Daniel Chapter 2

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Dreams. Dreams can damn a man if you understand them. If you have the gift of reading and interpreting what the symbols in a dream mean.

There was a story about a man who was brought in to interpret a King’s dream, once.

This king had gone to all of his advisors, his magicians and astrologers, to interpret it after they first determine what the dream was. When they all denied the King the answers he seeked, they were executed.

So, the king went to this man from a land they recently conquered, a man who served a different God than them. Asked him to read the dream, to tell the King what it meant.

And so, he did. Told the king what the dream was, and what it all meant.

It would lead to the end of the King’s reign, and the faulty foundation he leaves his successors until the final, lasting kingdom of God.

Rewards fell on this man for revealing the secrets of this dream.

You are like the Magicians and the astrologers. Wise men who promised kings the answers to their every question. To provide a peak beyond the veil, to what lies on the other side.

Those men failed to uphold their end of the deal, and they suffered for it. Until another one followed through on his promise. Receiving all the rewards that came with honouring his promise.

You promised me dreams, to live lives long gone. To dream of my future. You promised me this, but all I’ve had are nightmares. Nightmares you offer no answer to, oh Protector of Dreams.

You’ve failed, like the King’s magicians and astrologers in honouring the promises you made to me. I have suffered since, like the King as he tried to find the answers he sought.

Woe be to the Master of Dreams who fails to honour his very word, and like the magicians and astrologers, you will suffer for your failure.

Every bit of pain I feel for not being able to see the ones I lost so long ago, every nightmare brought by the horrors I’ve dealt, will be dealt upon you, Mordecai.

I’ll make sure that every dream you ever walk into, will be your own nightmare. You’ll see me at every corner, in every twisted moment where you feel the eyes of suffering, you’ll see me there to punish you.

Maybe it’s not your brother who makes us suffer nightmares, but you. You can fight a nightmare, but a broken dream leaves a lasting scar.

So, at Revolt, I plan on leaving my scar on you, Mordecai. Execute you, like the King executed his failing magicians. Show the world that you’re nothing but a broken-down husk. A creature of failure.

Remind the world why the night belongs to creatures like me, why they shudder at the sound of a bat’s wings fluttering in the night.

I will make you kneel, Dream Keeper.

For I am the night,

And I will have my vengeance.