Colour Revolution

In Promo, Spiros The Great by Spiros the Great

“Have you ever heard the phrase… nothing is black and white?”

“There are shades of grey in between.”

“Asshole Grey claims to walk the line between life and death. He claims to be both good and bad. Does that make him special? Does that make him a paradox?”

“In Spiros book, it makes him a boring piece of trash.”

“This monkey ass dullard thinks that livin’ between good and bad makes him special. He thinks it makes him unique, a paradox. It doesn’t. Cause whilst this mother fucker lives in different shades of grey, there’s a whole world of colour out there.”

“Life is bright.”

“It’s full of colour and vibrancy.”

“Imagine livin’ in the grey.”

“See, Asshole Grey chooses to live in the grey, in the ambiguity of indecision, in the paradox of neither black nor white. But Spiros The Great, he lives in the vibrant colours of victory, in the bright hues of triumph, in the radiant shades of glory.”

“I’m a rainbow of success, Asshole.”

“Spiros’ red is a bright hot rage and ire directed at your monkey ass.”

“Spiros’ blue is the calming realisation of defeat when you’re left lookin’ up at those lights on the canvas havin’ just had your monkey ass whooped.”

“Spiros’ yellow is that fuckin’ piss stain you’ll leave on the canvas after Spiros is done beating the piss out of you and that brown, well, we all know what the fuckin’ brown is, don’t we Asshole?”

“Spiros’ green is that jealous envy you get when Spiros has his hand raised in victory..”

“And the black is the last fuckin’ thing you see before you pass out.”

“What kinda shades of grey compete with that, huh?”

“You gonna bore Spiros with a story?”

“Paint him a picture in grey?”

“Bore the Great One with the story of how you lived on Deathrow, but never really lived because you’re not really alive or dead?”

“You understand how that sounds, yeah? It sounds like bullshit. This coming week at NXT Level, Spiros is gonna make a definitive decision on whether you’re alive or dead and you better hope that decision goes in your favour, asshole.”

“Cause Spiros doesn’t live in shades of grey. Spiros lives in the full colour of the mother fucking rainbow and a revolution of colour is coming your way. A revolution of vibrancy. A revolution of brightness and the spirit of Greatness.”

“Soak it in, bask in my colour..”

“Cause Spiros is the greatest gift you’ve ever seen.”

“Come get some.”