Coward Butterfly

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect Colt? The whole ‘a butterfly flaps his wings one side of Arcadia and the other side is destroyed in a cataclysm of rubble and fire’. The idea that something small and innocuous can steamroll into something world changing. And in our case, a once well meaning, bright eyed boy picked up a camera and allowed a war to rip apart Arcadia.

See once upon a time I can believe you meant well Colt, that you tried to do the right thing by Arcadia and it’s people, tried to give them what they needed. But somewhere along the line Colt, you changed. You let the evils of Arcadia morph and twist the man you should have been. So by the time you came to Olympus, it was no longer about what the people wanted.

It was about Colt Ramsey needed.

He needed to be the center of attention, he needed to have that big story light up Arcadia, to make his name famous by any means necessary. And then you got it, the one singular picture that would change Arcadia forever.

The truth on who Narcissa Balenciaga is.

Yet you kept it hidden away, refused to share the truth and watched as a small spark grew into a raging inferno. You could have had everything you ever dreamed of Colt, you could have gotten the fame you desired while giving the people what they wanted in the process.

You can blame Zeus and Doom for erasing your memory, you can blame Narcissa for manipulating and using you, you can blame an army from beating you down time and time again but you had time to reveal it. You could’ve plastered it all over Arcadia the second Doom and Zeus were underneath rubble. You could’ve told the world the truth the moment you remembered, you could’ve done anything but sit paralyzed in indecision until it was too late.

Narcissa would’ve been public enemy number one, the Uprising would’ve died before it truly began and our world wouldn’t be in flames because you were too much of a coward to do the right thing. Thousands wouldn’t have died because you stopped a monster before she even began, an entire district wouldn’t have been destroyed in an instant because a son would still be with his father.

All because a self serving narcissist wouldn’t think of anyone but himself, because he believed that a single expose wasn’t his to write. And now he hides away in his shame, clinging to the false words of a man he doesn’t believe in, all for some self imposed penance.

People like you don’t get to run away from the mess you caused Colt, and it’s about time someone does an expose on you.

Flap your wings coward because justice is coming for you, and you either sack up and finally do something to fix the mess you caused.

Or the Coward that is Colt Ramsey becomes a message that no evil, no matter how small, will escape the wrath of my blackened heart.