In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

“I want you to imagine a man lyin’ on the ground in a pool of his own blood.”

“Gashes on his head, entrails draggin’ behind him as he tries fruitlessly to crawl away, to find help.”

“As another knife plunges into his back he screams like a stuck pig, whinin’, cryin’, just beggin’ for the suffering to end.”

“The whole world is goin’ dark and he’s feelin’ every last second of it as blood seeps from his wounds. He’s in the worst pain he could ever imagine, a torturous existence that he’d give anythin’ to be free from.”

“So when he turns around and looks up at the man with the blade, what do you think goes through his mind?”

“What does he fear more?”

“Is he more terrified to see his killer, to see the man willin’ to tear him asunder?”

“Or is he elated that the cold hands of death might finally yank him from this world for a cold, dark dirt nap?”

“We both know the answer, Tombstone.”

“See, you and I are two parts of a whole, two halves of a rusty, fucked up lil coin. On one end we have the man who welcomes the dead to his domain. You drag bodies back to that lil funeral home you have with Igor and you prepare a lifeless corpse for the afterlife.”

“All the pain they been through, all the torment, it’s at a stop when you reach ’em, ain’t it? They’re almost peaceful in the eternal slumber, arms crossed and skin cold. If you were to slice their skin they wouldn’t feel a damn thing! They’re already gone, no fight left in ’em to give. Must be nice, huh?”

“Because people? They don’t fear death, Tombstone.”

“No, they fear what leads up to it.”

“Now, me and my boys are the other half of that rusty coin. We’re the men who send them to your door.”

“With every new meal we serve ourselves do we dig our knives and teeth into the terrified bodies of countless men and women who would rather face death himself than spend another second with the Devil.”

“I’m the man who kills, Tombstone. I’m the one who spills blood and reaps souls so that their peaceful corpses can end up at your doorstep.”

“So while you may be the one who decides where the corpse goes, you hold no power over the dead, Tombstone.”

“Because nothing can undo what I’ve done to them.”

“At Olympus, we’re going to clash ain’t we? A whole host of fans wanting to see death face the Devil.”

“But when death takes on the Devil? There’s nothing to save you from my torment, Tombstone.”

“I’ll rip, tear, and rend you bloody, shred the skin off of you until you’re beggin’ to die!”

“But there ain’t gonna be no death to save you from it.”

“Just you, me, and all the time in the world.”

“Hope you’re ready.”

“I’m about to ring that dinner bell.”