Creating Problems

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//Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.//

But what is creation to humanity?


If we take what humanity’s scholars have said literally, a preexisting object has to be destroyed in order for something to be made.

In order to make paper for an aspiring writer, for example, trees have to be chopped down to make lumber. Said lumber then needs to have their fibers extracted in order to get pulp for the paper making machine. Then it’s pressed, dried, and smoothened inside the machine to create the finished product.

Humans have destroyed many minerals, plants, and animals in order to create what you see today. They claim to do so in the name of art and necessity, but they tend to cause destruction far in excess of what’s considered necessary in either case.

Take my opponents this week as an example of those that needlessly eradicate in large quantities. They’d claim it’s what the people would want or for a just cause, yet if we examine their actions closer, we’d find that they’re doing it to suit their own interests.

Narcissa’s past as the anonymous artist to rally a revolt against Zeus destroyed the peace and stability Arcadia once had. In it’s place, she created the foundations for the Uprising, a group that would love for nothing more than the complete downfall of the current regime.

Jinx makes it her profession to destroy computers and creations like me through hacks and malicious programs. By doing so, she creates pathways to access top secret information and the ability to program things like me into doing whatever she wants. Hopefully that’s not what she did after attacking me in Olympus that night.

Colt, meanwhile, destroys reputations and images of people in order to create his news stories that demean and insult said people for no real reason. Which I find illogical for a journalist of your caliber. One would believe that you’re above the tactics used by gossip columnists, but you’re evidently not.

These people destroy important pillars, items, and people of society in excess simply to suit their agenda. In turn, they create chaos and paranoia over the future, their belongings, and who they’re supposed to trust.

I, on the other hand, was built to destroy criminals, traitors, and other problematic humans before they create irreparable damage to Arcadia. I was designed to recreate the peace that was so carelessly destroyed by the likes of you three.

I’m not going into this fight as a friend of a man who couldn’t solve the issue of my corruption. I’m not entering Olympus as a wrestler who wants to create a new championship reign. I’m going in there as an officer of the law who needs to stop three criminals from creating more problems for Arcadia.

When you three enter the ring with me, we’ll destroy each other and create a bloody mess on the canvas. But in the end, only I will be able to witness the results of what we made.