In EMM, Promo by El Mariachi Muerte

Take me through the night
Fall into the dark side
We don’t need the light
We’ll live on the dark side

Let go of the light
Fall into the Darkside

The darkness of night falls upon us all.

It is but a blanket that plays no favourites. For night, as does death, falls upon every man alike. Rich or poor, greedy or selfless, none can escape the night.

The best one can pray for is the ability to see through the blanket of night, to understand what the masses do not.

Don’t be afraid
The shadows know me
Let’s leave the world behind

One known as the Oracle professed to have the ability to see what others could not.  He dedicated his life to showing souls another way of perceiving the world around them. To see in the dark, or so he thought.

He did not trust what he saw before him, only what he could perceive.

The Oracle gathered his followers and set off into the night, eager to show his followers a glimpse of his ability. To see in the dark, abandoning the need for light and living in the Darkside. They eagerly followed him.

And were never seen again.

The next light saw the body of the foolish Oracle, neck broken after falling from a great height that he could not see in the darkness.

For he believed in his own false perception, when in reality he was just another fool stumbling around in the dark. The Oracle paid the ultimate price for his blind foolishness. His story hidden in the lines of this song.

Don’t wait for truth
To come and blind us
Let’s just believe their lies

Let go of the light
Fall into the Darkide.

Vision. You take the story of the Oracle’s quest quite literally. In your own way, you believe that you’ve found your own way to see in the darkness. By not seeing at all.

You seek to navigate the Darkside, not follow the lies of this world around you. To shake off that which deceives us, awakening the ability to see in the darkness.

To tear the blanket which covers mankind is a noble quest, surely, but a fool’s quest nonetheless mi amigo.

You have convinced your followers and they have followed you into a fatal folly.

For you are nothing more than another blind man babbling about the pictures in his head, thinking he can see in the dark. The Oracle thought as you do too, can you perceive the fall that he could not? Or are your visions that which truly deceive you?

I am the darkness of night.

I am the death that comes, like the blanket, covering all.

The foolish and the wise alike.

Man is powerless to stop the night from falling, and as the Oracle discovered, powerless to truly navigate the dark.

When it is your time, death will still see you, mi amigo.

Even foolish visionaries will fall victim to the great darkness in the end.

For the Darkside blanket plays no favourites, and I show no mercy.