In Promo by The Impaler

You see a lot when you have lived as long as We have, you meet some interesting people. One such person was a man named Micha he loved fast food and ice skating on a pond outside his home. 

He would often gorge himself like a ravenous hog, then he would go out in the winter, and skate around on the pond. 

Until one day he did just that, but the ice could not support him. 

He couldn’t even hear it over the sound of his skates gliding across the ice, the creak, then the crisp crack of the ice breaking, followed by the splash. 

Micha struggled against icy water, and the ice it kept breaking every time he tried to pull himself up until exhaustion took hold.  

The waters ate him alive that day. 

He trod upon thin ice and he paid the ultimate price. He learned too late that fate has a great sense of irony as ice consumed him just as he consumed every piece of junk put before him.

Today while We walk the hallowed halls of the Slaughterhouse and we hear the same gluttonous guttural sounds of someone whose eating their way through an entire pile of garbage. 

We hear the sounds of their skates gliding across the concrete of the floors of OSW’s most scared sanctuary. Grounds that have been coated in the blood of legends. 

A Hungry Girl, who is eating her way through everything from food to competition. Thinking she can just skate carefree through life. 

Here’s the thing she’s so consumed with her art of consumption, she doesn’t hear it. The ground is giving away beneath her, a chasm waiting to open up, and it will swallow her whole. 

Ether, you have been eating away at the world around you, you have risen to every challenge available, and all the while cruising on your roller skates not a care in the world around. You have consumed every obstacle put before you. 

But now you have to confront a being that is capable of consuming you, of eating your very soul, and doing so without batting an eyelash. 

Much like Micha you are treading upon ground that is prepared to draw down and eat you alive.  

Like Micha, you will fight, you will struggle, and at end of everything you will accept your fate. 

You will recognize that We are the blackhole that is capable of consuming the great consumer. 

Because Ether, Impaler is hungry too, and We will not let you take what We have earned off from our plate. 

We will not let the Double Feature Championship be another meal for you to just inhale. Even if We have to open up a cavernous to pits of Hell itself, and drag you into the soul consuming flames. We will do just that with the most gleeful smile upon our face.  

Because We are Legion for, We are hungry, and Ether this week Legion is ordering your soul for takeaway.