Combination to the Safe

In Promo, Sebastian Boswick by Sebastian Boswick

The house is not secure.

The keys are gone.

But the safe is safe.

Safe is an excellent adjective.

But it’s a better noun.

Because in noun form, it makes everything inside of it it’s adjective form.

Everything in a safe, is safe.

So long as no one knows the combination.


That’s the key.

Whether that safe contains within it the very power to enter new worlds and change this one, or a secret that someone thinks they want to know…

You can’t open it without the right combination.

Of course, it is the mark of truly selfish men to desire opening a safe that doesn’t belong to them.

The type of men who would never consider the possibility that some doors are meant to be kept shut. 

The type of men who would see a perfectly good safe, keeping things safe…

And want to open it anyway.

Well I got news for such selfish men.

Selfishness may be a fine motivator and, indeed, at times a truly excellent compatriot.

It is not nearly as fine a motivator, nor nearly as excellent a compatriot, as decency.






You see, the safe you selfish boys are trying to open contains within it a host of ideas far greater than selfishness could ever be.

Those ideas are our motivators.

Those ideas are our compatriots.

And just because you thieves stole the keys to the house?

That doesn’t mean you have the right combination to open that safe.

The ones who tried before you?

They failed.

And just like you’ll fail to unlearn a secret you’ll soon wish you never had.

Just like you’ll fail to open that door and start a war with a world far darker than our own.

You’ll fail to open this safe.

Because you’re destined to be failures.

Because you have the wrong motivators.

Because you have the wrong compatriots.

Because you have the wrong ideas.

If selfishness alone had the power to unlock this safe?

It would already be opened.

You would’ve opened it when you destroyed our offices.

You would’ve opened it before you ever needed a fifth hand.

But while you all have been so very busy protecting your own selfish desires?

The ACA have been keeping the ideas that make Arcadia a nice place to live safe from you.

And we aren’t handing out the combination to a soul.


If you want the combination…

You’ll have to once again be selfish thieves and rob it from us blind.

But none of you are going to do that.

Because none of you have a good idea in your heart.

Two of you dress up like morons and pretend as though you have a father who loves you.

Two of you pretend like you have a right to decide for us all when and how the world should change.

The world has a father.

A father who loves it.

And HE decides how the world should change.

And his name?





And while you selfish, thieving ingrates are busy figuring out the combination?

We’re taking the keys to our house back.