CyberSLAM opens grainy, in the parking area outside The School Yard.

The camera pans across the front to where the double doors fling open, Master Chef, Mike Lane and Jensen Cussen stood before us with DTR being dragged amongst them, nigh on unconscious.

They pull him right past the camera that swivels to follow and straight over to a limousine, where Errol Flint – arm in cast, steps out.

Errol Flint: “Nice of you to join us.”

The Chairman croaks with his arm held up by a sling. He winces slightly at the pain as he bends down to meet the near unconscious face of the man who did this to him.

Errol Flint: “If you thought I would let sleeping dogs lie, you must be stupid. We may not be able to get involved tonight, but there’s always a way to get to you, David.”

Chef, Lane and Cussen drop him flat on his face.

Master Chef steps forward, the World Championship shining around his waist.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Mi amigo, still slithering on the ground like a snake.”

Chef watches as DTR squirms on the ground, reaching out at his legs in desperation – trying to pull himself back to his feet. MMC kicks out at him, stomping his head into the concrete floor viciously.

Marvellous Master Chef: “You’re about to get served and h’ordeuvred.”

The System enter the building as the credits get ready to roll for CyberSLAM. DTR meanwhile remains unconscious, led on the floor outside in the parking lot.

After that awkward show open in the backstage area, we head to ringside where the fans are on their feet and ‘Tron’ is playing in the background. The entire arena is pumped for one hell of a show and we get straight to it, circling the audience and checking out some of their signs.




Then we head to the commentary booth where Rick Walker is joined by Richard Roman.

Rick Walker: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to CyberSLAM! We’ve given the fans the power tonight and because of that, we have some amazing matches lined up for you. First though, let’s talk about what we just saw..”

Richard Roman: “DTR, finally getting what he deserved?”

Rick Walker: “I don’t believe he deserved it but after the way this has been going, it had to be expected, right?”

Richard Roman: “Well if you’re going to lay your hands on the Chairman, I think you deserve everything you get.”

Rick Walker: “Well folks, before we kick things off here with our Hardcore Championship Match, I’ve been told that Rick Mad has an important announcement backstage. Over to you, Rick.”

The segment switches to the backstage area where a glum Rick Mad appears to be waiting for us.

Rick Mad: “Thanks guys. Tonight, I didn’t want to start the show with a downer, but I have to get this off my chest. You see, I’ve been doing this for a long time now and eventually, there does come a time when you have to hang it up.”


Rick Mad: “So after tonight…”

Jeremiah Jett: “Ohhhhh I’m the All-Star Champion, a Superstar, a king. Ohhhhh I’m the All-Star Champion, with a giant ding-a-ling.”

Having been surprisingly cut off by the singing Jeremiah Jett, Rick stops and looks down at his waist, where an unbelievably self obsessed, self designed, Championship adorns the waist of ‘The Superstar.

Rick Mad: “What’s that?”

Jeremiah Jett: “This? This is the All-Star Championship, baybee! Unless you’re pointing to this..”

He points lower at his crotch.

Jeremiah Jett: “Then that’s the amazin’, mis-behavin’, star gazin’, guns blazin’, SUPERSTAR CANDY BAR! Whoa baybay!”

Jett shakes his head.

Jeremiah Jett: “But you don’t get a shot at that, either!”

The Superstar storms off down the corridor, singing his song. Rick looks back at the camera, his face gone from sadness to utter rage.

Rick Mad: “Never.Fucking.Mind. I’ll retire that, instead.”

The fans cheer as the segment comes to a close.

The lights go black and the strong beat of the dubstep style “Trololo Man” by Eduard Khil (Doctor Werewolf mix). A spotlight splashes to the curtain and Brodasali walks out from behind the curtain, long black robe flowing behind him, he closes his eyes and lifts his head. He drops his robe and strolls to the ring, rolling in he sits in the corner and pulls himself up by the top rope, cracks his knuckles and pops his neck and he’s ready to fight.

Paloma Ruiz: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP! First, weighing in at 210lbs, making his way from Corpus Christi, Texas … He is Brodasali!

“Go Green Ranger Go!” starts playing over the P.A. system, bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet, handing his jacket over to the time keeper at ringside.

Paloma Ruiz: And his opponents, first, weighing in at 223lbs. from Bayside, California … He is The Fresh Prince of Wrestling; Matthew Cories!

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see. He nonchalantly walks towards the ring, stopping at the bottom to take one last drag on his cigarette before putting it out on the floor with a press of his boot. The lights come back on as he does and he rolls into the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: And weighing in at 230lbs. from The Streets … He is The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds; Red River Jack!

“Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” By Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hits and the lights go out entirely. The camera pans around the arena at the crowd before it goes to the exit door at the back of the arena. It swings open and we see a grungy looking man step into the building. The man has a creepy looking smile spread across his face as he looks around and spreads his arms out to the sides. He begins to preach towards the crowd as he makes his way to the guardrail. He hops over it before rolling into the ring and sitting crosslegged style in the middle of the ring. He extends his arms out to the sides as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction.

Paloma Ruiz: And weighing in at 185lbs. from Parts Unknown … He is The Anarchy; David Manson!

“Lunatic Fringe” starts to blare over the speaker system as Brandon Hate somberly makes his way from out of the back. He has a scowl on lips that is barely showing due to his long whitish grey hair. He stands on top of the ramp for a few moments scanning over the audience before making his way down to the ring. When he gets to the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope – sitting up he uses the top rope to pull himself up to his feet. He circles the ring a few times before going over to his corner and leaning back in it, as if he couldn’t give a care in the world.

Paloma Ruiz: And weighing in at 240lbs. from The Boondox, IL … He is The Final Solution; Brandon Hate!

As the opening beat from “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler begins to play “The Superstar” Jeremiah Jett walks out on to the stage with his wife, “The Lovely” Lenore Lee. They begin to walk down the aisle as the crowd welcomes them with thunderous boos. They throw a bit of trash at Jett, who quickly pulls Lenore in front of him to shield him from the trash. As they get tot he ring he makes her get up on the apron and hold the ropes open form him as he enters.

Paloma Ruiz: And weighing in at 237lbs. from Hollywood, CA. He is The Super Star; Jeremiah Jett!

“What’s A Little Reign fills the arena as Battlin’ Jack walks purposefully out of the back. He stands for a moment them pulls his hood down. He removes his sleeveless zip up hood discarding in on the way to ring throwing it into the audience. He dashes down to the ring sliding in under the bottom rope and begins to stretch in a corner as he awaits his opponent.

Paloma Ruiz: And weighing in at 227lbs. from Niagra Falls, NY … He is Battlin’ Jack!

The arena lights drop out as a series of deafening guitar riffs takeover the airwaves and allows “Meet the Monster” by Five Finger Death Punch to come to life. A lightshow of white strobes overtakes the entrance area a few seconds before the massive mountain muscle known simply as Smoke steps out of the back with a strong stride. The Baddest Asset stands with his head down among the flashing strobes.

♫ Can you read between the lines?
Or are you stuck in black and white?
Hope I’m on the list of people that you hate
It’s time you met the monster that you have helped create♫

Paloma Ruiz: Coming to the ring… weighing an astronomical three-hundred seventeen pounds, standing six feet, four inches tall… by way of Kodiak Island, Alaska… the Scariest Thing in the Ring and OSW Hardcore Champion … SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE

The Bad News Bear lifts his head, shakes out his incredible arms while scanning the crowd, and heads down the walkway to the ring with business on his mind. Fans reach out to slap his massive arms and shoulders but he pays no mind. With his eyes locked on the ring, he quickly reaches the apron and pulls his large figure off the arena floor with help from the ropes. He glances around the arena before stepping over the top rope. The arena lights return to form as Smoke circles the ring waiting for the bell.

The referee has shown all competitors the hardcore title and signals for the bell. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling screams out “GO GREEN RANGER GO!” as Cories charges and runs at Red River Jack, throwing lefts and rights at the Consumer of Worlds. His buddy in crime, Manson, attacks Cories from behind with clubbing blows with his forearm. Now the two begin a beatdown on Cories.

A “Let’s Go Cories!” chant emerges as both men toss Cories out of the ring as they leave the ring. They pick Matthew up and Irish whip him to the corner of the ring where the steel steps are … CORIES JUMPS THE STEEL STEPS! He then turns around and says“IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” as Cories leaps onto the steel steps and hits a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO BOTH MANSON AND JACK! The fans are going bizzerk! As he begins to turn around, WHAM! Steel chair to the face of Cories! Jeremiah Jett, The Super Star just cleaned Cories’ clock!

“BOOO!” as The Super Star has a sly smirk across his face, picking up Matthew. By this time, both Red River Jack and David Mansion get back to their feet, surrounding Jeremiah Jett as he looks to have nowhere to go. He holds up his hands, looking like he is pleading for an alliance as they comply for the time being. All three pick Cories up as now it seems the odds are getting unfair for the Fresh Pince. Both Red River Jack and David Mansion get the steel steps, placing them in front of Cories. DOUBLE UNDERHOOKED PILEDRIVER ON THE STEEL STEPS!

The fans are chanting “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” as Cories is out cold. Both Red River Jack and Manson’s backs are turned as Jett hooks the leg of Cories. One! Two! Mansion turns and rips Jett off of Cories! Jett is pleading with them not to hit him. CRACK! A singapore cane comes crashing down across the head of Jack as Smoke makes his presence known. CRACK! A singapore cane shot right across the head of Manson! The Bad News Bear wastes no time, grabbing a ladder from underneath the ring and takes it out. Smoke is about to set up the ladder as then from behind The Final Solution Brandon Hate nails Smoke across the head from behind with a right hand.

Smoke stumbles forward, right into the steel ring post. The Monster grabs the head of Smoke, slamming his head into the steel ring post. Again! And again! The Bad News Bear is bleeding. Smoke is leaning against the ring post as Hate charges but SMOKE MOVES AND FORCES HATE TO HIT INTO THE STEEL RING POST! It doesn’t take The The Final Solution down but in one swift motion … CHUMP BUSTER! From out of nowhere Smoke turns around and FLYING CLOTHESLINE TO SMOKE! BRODASALI WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE RING APRON!

He covers! One! Two! THR – Battlin Jack makes his appearance known as he kicks Smoke across the head. Jack tosses Smoke into the ring and brings the ladder into the ring. Jack picks up the ladder and goes to run at The Bad News Bear but Smoke ducks!CHUMP BUSTER TO THE LADDER! Battlin’ Jack ducks! Almost unintentionally Jack turns and the ladder smacks across the head of Smoke! Smoke quickly gets up … UNDERTOW! Battlin’ Jack charges and BAM! The ladder goes flying into Jack from across the ring! It’s Hate! CHESIRE GRIN! JUMPING CUTTER ON THE LADDER! SUDDENLY RED RIVER JACK, BRANDON HATE AND DAVID MANSON HAVE COME TOGETHER! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?


With bodies littering the ring, no-one can quite believe what just happened. Manson, Jack and Hate all stand tall – Paloma Ruiz handling Red River a microphone.

Red River Jack: “How’s it feel, man?”

He scoffs, laughing to himself.

Red River Jack: “Everyone thought the numbers were against them but we, we thought the numbers were on our side. Let me introduce you to my brothers, just in case you don’t know their names, man. This is David…”

The fans boo.

Red River Jack: “And this is Brandon. We’re The Awakening.”


All three stand smiling. RRJ hands the microphone over to Hate, who looks around the booing audience with a semi-grin.

Brandon Hate: “Wake… up.”

He suddenly drops the microphone, but that’s no coincidence because SMOKE JUST NAILED HATE WITH A CLOTHESLINE!Brodasali just then launches himself at Manson and the brawl is on. Jack grabs the Hardcore Championship and turns around –STRAIGHT INTO BATTLIN’ JACK WITH A RIGHT HAND! Brodasali, Smoke and Jack brawl with all three men, going toe to toe in the middle of the ring until The Awakening escape to the outside!


The fans roar with approval as Battlin’ Jack picks up the microphone.

Battlin’ Jack: “We’re awake, boys. We’re plenty awake. If you three think that we’re gonna stand around here with our thumbs up our asses whilst you run wild, you’ve got another thing coming.”

Jack hands off the microphone to Brodasali.

Brodasali: “There’s three of you and three of us. If a fight is what you want then a fight is what you’ll get. Just come on back, why don’t ya?”

He sits on the middle rope and offers them a way back into the ring, whilst handing the microphone to Smoke, who can’t wait to get on it.



The Awakening back up the entrance ramp, their match having perhaps been met here tonight.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will enter the InVasion Match. Introducing first, already in the ring, Matt Lennox.”

As we go back to ringside, Matt Lennox is already in the ring, stretching in the corner.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, from Greenville, South Carolina… CRAAAASSHHHH!”

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of World on Fire by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. A large hoop had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, much like that which a Daredevil would leap through. The hoop hangs some ten feet in the air, sitting on a solid steel frame.

Rick Walker: “No introduction for Matt Lennox here tonight, that’s gotta piss him off.”

Richard Roman: “It’s disrespectful is what it is.”

Just as the verse plays, the hoop spontaneously bursts into flames. Crash comes leaping through the hoop with a seemingly super-human leap, flying through the air his cape trailing out behind him. The Daredevil is a picture of grace and poise as he hits the ground in front of the ramp and rolls forward to complete his jump on one knee.

With the crowd suitably wowed, the former stunt-double charges off towards the ring, slapping a line of hands along one side of the entranceway as he goes. Crash slides into the ring before charging straight across and springboarding off the opposite second ring rope. Pyrotechnics explode from the ring posts in true ‘daredevil’ fashion as he lands a backflip in the centre of the ring. Flicking his hair back, Crash finishes his entrance with the strike of a pose.

Lennox opens the contest by pointing up to the sky, indicating that he will be the man walking into the Invasion match. Crash smirks and charges in. Lennox goes for a collar and elbow tie up, but Crash quickly slips underneath, hoisting Lennox up and over with a German Suplex. The Daredevil gets to his feet, and points in the direction of his fans, drawing wild cheers from the faithful. Dusting himself off, Lennox gets to his feet shaking his head. Crash holds out his arms to indicate that he wants a lock up, but this time Lennox avoids the collar and elbow, kneeing Crash in the gut. A quick snap suplex follows and Lennox wastes no time in floating over to slap on a loose side headlock on the fallen Blockbuster. He doesn’t hold on that tightly though, letting Crash get up to his feet relatively easily. A few elbows to the ribs frees Crash, yet Lennox is right there to deliver a staggering European Uppercut.

Crash rebounds into the nearest set of ropes, but comes off with a running back elbow which Lennox dodges by running to the side. Matt charges in after Crash, but the Daredevil runs up the turnbuckles, flipping over the back of Lennox. Crash pushes his opponent into the turnbuckles, and as Lennox rebounds backwards, Crash delivers a standing dropkick, knocking Lennox back into the corner. With his opponent dazed, the Commandant of my Boot to Your Pants nails a LUNG BLOWER!! 1…..2…..KICK OUT!Lennox rolls outside of the ring as soon as Crash releases the leg to grab his wits. The Blockbuster doesn’t let a change in scenery change the deal though, hitting the opposite ropes. Almost simultaneously, Crash leaps up to the top rope to springboard to the outside, and Lennox leaps up onto the apron. He grabs Crash and sends him to the outside ala Ric Flair.

BUT CRASH LANDS ON THE GUARDRAIL ON HIS FEET!!!Taking a very Spider-Man-like pose, the One-Man-One-Take Highlight Reel perches on the guardrail while Lennox looks on in shock. A grin on his face, Crash balances on the guardrail while Lennox slides out of the ring. Using Lennox as a stepping stone, Crash gets back on the apron. Lennox quickly slides under the top rope between Crash’s legs. That doesn’t stop Crash, who springboards off the top rope, coming at Lennox with a sunset flip, but Lennox DOESN’T ROLL GO DOWN! He picks up Crash by the throat and throws him into the corner! Laying in with rights and lefts to the gut of the Daredevil, Lennox begins to grind out this match. He pulls away after the official gives him the mandatory five count before charging back in. Crash gets a boot up, somehow, and Lennox is staggered. Crash runs out of the corner at his opponent, but gets vaulted up in the air by Lennox.

SPINEBUSTER! 1….2…..KICK OUT BY CRASH! Lennox quickly hits the ropes after he gets off of Crash. On the rebound, he comes with a full head of steam at the rising Crash, but the Blockbuster misses getting his own blocks buster by rolling out of the way. Lennox charges in at Crash, ready to finish this, but Crash was ready! CRASH CRUSH COMBO! With Lennox down, Crash looks out to the crowd and smiles. He raises his right finger up in the air, making a large circle. It’s time to go around the world baby!

The Daredevil lives up to his name as he runs to the nearest corner, leaping up to the top rope. Without breaking his pace heTIGHT ROPE RUNS THE ROPES TO THE NEXT CORNER! He doesn’t even stop as the crowd goes insane. Crash keeps going to the next corner, and rounds the corner to the next one! Instead of sliding into home, Crash brings it home by leaping to a stop in the corner and making the leap of faith. CRASH COURSE!!! 1…….2……..3!!! Crash stands to celebrate to the joys of the fans. If he went around the world to get INTO the Invasion match, what will he do IN the match itself?

Destiny is sat backstage on the lap of Mike Lane, her boyfriend looking extremely focused ahead of tonight’s match with Jensen Cussen. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and she hops off to answer it, taking in a large bouquet of flowers that has Mike looking a little perturbed.

Destiny: “Oh baby, you shouldn’t have.”

He watches on in surprise as she takes the note out and begins reading it.

Destiny: “From your secret… admirer. Enjoy the video. Wait.. what?”

Mike reaches into the bouquet and takes out a DVD. He pops it into the machine and sets himself down on the couch alongside a very intrigued Destiny, just as Jensen Cussen enters the room.

The DVD reveals a steamy shower scene, Destiny behind the glass, soaping herself up. As you’d expect, Lane switches that off quicker than a hiccup and launches the control against the wall, turning his attention to Cussen.

Mike Lane: “What the fuck- was that you? Did you do this shit?”

He points at Jensen who looks almost equally as disturbed.

Jensen Cussen: “Don’t be an idiot. We’ve got a fight tonight, you’re right, but I don’t need to get inside your head by stalking your girlfriend. You’ve got bigger problems…”

Cussen actually looks at her sympathetically.

Jensen Cussen: “As does she. Someone has taken it upon themselves to break into your house, film Destiny naked and send her this message. Whoever did that doesn’t just want her freaked out; they wanted you freaked out.”

Destiny bursts into tears as Mike consoles her with a hug, looking at Jensen as if to question everything.

Mike Lane: “Mission accomplished.”

The scene fades out with Jensen inspecting the flowers, trying his best to help his team mate figure this out. Who’s stalking Destiny and Mike Lane?

Paloma Ruiz: “This match is set for one fall and is the very first School Bus match”

What you got, what you want, what you need.. GONNA BE YOUR SAVIOR” The lights dim as the thousands in attendance rise to their feet, roaring. ‘Saviour’ by Skillet but Tyler Brooks is nowhere to be seen. A few moment pass, as the crowd begins to wonder in confusion

Rick Walker: “Hold on fans, we’ve just heard word that the match has already started backstage, our camera men are with them now”

The camera fades in as we see the backstage area, in fact the very entrance of the arena as Mother is punishing Brooks with several kicks to the chest and gut before she hooks him by the head, dragging him to the doors, SNAP SUPLEX ONTO THE ENTRANCE DOORS! The impact slammed them wide open as Brooks is in serious pain here. Mother tries to grab him but he kicks her off, rushing outside to try and get some distance. The kick barely fazes Mother, as she slowly walks outside, as we see Brooks hiding by a lamp post, swinging off it with a huge heel kick, his boot landing square into the jaw of Mother. Tyler continues his assault, picking up the groggy Mother and landing a hard Suplex onto the concrete, causing an uncharacteristic call of pain from Mother.

Brooks pulls Mother up to her feet, dragging her on her feet. He smashes her head onto a car boot, denting it open as he does, before dropping her down onto the concrete once more with a hard Back Suplex, pain radiating from the back of Mother now. Brooks looks through the boot, trying to find something to punish Mother with more as he grabs out a crowbar, throwing it away with a shake of his head. He continues rummaging before a sadistic smile comes over his face, as he pulls out a thick steel chain. Brooks wraps it around his fist before turning around right into a huge shot to the gut from the discarded crowbar. Mother slams it over Tyler’s exposed back causing him to drop down in agony before she throws the crowbar away, the blank expression on her face once more

Mother slowly pulls Tyler up to his feet, pulling him over to the car as they stand on the roof, Mother landing a savage kick to the gut as she throws his head between her legs. Whatever Mother was attempting, we’ll never know as Brooks backdrops her over his head, Mother landing hard on the ground below. Brooks steadies himself, before leaping up and diving onto Mother with the Guiding Light. Mother is almost unconscious as Brooks lies on the ground, holding his guts in pain but he slowly gets to his feet, grabbing the chain once more as he drags Mother out from near the cars. He wraps the chain around her neck, locking in a modified Eternal Salvation Crossface, as Mother desperately taps but it’s not in the bus so it doesn’t count. Mother screams out almost inhumanly as she begins to slowly fade away. Eventually she passes out as Brooks lets go of the hold.

Tyler pulls the unconscious Mother up, hoisting her over his shoulder as he walks over to the Bus. He’s nearly there when the sound of laughing children is heard as Mother’s children slowly walk out of the Bus. Brooks stops for a moment, but shaking his head, he walks forward as Mother slips off his shoulders. In shock, Tyler turns around as Mother stares down at him, an attempted right hand by Tyler is blocked as Mother lands a savage kick to the guts that doubles over Brooks. Another right is caught by Mother who drags Tyler in under her arm, kissing him quickly on the forehead before dropping him with a savage Goodnight Kiss. Brooks is out cold but Mother ignores him, walking into the bus as she gets into the driver’s seat. The bus backs up as Tyler slowly gets to his feet, just noticing the bus as it begins to speed towards him. At the last second, Brooks manages to roll away, causing the bus to slam into the concrete wall where he just was.

Mother is dazed on the drivers seat as Tyler climbs up on top of the bus. He backs up to the wall, running forward and dives through the windshield with a huge Dropkick, but Mother moves out of the way as Brooks takes all of the impact. Glass is everywhere as Brooks is in severe pain. Mother slowly walking towards him, brushing his hair softly as she locks in the Maternal Instinct. Brooks tries to struggle but he has little fight in him left as he quickly fades away, the referee in the arena quick to ring the bell.

With the match over, Mother silently orders the children to remove Tyler Brooks from the bus. They lift him carefully in their great number to the outside, laying him down on the concrete floor. She walks over, looking down at him.

Mother: “You’re no son of mine.”

She turns around and gets on the bus, closing the doors and starting the engine. Tyler lay unconscious, not aware as Mother pulls away.

Her children’s faces press up against the window with smiles.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

Then they turn to fear. Utter fear.

“Round and round.”

Then back to smiles as the bus becomes distant.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

“Round and round.”

Mothers laugh is heard before the scene finally becomes overwhelmingly creepy, a version of the “The Wheels On The Bus” being sang by children is heard, then nothing.

“All.. day… long.”


Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the Brent Kersh Invitiational.”

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

Rick Walker: “Brent must of had a difficult time preparing for this one. Anyone on this roster could accept his challenge and as I hear it, anyone not on this roster too.”

Richard Roman: “He’s asking for trouble if you ask me.”

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters “OSW” and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists.

As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Rick Walker: “I think after the past few months of nightmare, this could be a refreshing night for the Enforcer.”

Richard Roman: “Or maybe an embarrassing one if he gets beaten.”

Once the professional wrestler gets to within several feet of the ring apron, he sprints the remaining distance — sliding under the bottom rope and coming to his feet in the middle of the ring. The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he manoeuvres his way around the ring. Paloma Ruiz then hands him a microphone.

Brent Kersh: “Last week I proposed an open challenge for tonight. So without any further ado, let’s get down to business. Come on out here.”

The lights shut off.

Rick Walker: “Here we go.. wait a minute, the Titantron, Rich. There’s something on the Titantron.”

We head to the Tron.

The camera pans across a darkened field, finally resting at a fiery figure in the distance. The camera work is shaky and fuzzy but when the zoom finally kicks in, we see fire raging throughout a barn. The camera immediately quickens through the field at a pace much quicker than human, eventually arriving directly in front of the scene.

It’s there that the unthinkable sits.

Brent Kersh’ wife and kids, sat crying in horror, yelling at the man behind the camera.

Except it is no man.

“From the cornfield I am reborn… you cannot destroy The Scarecrow.”

Suddenly his face flashes across the screen in horror, breaking the camera almost instantly. We look towards the face of Brent Kersh, who looks utterly horrified.

He starts to run..

Then the lights come back on…



Richard Roman: “WE SAW HIM BURN!”

He spins Brent around and wraps his giant hand around his throat. Brent’s face is wide open with utter shock and despair.


The Scarecrow looks towards the referee who doesn’t need anymore indication of what he needs to do and as The Hayman drops into the cover, he drops to count.




Rick Walker: “What about Brent’s family!? God damnit, someone needs to get help to them immediately.”

Richard Roman: “I can’t believe he’s back…”

The Scarecrow gets to his feet and looks down at the laid out Enforcer, who hasn’t moved an inch after that devastating Chokeslam. He raises his arms in a perch and the lights go off. When they return, he’s gone.. leaving Brent Kersh unconscious.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is scheduled for one fall!”

Drop Dead Cynical hits as the crowd begin to intensely boo, a cocky, arrogant Jensen Cussen slowly making his way out to the ring, taking in every bit of anger from the crowd like every shout is pure ecstasy.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, weighing in at 235lbs, hailing from Jackonsville Florida… THE MASTERMIND.. JENNNSEEEN… CUUSSEEENNN!”

Jensen slowly walks into the ring, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, feeding off the anger of the crowd before he walks to the opposite side of the ring, slumping down into the corner awaiting his opponent

Rick Walker: “Errol’s idea of making these two guys face off tonight has been met with a month of mixed results. They’ve managed to be on the same page and fallout quite regularly. Are we really supposed to believe that The System will be fine after they fight?”

Richard Roman: “Why not? Once this issue has been dealt with, they can go on about their business in better fashion.”

The opening tune of California Love hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena. The People’s Choice walks out from behind the curtain and places his hands on his hips as he surveys his people.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, weighing in at 245lbs, hailing from Hollywood, California… THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE.. MIKE.. LAAANNNEEE!”

He grins as Destiny walks out from behind the curtain to join him. He walks with a confident stride down to the ring, ignoring the calls of the fans in the audience. A brisk jog up the steps is followed by Lane stepping between the ropes and walking to the middle of the ring to bask in the power he has brought to the ring.

Rick Walker: “A massive victory for Mike Lane last week must have him feeling like he’s earned a shot at the title, right?”

Richard Roman: “I think he’s more than earned it, but will he get it? As long as MMC is apart of The System, I truly doubt it.”

The two men circle each other in the ring, with Lane going in first but Cussen quickly sidesteps him and delivers a swift leg kick, followed by another one stumbling the bigger man. Cussen hits another stiff leg kick and brings Lane down to one knee. Jensen Cussen takes a few steps back and bounces off the ropes coming for a big shining Wizard, but Lane blocks the kick and pushes Jensen back before standing up to his feet and almost taking off Cussen’s head with a running Lariat. With Cussen on his stomach Mike Lane quickly gets on top of him grabbing his leg and locking in a single leg crab. He cranks back on the hold putting major pressure on Jensen’s lower spine. The referee asks is Cussen would like to tap but he aggressively shakes his head and screams out the word NO!

Jensen pushes himself up off the mat and spins around, breaking the hold – he then boots Lane in the face sending him stumbling backwards against the ropes. Cussen is quick to get up to his feet wrapping his arms around Lane and throwing him over his head with a Belly 2 Belly suplex. Cussen hooks the leg, one…tw-KICKOUT. Lane kicks out at two pushing Jensen Cussen off of him the process. Both men get up to their face and have a bit of a stare off before locking up in the middle – they have a test of strength and Mike Lane is seemingly winning. Just then Cussen slips his hand out of Lane’s and pokes him in the eye. The six foot five man stumbles backwards and Jensen snaps off CRASHING ON, Lane crumbles to the ground and Jensen goes to capitalize trying to lock in his patented Dread Lock. But Lane does his best to fight out of it, squirming and striking Cussen until he falls back.

Lane pops up to his feet – Cussen goes in for a kick to the face but Lane catches him and delivers a sickening Degeneration, he hooks the leg. One…Two…KICKOUT! Cussen kicks out seconds away from three. Lane grabs him by the back of the neck and brings him up to his feet, he goes behind him and locks in the abdominal stretch. Stretching out Jensen Cussen’s body, Cussen lets out a scream of pain as Mike starts to rain down blows to Cussens mid-section, the ref asks Cussen he would like to tap but he shakes his head no. After a few moments Mike lets go of the hold pushing Cussen down to the ground. Lane takes a few steps back and bounces off the road going for Rolling in the fast Lane, but Cussen rolls out of the way sending mike crashing his knee directly into the mat.

The two men lay motionless on the mat as the referee begins his count. One…Two…Three…Four..Five.. Jensen Cussen gets up to his feet first with Lane. Cussen bolts towards Lane who goes for a clothesline but Cussen ducks, Lane turns around just to get a face full of Blunt Force Trauma, NO! Lane ducks the move and instead connects his own SHADOW KICK directly to the jaw. Lane drops down and hooks both legs. ONE! TWO! THREE!

In the office of Errol Flint backstage, Matthew Cories stands, scared like he’s ready to be told off. Errol though has a different plan in mind and sits on the desk in front of him, all smiles.

Errol Flint: “I like you kid, do you know that? Most people think you’re some kind of whack job but I can see the potential in there. You’ve a darkness.”

Matthew shrugs.

Errol Flint: “See I could use people like you’ The System could use people like you. I don’t want you to think that’s all I want though, so how about I give you something first? Anything you want? Hardcore Championship Match? You name it.”

Matthew Cories: “The Invasion Match. I’d like to be in the Invasion Match.”

Flint likes the sound of that and agrees.

Errol Flint: “Okay kid, consider it done. I’ll put you in the inVasion Match at inVasion under one condition.”

Matthew Cories: “What do you want from me?”

Errol Flint: “I want you to think about joining The System.”

Matt doesn’t understand it.

Matthew Cories: “But why me? I’m not someone you could use, Mr. Belding.”

Errol Flint: “It’s Flint.”

He rolls his eyes.

Errol Flint: “Look, you’d be surprised. I can see the potential in you kid, alright? What do you say?”

Matthew Cories: “Okay. I’ll think about it.”

Matthew shakes hands with the devil and exits the office, having just been given an opportunity to fight in the inVasion Match! Errol quickly picks up the phone and makes a phone call.

Errol Flint: “He’s on board. It might take a little more convincing but he’s in the inVasion Match, which is a start.”

Paloma Ruiz: The following contest is THE CROSS MATCH where the winner of the match will become the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. To win this match one must tie their opponent to the cross. Introducing first from Detroit, Michigan…..HE…IS….FATE!!!!!!

The quiet beginning of “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins and soothes the arena as it falls into pitch blackness. As the chords come in and the singing begins, a spotlight appears at the entrance and from behind the curtain walks Fate. Calmly, Fate walks to the front of the stage, looking left and right at the crowd in front of him.

“…Remember Me! For Centuries!”

BOOM! Fireworks across the stage awaken the arena. The lights are on full blast and frantically moving around and blinking in and out. During the madness, Fate simply opens his arms with a smile on his face. After a few seconds, Fate makes his way down the ramp with energy matching that of the song – escalating. As the song progresses and Fate gets closer to the ring, the more hype he gets. Screaming and interacting with the crowd, Fate slides in the ring…

“…Remember me! For Centuries!”

BOOM! Simultaneously, Fate jumps up and the ring posts ignite the arena once more. Smiling and interacting with the crowd, Fate now moves towards his corner – stretching and awaiting the match to start.

Paloma Ruiz: And his opponent from Greenville, South Carolina, DESMONDDDDDDDDD CROSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

The lights in the arena dim and a bright spotlight shines on Desmond Cross, clad in a white trench coat, as he appears at the entryway. Clutched in his hands is a massive wooden cross, the length of his massive frame. He smiles as he drags the cross to the ring. Propping it up, he climbs into the ring and falls to his knees, looking upward towards the heavens.

Both men circle the ring, not taking an eye off the other.

Rick Walker: Talk about a big fight feel right here, right now. Desmond Cross and Fate have been at it since this place opened two months ago and tonight they get the chance to end it all, with the winner taking all, getting that World Title shot.

Richard Roman: All you do is talk. Everyone here obviously gets it, Cross, Fate, this is a blood feud and these two men are going to tear each other apart and I’m just glad we get to sit here and watch. The cross is so ominous.

Rick Walker: And controversial. But this is what these two men have decided will be the perfect ending. Let’s head to the ring for the match.

The bell rings and Cross wastes no time going right after Fate, backing him into the corner with some pretty heavy body punches, he doesn’t let up until the referee intervenes, backing Cross off of Fate. With the opening presenting itself he throws a thumb into the eye, temporarily blinding Fate. With Fate not paying attention, Cross gets a huge head of steam and delivers a stiff boot that sends Fate tumbling to the outside. The referee again tries to intervene and stop Cross from continuing but he is unable to do so. Cross looks at the ropes, looks at Fate and looks at the ropes again before throwing all his might toward the ropes….SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Desmond Cross absolutely catches every bit of Fate as the two men struggle to get to their feet. Cross is the first to get up and he reaches underneath the ring where he finds a steel chair, propping it up in the air the crowd pops. Fate stumbles to his feet, using the cross to aid his upward mobility. As Fate stands up, Cross with all the momentum swings the chair but Fate is able to duck at the last minute, Cross catches every bit of the cross with the chair.

Fate is able to collect himself and as Cross turns Fate meets him with a spear crashing both men into the cross, but not phasing the massive structure. Fate is able to swipe the chair from Desmond and when he is up again, BOOM, chair shot straight to the head of Desmond, but it doesn’t send him down. BOOM!! Second chair shot this time floors Desmond Cross. Fate thinks he has sufficiently weakened Desmond and he grabs his left arm and starts strapping it to the cross, Desmond isn’t ready though as he kicks wildly, one of the boots connecting right above the eye of Fate. A cut has opened where the boot hit and blood begins to trickle down. Cross removes his arm and sprints to the chair where he picks it up and he swings viciously connecting with Fate. Desmond shakes the cobwebs out before he grabs Fate and gives him a devastating belly to belly suplex right into the structure that the cross is on, Fate crashes hard on the back of his head and neck area.

Desmond knows he hasn’t weakened Fate enough but he grabs a table from under the ring and before he sets it up he removes part of the safety mat to expose the concrete floor. Desmond places the table right over the exposed spot of concrete. The crowd is beginning to anticipate what will happen next as they chant over and over for the table. Desmond picks the chair up once again and swings wildly at Fate who is able to duck out of the way and connect with a high impact move of his own, ADVERSITY!!! He hit his version of the code breaker!! Desmond though is somehow able to recover quickly, LOW BLOW!! Desmond just took care of the family jewels.

BOOM!! Chair shot to the skull of Fate, weakening his knees but not taking him down. In one fluid motion though, Desmond throws Fate onto his massive shoulders…AMAZING GRACE!!! THROUGH THE TABLE!!! ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!! Fate is absolutely done. Desmond grabs Fate and begins strapping him to the cross and just like that he is strapped. CROSS DOES IT!

Pre-taped. Darkness – as Desmond Cross stands in the middle of the ring.

Then a spotlight, a large figure standing within it. It’s Desmond Cross. He raises his head to look at the camera, looking as crazed as ever.

Desmond Cross: “Tonight was just the beginnin’, it was just the start.”

A smile creeps across his face.

Desmond Cross: “I told you I’d beat Face, that I’d stop his sin from spreadin’ like a disease over Old School Wrestlin’ and I did that.”

He shakes his head.

Desmond Cross: “But now it’s somethin’ different. God has told me of a prophecy that’ll see the rapture..”

Cross’ voice booms so loud on the word rapture that he pauses after.

Desmond Cross: “God has chosen me to be the savior of the world. He told me that I’d take Jesus’ place as the rightful son of God. There will be ten plagues, ten violent, brutal, vicious plagues that’ll start the cleansing process of the rapture.”

The fans boo, in much disgust.

Desmond Cross: “Don’t let hate fill your hearts, children of God. I will save you. I will take the highest glory this cesspool has to offer, I will bring about the rapture and I will change the world. If you don’t believe in me, just know that God himself says that I… ”

He starts to sing..

Desmond Cross: “Have the whole world… in my hands.”

The singing turns to maniacal laughing as the segment comes to a close. Meanwhile back in the ring, Desmond Cross stands with his hands making a ball like shape, signalling that this world is his for the taking and perhaps our World Championship too.

Paloma Cruz: “This match is scheduled for a one fall and is for the All-Star Championship! Coming to the ring first, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, standing at six foot three…”

“I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” hits as a chorus of people come out, clapping and singing along with Marcus X’s song, as Marcus X himself comes out. He walks past them, making his way down the ramp and heading towards ringside.

Paloma Cruz: “…The Freedom Fighter…Marcus X!”

Marcus walks up the steel steps, entering the ring as his music fades out.

Paloma Cruz: “Coming to the ring next, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty pounds, standing at six foot seven…”

The lights dim and “A Guitar and a Heart” by M83 hits. The crowd lets out some cheers as green pyro rocks the stage and the lights come back on. Rick Mad steps out from the back, looking around and gauging the reaction before nodding to himself and heading towards the ring.

Paloma Cruz: “…Rick Mad!”

He slaps the hands of any fans offering them, then slides in. He climbs up one turnbuckle while green pyro fires off from the other three.

Paloma Cruz: “Your next competitor, weighing in at two-hundred thirty pounds, standing at six foot one…”

“Big Gun” by AC/DC hits over the loud speakers and out steps Colt 45. Beer in hand, Colt takes one last swig as he tosses the can in to the crowd and slides into the ring, ready for a fight.

Paloma Cruz: “…The Smoking Gun…Colt Forty-Five!”

The houselights all but die as a slow, pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down.” Sporadic strobe bursts pierce the darkness in-time with the track’s loose guitar harmonics and soon, Isaiah Black staggers from the backstage area, peering disdainfully from beneath his hood.

Paloma Cruz: “And the final competitor now coming to the ring. Weighing in at two-hundred and three pounds, and standing at six foot even…”

“The Grim” doesn’t stop for fanfare and starts his way down the ramp with his head bowed, cracking his knuckles as he goes. Eventually he reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet.

Paloma Cruz: “…The Grim…your All-Star Champion…Isaiah Black!”

He pulls the hood back and casts a wide, demented gaze across the arena.

With all of the competitors now in the ring, the referee calls for the bell and this one’s underway. And under way fast. Marcus X immediately darts for Isaiah Black and Colt jumps for Rick Mad. The Freedom Fighter taking it to the All-Star Champion here early on, with massive strikes, pinning the The Grim in the corner. Meanwhile, Colt is putting on a boxing clinic, landing swift lefts and rights on Mad, as his attempts to fight back fail. Black has had enough and counters a right from The Freedom Fighter and spins him around. Black now a man crazed as he lays into X with several wild punches and kicks. Mad finally pushes Colt off of him but Colt isn’t relenting one bit. He moves back in but Rick kicks him in the gut. He hooks his head, turns and lifts him up…FALCON ARROW! MAD WITH THE PIN EARLY! ONE…TWO-BLACK BREAKS UP THE PIN!

The Grim pulls Mad up by his hair as Colt lays on the canvas, shaking his head. Mad pushes Black’s hands off of him, kicks Isaiah in the gut…MASSIVE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB. The veteran Mad very energetic as he hops up, hype with the crowd. But the mood falls quickly as Marcus X flies in with a HUGE RUNNING BULLDOG ON MAD! MARCUS X REACHED NEW HEIGHTS WITH THAT EXPLOSIVE BULLDOG! As Colt starts to make his way to his feet, Marcus X rolls Rick over for the pin, only to be on the receiving end of a BIG GERMAN SUPLEX FROM COLT 45! Colt strolls over to the downed Freedom Fighter, trying to stomp him under the canvas.

Meanwhile, Rick Mad finds his feet and walks over to The Smokin’ Gun, grabs him around the waist, and RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! MAD SENDS COLT FLYING HALFWAY ACROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING! Mad turns around and walks over to Colt, with the look of a very determined man on his face. This All-Star Championship means a lot to all of the competitors because of the possibilities that come along with it. But for Rick Mad Especially, this could take him from just a veteran in the industry, back to superstardom. And he is fighting like it tonight. Mad, finally reaching Colt, lifts him to his feet and whips him into the corner.NO! COLT REVERSES! Mad goes flying into the corner and Colt darts right behind him. BIG BOOT TO MAD IN THE CORNER! AS SOON AS HE GOT THERE, COLT WAS RIGHT BEHIND HIM! Mad crumbles to the canvas and Colt surveys the match.

Fairly new here in OSW, Colt 45 is fighting for the opportunity of a lifetime so early in his career. Marcus X, another young OSW star with the opportunity of his lifetime so early in his career, shaking off the cobwebs. Feeling like the All-Star Championship will be more than a belt for him, The Freedom Fighter makes it to his feet…THE HEADSHOT! NO! X DUCKS! COLT TURNS AROUND…BLACKOUT! BLACKOUT! THE SMOKIN GUN LAID FLAT ON HIS FACE BY THE FREEDOM FIGHTER! Still a little out of it, X is slow to his feet, but the All-Star Champion is stalking him from behind! THE GRAND LEVELER! THE VICIOUS KNEE TO THE BACK OF X’s HEAD!The Grim signals it over, but MAD IS UP! MAD TURNS ISAIAH AROUND…MAD DDT! NO! BLACK PUSHES HIM OFF! MAD CHARGES BACK, KICK TO THE GUT FROM BLACK…TERMINATION! THE GRIM WITH THE PIN! ONE..TWO..THREE! THE BELL RINGS!

Isaiah Black gets back to his feet and snatches the All-Star Championship from the referee. He walks straight over the ropes and starts talking shit with the fans, only to turn around and see Marcus X stood waiting for him.

Both men quickly go nose to nose, except X backs off, raising his hands as if to ask for a microphone. Black lets him get one and awaits, a smile on his face.

Marcus X: “Brother look, I don’t want to fight you. You’ve proven tonight that I need to be by your side, not you by I. You may not have any love for our movement but I know that if you just let us follow, you could lead us to glory.”

The sentiment might be nice.

If it wasn’t for Isaiah Black laughing in his face.

Suddenly the lights blast a bright white beam in both the faces off Marcus and Isaiah Black, blinding both them and the camera. Before you know it, THEY’RE BEING ATTACKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! The light finally subsides and what’s left is three men,COVERED IN WHITE ROBES……

Rick Walker: “Is that the KKK? Are you kidding me?”

Richard Roman: “What the hell is going on?”

The three KKK members beat both men to the canvas and stomp away at them, sending a direct message to the All-Star Champion and Marcus X. The fans are damn near rioting in the stands, security having to hold back the African Americans in the audience who want to rush the ring and get a piece of this.

They leave quickly, rushing up the entrance ramp as tensions boil over at ringside.

Rick Walker: “I don’t know what the hell just happened but it’s pandemonium out here.”

Richard Roman: “I think three members of the KKK just attacked Marcus X and Isaiah Black, Rick. I think we just witnessed something unbelievable.”

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is set for one fall and is for the OSW United States Championship”

The beautiful flow of O Fortuna hits and out from behind the curtain walks two men, holding it from each side as Lord Merriweather steps through with his arms in the air, seeking the fans immediate approval, which never comes. He turns his nose up in disgust at their boo’s and makes a purposeful walk to the ring, waiting for his two “men” to clean each ring step and then spread the ropes for his entry.

Paloma Ruiz: “Entering first, the challenger weighing in tonight at 245 pounds, hailing from Buckinghamshire England, he is the First Class, LORD RICCCHAARRRDD MERRRRIIIIWWWEEAATTTHHHEERR!”

A chorus comes over the loudspeakers as the beginning of “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins blaring throughout the arena. Professor Nickedemus Bordeaux comes strutting out from behind the curtain and a massive grin over his face. He twirls with his hands extended as the glitter sparkles in the spotlight! He teases a couple children from the entrance ramp, extending his hand, and pulling them back before the kid can slap him ‘five.’ He slides underneath the bottom rope and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, holding his nose high in the air, and soaking in the hatred from the crowd.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 227lbs, hailing from Paris France, he is the current reigning and defending OSW United States Champion, the Professor, NICCCKKEEEDDEEMUUUSS BOOOORDEEEUUUXXX!”

Both men start of warily, each pacing around the ring trying to find the right opening when from ringside, Edward grabs Nickedemus’s ankle distracting him for a moment. The Professor kicks him off, but turn back around into a huge running shoulder from Merriweather which sends him crashing into the mat. Merri tries to follow up but The Professor scrambles to the ropes, forcing Merri to allow him to his feet. As the Professor gets to his feet, both men lock up, trying for advantage which Merriweather being the stronger man gets fairly easy, throwing Nickedemus to the ropes. Merriweather tries for a clothesline but the Professor ducks under the arm, bouncing off the other side and taking Merriweather down with a huge Lou Thez Press , raining down punches to the prone Lord. Merriweather slowly gets to his feet as the Professor leaps up but the Dropkick never meets its mark, Merriweather rolling out of the ring to try and regroup.

Merriweather and his two bodyguards huddle together trying to talk strategy as the Professor gets an idea. Backing up to the far side of the ring, he rushes forward, SUMMERSAULT PLANCHA! Nickedemus landed all of that, but Merriweather was pushed away by Edward at the last second. First Class quickly takes advantage, grabbing the prone Nickedemus and running him right into the post right shoulder first. The Professor goes down screaming in pain, as Merriweather lands a few heavy kicks before picking up the champion and rolling him back into the ring. Merriweather backs up, landing a hard knee to the injured shoulder before muscling onto Nickedemus’s left side for a cover

ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! The Professor kicks out but uses the right shoulder out of almost instinct, damaging it further. Merriweather continues the assault, wrenching the right arm back and landing heavy kicks, before locking in an armwrench, twisting and turning to damage the arm even more, the Professor crying out from the pain. Merriweather lets up for a second, lifting Nickedemus up to his feet for more punishment, DROPKICK! Dropkick out of nowhere as the Professor begins to fight back, a second Dropkick, before going behind and trying for a German Suplex but Nickedemus can’t lift up Merriweather, the damage in his right arm having taken a toll as Merriweather lands a savage headbutt, staggering the Professor out on his feet as Merriweather takes him down, ARMBAR!

Merriweather has the hold locked onto the right arm and Nickedemus is in the middle of the ring, nowhere to go but he tries, dragging himself and Merriweather with one arm and he nearly gets there before Stephen pulls the rope back just out of his reach. Merriweather muscles him back further as the pain is becoming almost excruciating, Nickedemus raising his hand as if to tap. The Professor shakes his head, lifting his knee and landing it square into Merriweather’s back, trying to break the hold. He lands another, and a third causes Merriweather to cry out in pain, losing his grip on the hold just enough for Nickedemus to slip out.

Both men slowly get to their feet, exchanging left hands with Merriweather seems to get the better of as he throws Nickedemus across the ring, the Professor kicking right through a clothesline attempt with a huge Yakuza Kick. Merriweather slowly gets to his feet, rushing forward right into a huge Hurricanrana. Nickedemus begs for Merriweather to get to his feet as he leaps off the ropes, diving at the barely standing Merriweather and spiking him to the mat with a Springboard DDT. Signalling for the end, the Professor powers Merriweather to his feet and tries to lock in the Early Dismissal but his right arm locks up, just as Edward gets up on the apron, distracting the referee. Nickedemus seeing Edward drops the hold on Merriweather just to turn around into a huge US belt shot from Stephen who quickly rolls out of the ring. Edward drops down off the apron as the dazed Merriweather rolls over, dropping an arm over the unconscious Bordeaux as the referee begins to count EXTREMELY FAST… 1.2.3…. WHAT THE HELL!? The bell sounds as the referee raises a smirking Merriweathers hand after a fast count and a whole lot of something suspicious.

The fans can’t believe it, neither can the announcers. Lord Merriweather just won the United States Championship and he’s scarpering to the outside quicker than a hiccup. Professor Bordeaux comes around and demands answers from the referee, whoSLAPS HIM IN THE FACE!

Rick Walker: “Did he just…”

Richard Roman: “That referee just laid hands on Professor Bordeaux!”

The referee rushes to the outside to join Merriweather, raising his arm in victory as Charlie and Stephen escort him as quickly as they can to the backstage. All four walk through the curtain and Fred Sanders is waiting.

Fred Sanders: “Lord Merriweather, what just happened?”

The New United States Champion feigns igorance.

Lord Merriweather: “I just became your Champion, Simpson.”

Fred Sanders: “It’s Sanders.”

Lord Merriweather: “I’m your president now, boy. It’ll be whatever I bloody want it to be. Now listen up, I told everyone there was a conspiracy against me with the referee’s and there was. Tonight, I wasn’t going to lose because of that, so I did what any good business man would do.”

He smirks.

Lord Merriweather: “I bought my own.”

Suddenly Bordeaux bursts through the curtain and all four men run towards the exit, trying to escape the furious former Champion who has been entirely conned here tonight.

Rick Walker: “Merriweather paid off the referee! That son of a bitch!”

Richard Roman: “It’s good business, Rick. I hate to say it because I liked Bordeaux but perhaps Merriweather is better for America.”

In the backstage area, Crash is standing by with Charlie Thompson. As you can expect, he’s beaming after having made it into the InVasion Match and that look of pride is only made larger by his impressive stunt in the ring tonight.

Charlie Thompson: “Crash, first things first, the way you went about the Crash Course tonight was…”

Crash: “Incredible?”

Tongue in cheek, much?

Charlie Thompson: “Absolutely. Now that you’ve qualified for the inVasion Match, who else do you hopes join you?”

Crash: “A lot has happened tonight but if I had look at those who might be considered, I’d look at that guy-”

Crash points to Fate who suddenly appears opposite him to a massive cheer from the crowd. Mr. Inevitable barely lost to Desmond Cross tonight and stops to listen to the crowd chanting his name.


Fate: “It’s funny you should mention that, because I just came from the office of Errol Flint and yours truly has officially been named as the second inVasion Match participant. You see kid, whilst you were running around the ring quite literally, like some kind of tight rope dancer, I was makin’ a name for myself in one of the most brutal feuds this company has ever seen.”

Crash doesn’t deny that.

Crash: “That’s why I like you, Mr. Inevitably boring; you’re.. predictable. I’ll tell you something though, I didn’t want you in the inVasion Match because you deserve it, though I’d guess that you do. Oh no, the one-man-one-take great wanted you in it because in two months, two Pay Per Views, you’ve won the big one a whole bunch of zero times. ”

Fate holds himself back on that one.

Fate: “That just goes to prove that you can’t.. fight.. Fate. I’m fated to be the World Champion, just like your fated to be bounced around that ring like a crash test dummy.”

Both men stare each other down before Fate finally taps Crash on the shoulder, flashes Charlie a wink and walks away. The crowd love it, but one has to admit, these two could just as easily entertain us all as tear each other apart.

ick Walker: Well folks, it has been an absolutely amazing night here at Cyberslam and we’re now set to make it even greater.

Richard Roman: It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for Walker.

Rick Walker: A contest that has been in the making for weeks now. A rivalry with a well rooted history and one that started here in Old School Wrestling with a perceived partnership.

Richard Roman: I don’t know that I’d necessarily call it a partnership Rick, but maybe more of an understanding if you will. And things became even more understood when our World Heavyweight Champion made the decision that was best for him in siding with “The System”.

Rick Walker: You might be right about that Richard. Everything up to the part of siding with “The System” being what was best for Marvellous Master Chef, because tonight he’s going to face a very motivated DTR and if anyone has been paying attention, DTR might just have Master Chef “Dead To Rights”.

Richard Roman: We’ll find out soon enough!

Rick Walker: Let’s head to the ring for the introductions! Take it away Paloma!

Paloma Ruiz: Ladies and gentlemen… THIS is the MAIN EVENT of CYBERSLAM!!! The contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Old School Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! A stipulation has been added to this match prohibiting interference from “The System”.

The crowd explodes at the announcement before erupting again as the opening riff from “Open Your Eyes” blares throughout the arena, the lights strobe along to the music.

Paloma Ruiz: Introducing first… the challenger, from Ogdensburg, New York… he stands at a height of six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds… HE IS… DEAD TO RIGHTS!!!

DTR steps out from behind the curtain with his arms extended and moves down the ramp in a fast motion, slapping hands with the fans as they go.

Rick Walker: DTR looks ready Richard!

Richard Roman: What are you talking about Walker? He doesn’t look much different to me. As a matter of fact, by the way he’s interacting with the crowd I’m not so sure he’s all that focused to be honest with you.

Rick Walker: So you don’t think we’re going to see that “Dead To Rights” insinuation tonight?

Richard Roman: If DTR isn’t one hundred percent ready, we may see “Down The Road”, as in the next time DTR gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!!

Rick Walker: Always the witty one aren’t we?

Richard Roman: Don’t you forget it Walker!

Dead To Rights has made his way into the ring just in time for the hyped up beginning of Lil Wayne’s “Watch My Shoes” kicks off, the legendary rapper spitting game immediately, working the crowd into an immediate chorus of boos.

Paloma Ruiz: And his opponent… hailing from Parts Unknown in Latin America… he stands at six feet one inch and weighs in at two hundred twenty five pounds… he is the Old School Wrestling Heavyweight Champion OF THE WORLD… MARVELLOUS… MASTER… CHEF!!!!

Pyrotechnics fire off as Marvelous Master Chef steps out from the back with a skillet in one hand, a middle finger lifted by the other and the OSW Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist. He lays the skillet down on the entrance ramp and humps it for a bit, before picking it up and running to the ring.

Richard Roman: Now THERE’S the man that looks ready!

Rick Walker: You base that on the way he humped the skillet Richard?

Richard Roman: Yea, er, WHAT? No Walker! Look at him heading to the ring. A head of steam. DTR has his work cut out for him tonight. I promise you that.

Rick Walker: I’m not trying to take anything away from our champion Richard, but I think we’re about to see one hell of a match.

Richard Roman: Master Chef has handed his skillet and world title strap over to the official and this one is set to get underway!!HERE WE GO!

Both men approach the center of the ring. The official draws them close, spouts off some instruction and then separates them, calling for the bell. Once that sound is heard Master Chef and DTR charge back to the center exchanging in a roman Greco lockup! A back and forth struggle follows with neither man having much of a size advantage over the other. Eventually, DTR gains the upper hand and shoves Gourmet Jesus back a few feet, but not far. They lock up again and this time the OSW World Champ catches DTR by surprise with a knee lift to the midsection.

Master Chef follows up with a knife edge chop heard through the arena. And ANOTHER brings a response from the crowd. MMC grabs hold of a reeling DTR and brings him to the canvas with an arm drag, quickly jumping to his feet and heading to the ropes. On the return as DTR lifts himself from the mat AND The Lunchadore We All Adore lands a vicious missile dropkick that snaps DTR’s head off the canvas. Master Chef moves in for a quick pin. ONE… TWO… BUT DTR kicks out in time. Of course the champ questions the official’s counting speed, but the match continues none the less.

DTR is pulled to his feet and an irish whip will send him to the ropes. Clothesline by the champ, but DTR ducks, spins,NECKBREAKER from DTR and the fans almost blow the roof off the Wrestleplex! Both men are down. Neither man is out as they work to their feet. Master Chef will be the first one up, but not for long and DEAD TO RIGHTS lands a boot to the midsection,FOLLOWED by a DDT. Now it’s DTR that goes for the cover. ONE… TWO… NO! Gourmet Jesus slips a shoulder out!!

No complaints out of the challenger as he brings Master Chef to his feet. LOOK OUT! Eye rake from the champion and that will bring the ire of the crowd and the official in charge, but MMC is unphased. He heads to the ropes. Full sprint FLYING HEADBUTT! MY GAWD what a move there by Marvellous Master Chef. Dead To Rights is quickly reacquainted with the mat and it is obvious the match is beginning to wear on both competitors. What’s this now? Master Chef is headed to the corner. He’s climbing the ropes. The champion measuring his opponent. Waiting. Watching. DTR to his feet. FLYING CROSS BODY… HE MISSED!!!

DEAD TO RIGHTS ducks the attempt and Master Chef executes a perfect body splash on the mat. Gourmet Jesus is in a ton of trouble and now it’s DTR going to the top. DTR shaking off the cobwebs and going for a high risk maneuver of his own!! He’s waiting for his opportunity. Waiting for the champion to roll over. He DOES! LIGHTS OUT!! LIGHTS OUT!! This has to be it. DTR going for the cover. ONE… TWO… THRNO! NO! Marvellous Master Chef gets a shoulder up and there are some shocked people in the crowd right now! What a move by DTR!

DTR looks a little surprised that The Lunchadore We All Adore was able to kick out, but he will not be denied. MMC pulled to hisLOW BLOW! Low blow by Master Chef and you can hear the boos. BIG right hand from the champion and there’s another knife edge chop. Chef has regained control. Irish whip sends DTR HARD into the corner and MASTER CHEF follows with a running spear. DTR spun around and “MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE”! “MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE”! That’s it! It’s over. The champion moving in for the cover. ONE… TWO… NO!!! DEAD TO RIGHTS KICKS OUT! HE WILL NOT QUIT!

Gourmet Jesus cannot believe it! He cannot believe DTR kicked out after a perfectly executed Poisoned Frankensteiner! You can see the shock in his eyes as he lifts DTR to his feet. Another quick complaint to the official AND A KICK TO THE GUT FROM DTR AND “THE RATTLER”! “THE RATTLER” OUT OF NOWHERE! The champion is down. He’s out. DTR is barely conscious. But he’s making the move. He drapes an arm over Master Chef! This is it! ONE… TWO… ANOTHER KICKOUT! The crowd can’t believe it!

Marvellous Master Chef and Dead To Rights have been in a war tonight and it continues with both man lying near motionless on the canvas. You can see MMC blinking his eyes, trying to come to his senses. DTR is extends an hand towards the ropes. Both men stirring. Slowly coming to. Slowly working to their feet. What an absolute brilliant contest this has been! And now… both men are up!!!

Suddenly, the crowd’s cheering turns to boo because down the entrance ramp walks the POLICE. No-one quite knows what to do as the officers make their way to the ring but Master Chef, HE ROLLS DTR UP! NO! DEAD TO RIGHTS ROLLS THROUGH… THE RATTLER! THE RATTLER!! HE FUCKIN’ GOT IT AGAIN!! HE HAS TO COVER…. ONE…………….. TWO………. THE POLICE OFFICER PULLS HIM FROM THE RING! FOR GOD SAKE!! WHAT ELSE!?

The camera closes in as close as possible, listening as the officer explains what’s going on. “Sir, I’m afraid you’re under arrest for an assault on Errol Flint. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.”


He clips the cuffs on a bewildered Dave, who can’t believe what’s happening as the officer begins to walk him up the stage.

But then the unthinkable happens.

Dead To Rights spins.




Dave runs back towards the ring like a bat out of hell, his hands cuffed and he doesn’t care. He rolls uncomfortably under the bottom rope and back to his knees, just as Master Chef stirs. He kicks him hard in the gut, doubling him over before heading into the ropes, bouncing back and JESUS WHAT A FUCKING KICK TO THE FACE! THERE’S NOTHING PRETTY ABOUT IT! THERE’S NOTHING AMAZING! IT’S JUST A BOOT TO THE FUCKING FACE AND CHEF IS DOWN!! HOLY CRAP!! DTR DROPS STRAIGHT ON HIM…. ONE…….. TWO…….. THREE!!



But thanks to Errol Flint, he’s in cuffs.

DTR can’t even grab his title because before you know it, a swarm of officers have entered the ring and pounced on him. The smile on his face can’t be removed as the Las Vegas Police department finally pull him back to his feet and start to force him out of the ring.

CyberSLAM goes off the air with the smiling face of a handcuffed DTR.

He finally did it.