Closing Time…

In Promo by The Impaler

There is always one person who doesn’t realize when the party’s over.   

They just want one more moment where they don’t have to think about the horror that’s awaiting them beyond those doors when they set foot outside. 

They’ll say it’s because reality is too dull or they lived a repressed life where they never got to just dance.  

They don’t care that they’re forcing others to work for their own pleasure.  

That bartender doesn’t want to make that next drink, the D.J. is tired of playing the song that’s “their jam” on repeat, and they all just want that person to go home. 

No, they just justify their behavior and continue to move to the beat. 

Until the bouncer gets fed up and he decides it’s time to reclaim their lives from this time sink. 

But as the Slaughterhouse’s party winds down and music grows softer. 

The Prince of Party emerges from the shadows and demands that the music is turned back up so he and his colorful group of friends can enjoy themselves. 

Even after a being told he could just hang around in the rafters as long as he kept quiet. 

But, no he couldn’t stay there.  He came back because he had to come back and defend his namesake returning to festivities he wasn’t invited to in the first place. 

Now, one of his friends, a misunderstood being and a true Lover of All has been removed from the fiesta.  An honest shame because I was with him as the party ended for him and he stared at us… 

No time for goodbye.”  

We said, as they faded away. 

“Don’t put your life in someone’s hands, they’re bound to steal it away.  Don’t hide your mistakes because they’ll find you, burn you.” 

Words that Starboy heard all too late as their soul left this mortal carnival of horrors.  But Vigour the last part we saved for you, the still breathing, and those that are still at the party. 

“If you want to get out alive, run for your life.” 

Because the bouncer has arrived, with Ashen fast approaching, and Fate’s die being cast we’ve already been watching and helping where needed as the Slaughterhouse Rave has been wrapping up. 

It started months back when a self-professed mystic decided and homeless king who looked a lot like Rasputin decided it was wise to come between Disciples of Fate.  He was summarily removed from our bloody ball. 

While we’ve watched others like CXDY see the writing on the wall and heed our advice well before it was given and walk away from this carousal of carnage all the happier with their existence.   

Because the writing is hanging upon Death’s wall, Vigour.   

The party’s over, the fun is at it’s end, and it’s the job of bouncers like us to show you out or throw you out. 

So, Vigour it’s choice how you leave, there is no more color, light, or sounds for you to dance to.  

Because we Legion for we are many, and well… it’s closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t… stay… here.