Corruption and Compromise

In Damien Wolfe, Promo by Damien Wolfe

Here’s the thing being the best legal representation in Arcadia, I’ve seen some shit. 

Like the client I had, maybe not the best person in the world but a willing informant to the APD.   

Yeah, he committed petty crimes, pickpocketing, minor vandalism, and… indecent exposure.  The thing is my client always had something to value to provide the boys in blue when brought in. 

So they developed a kind of “catch and release” program for him. 

As long as he gave information about someone who was committing larger crimes, Arcadia’s Finest would let him go. 

Well… one day he gets pulled in by a zealous cop, because apparently shouting at him outside the court to, “Stop breaking the law asshole” went as unheeded legal advice… again 

However, this righteous do-gooder either didn’t know how the world worked or didn’t care because he wouldn’t listen.  Instead, he was so far up his own ass about procedure that he didn’t find out about the arsonist until the third level was on fire. 

You see that’s the thing isn’t you can have the best intentions and still they’ll lead you to ruin. 

However, I’m watching as some rookie is sauntering on to Arcadia’s police force once more ready and willing to make the same goddamn fuckup the last one did. 

He too would view the arrangement my client had with the APD as “corruption” when it was the furthest thing from it. 

Smeg head, Pereus here believes the law is immutable that it does not bend or break for any man and that corruption is the gorgon that he must slay. 

Which means his want to follow the letter of the law will only lead to this eagle’s inevitable freefall into the depths and slime of Arcadia. 

Jackson, knock fucking knock, it’s reality and it wants into your little world. 

So let me lay the truth down for you. 

Corruption is just another word for compromise and if you haven’t looked around, a lot of us are making a metric fuck ton of compromises and I can see you being just another compromise much like the last overzealous jackass with a badge. 

Because you know who lobbied for the last asshole with a conscience that out weighted common sense to be tossed off the force, you’re porkin’ at him. 

That was a compromise after tier three rioted for days.   

Oh yeah, what I meant when I said, “thrown off the force” was actually very publicly executed after having all blame laid at his feet.  

I guess you can say the last thing he felt was a dishonorable discharged with force by the force.   

I see you as no different, a man who believes he can shine every badge in Arcadia until the APD is beacon. 

This time the execution will be just a public, and just as brutal, but I’m not going to use my words. 

So, Specialist Cade remember, nothing personal, it’s just… serving and protecting Arcadia because you certainly won’t.