Color Psychology

In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

When I was still at the Arcadian Art Institute, one of the classes I had to take before I was allowed to touch any piece of fabric was color psychology.

To decide what colors should go in a piece, you need to understand how they make someone feel. Some were simple, red would intensify a feeling someone had, blue would relax it.

Every single color had a reason and purpose to exist in this world and my professor was sure to detail the reason for every single one.

We covered every single color except for one.


I asked her why she didn’t include It.

She simply said, gray is compromise, it has no wants or desires ascribed to it. It doesn’t exist on its own and every feeling It makes someone feel is on borrowed time.

Every emotion or feeling attached to gray is a reflection of a reaction more palpable when you see someone’s true emotions around the colors not dulled by darkness.

Gray makes other colors stand out but it will never do anything on its own.

I always thought she was wrong then I met the loving embodiment of the color.

Compromise and willing to sit in the background to support others is why I was happy to have you join The Uprising in the first place. I wanted you to do for me what you did for Amatuga Tuga. If I could get a fraction of the support you gave him, I’d be set.

You didn’t need to be the one to stand out in the crowd, you didn’t have to just let things play out. You were happy to support a monster to make sure you both got what you wanted. Will you do the same for me or will you try to do what you think is right and make a mistake like Lucky did?

This is your moment to reveal how you want to go about things because the way you treat me in a match will make me decide how I treat you in every interaction after this. You can go after me like a friend and challenge me In the fairest of ways. You can treat it as a subordinate and let me win. You can lastly treat me as your enemy to try and make sure you win this match.

Whatever you choose for our match will determine the rest of your life as long as I’m around.

Think I’m bluffing? Looking at the rotting remains of Lucky Landucci, I was way closer to him than I am to you.

Do what you do best, compromise and support me or I’ll show you why you should have because here’s the thing why we’ll both operate in shades of gray, you compromise, I don’t. When people try to make me bend, they break. You can make me stand out or you’ll learn how borrowed your time really is.

Prove you’re loyal to me or I’ll prove Gray can’t exist on its own.

While I don’t look like one, I’m just as much of a monster as Tuga and while he’s a demon, the devil wears heels.