Chains That Bind

In Promo by Chronoa

In the farest reaches of the galaxy, there used to be a planet pure as snow.

No pain, no suffering, no anger, no war. Nothing but purest bliss for every individual that was priviliged to live underneath it’s dual suns.

Run by an idealistic fool who wished to spread his doctrine throughout the universe.

Absolutes of any measure are dangerous to reality so the powers that be sent me to stop him by any means necessary.

At first I was curious, a pure wholesome society that seemed to be paradise on earth.

Everyone equal, everyone loving and accepting of one another and even the fool seemed perfect.

For a moment, I was tempted, felt that chain of conformity wrap around my neck.

But nothing so perfect and pure is ever what it seems and soon I found the truth.

A tiny little pill that altered the mind as every emotion but bliss was erased from the mind.

And those who refused found themselves starved and broken, minds fractured from being ripped from paradise.

A world of junkies, sucking the dick of the dealer who gave them everything they ever needed.

Selling their immortal souls so they never have to feel empty inside again.

Any would be thug can enslave a soul.

A strong individual can bring a man to his knees by force.

A depraved one can make someone a quivering mess with but words and illusion.

Yet the most dangerous of them all is that which convinces you to clasp the chain around your neck willingly.

And the moment that Simon brought you into the temple, you willingly bent the knee for a little bit of the green.

Three wild children, full of life and venom who thought this little job would be the start of something special.

And yet from the moment you stepped out into the bloody snow, you’ve lost almost everything you held dear.

Because of Simon, your innocence was lost in the cracking sensation of anothers life slipping through your fingers.

You’ve broken bones and torn sinews, blood dripping down your faces like wine as the flames flickered at your heels.

Been forced to fight foe and friend alike as those you loved felt anguish because of your actions.

And now three have become two as your very heart feels like it’s ripped from your chest.

Hell, the man who treats you like scum beneath his boot is most likely the person who ripped Wiz away from you.

The key never left the lock and still you refuse to open it in fear of what they may do.

Just like the people of Orion 5.

For even when I destroyed their joy and unmasked their savior as the scum he was, they couldn’t bear to lift a finger in retaliation.

So used to being his slaves, they bowed at his feet even as their planet erupted into flames.

And unless you both can find the courage to rise up and wrap those chains around your masters throat,

The only end Jet Set will ever have is an unmarked grave torn asunder by the apathy of the Blackest Hearts known to man.