Conquering Death

In Dr. Death, Promo by Dr. Death

The only certainty in life is death.

It matters not what advantages you’re afforded, nor your hopes and ambitions, nor your desire to uphold a certain duty or moral.

Men have claimed their birthright as immortality. They’ve unsuccessfully journeyed high and low for the fountain of youth in Arcadia’s levels. Yet poetically, the one man who achieves this blessing damns it as a curse.

Others have flirted with death. Their near-death experience changes them at their core, enforcing why there is a fear of death’s unknown properties, and making them realize true beauty in life so that they have a clearer path forward.

Then there are those foolish enough to choose to face death head-on and hope to survive still. They see it as a challenge, a game they must win to prove their righteousness in this world so they may come out better for it on the other side.

Despite all their efforts, none of them can conquer death.

Take the explorer who’s journeyed to the farthest corners of Arcadia and everywhere in between twice-fold. Happening upon the root of ambrosia has granted immortality, yet that very immortality puts him at odds with a ferryman who has a personal vendetta against him.

Or the journalist who endlessly delves into the depths of the unknown in order to give the people what they want, whose foggy mind cleared up after brushing shoulders with a femme fatale. His experience ironically revealed something in the depths of his own mind and revitalized his purpose.

Or the policeman who foolishly took on a serial killer without his superior’s orders. His hubris blinded his decisions, feeding right into the killer’s game, leading to the deaths of people close to him. Now he attempts to play a deadly game in order to prevent his dear brother from suffering a similar fate.

The three of you will have to conquer death in order to get the OSW World Championship.

You are the explorer who cannot die, Drewitt. Tombstone vows to ferry you back to the depths of every corner of Arcadia for what you’ve done to Igor Mortis. What he plans to do to you will certainly be the key to reversing your so-called curse.

You are the journalist with the clairvoyant mind, Colt Ramsey. Narcissa Balenciaga’s attempted assassination on Zeus is exactly the juicy exposé you’ve been waiting to give to the people. But the cost of unearthing that info likely would mean a bounty being put on your head.

And you are still being strung along by Jasper Redgrave, Jackson Cade. You’re too far into his game and have seen too much bloodshed to realize what a fool you are for attempting to face Death Row head-on just to bring CJ Thorpe to safety: you’ll be trapped in a secluded area with a serial killer who’s obsessed with you.

It all leads to death.

All of your fates are inevitable, for you cannot conquer death, and thus you certainly cannot conquer me.

It’s time for your fatal four way match with Dr. Death.

Now take a deep breath and close your eyes…

See you on the other side, gentlemen.