Climbing The Mountain

In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

I remember the day I found out I had to climb my first mountain. I was filled with equal measures of excitement and nerves. I’d never attempted anythin’ like it before, and I had no idea what to expect. But I was determined to see it through. I trained for a long while, building up my strength and endurance. I read books about mountain climbin’, studyin’ the best techniques and gear. I talked to experienced climbers from the nearby levels, pickin’ their brains for advice and tips.

After all of this preparation, the day of the climb finally arrived, and I set off early in the mornin’, filled with a sense of purpose. The start was relatively easy, as I made my way up the lower slopes of the mountain. But as I gained altitude, the goin’ got tougher. The air grew thin, and my breathin’ became laboured. My muscles ached, and my feet felt heavy. But I pushed on, driven by the knowledge that the summit was within reach.

As I climbed higher, I began to encounter obstacles that I hadn’t anticipated. The weather turned against me, with strong winds and drivin’ rain. My hands grew numb from the cold, and I struggled to maintain my grip on the rocky terrain. I slipped and stumbled, my progress slowed by the treacherous conditions.

But I refused to give up. I knew that the summit was just a little further, and I was determined to reach it. I dug deep, summonin’ the strength and determination that I had built up over my time trainin’. I pushed through the pain and the fatigue, focusin’ on my goal.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of climbin’, I reached the summit. I stood atop the mountain, pantin’ and sweatin’, but filled with a sense of triumph. I had overcome the odds, and I had achieved somethin’ that had seemed impossible.

Climbing a mountain is not just a physical endeavor, it’s a mental one too. The higher you go, the more challengin’ it becomes, both physically and mentally. But when you reach the summit, the feelin’ of accomplishment is indescribable. It’s a feeling of triumph over the odds.

This week I lace my boots for another climb, much the same as before. The air will grow thin again, leavin’ my breathin’ laboured. My muscles will surely ache, and my feet might feel heavy. But just as I did then, I’ll push on, driven by my proximity to the peak.

And just like the weather, I know my opponents will turn against me one by one, givin’ me new obstacles to overcome. I’m sure I’ll nearly lose my grip a few times due to the treacherous conditions they create.

But ain’t none of them climbed a mountain like I’ve climbed and ain’t none of them prepared like I did. I have the right gear and the right techniques to overcome ANY obstacle on my climb to the top of Mount Olympus.

And ain’t none of them planting their flag at the top of my mountain. They ain’t got the balls.