may be seen. Cataracts must be ripped off eyes so that the Third Eye can be awoken. The ends justify the means.

One Arcadia, United, under the gaze of the Third Eye. Blindness cannot be tolerated.