[The sound of a flickering light can be heard as Dead End opens with a shot of the Old School Wrestling logo, flashing against the brick wall background.] [Then the flutter of birds washes across the screen and we’re immediately transported to the darkness of the Cornfield.] [Nobody heard the frigid gusts of wind enforce the sychronized swaying of corn stalks that were barely noticeable within this midnight surrender by the half-crescent moon’s persistence in showing its teeth in the interim of cloud movement. Nobody saw the wave of rosette leaves shifting through the breeze, like thousands of abnormally elongated limbs showing off their double-jointed talents. Nobody felt the prickled sensation creeping along their spinal cord – the sensation that counter-reacted with every human sense and redundantly reminded the skeptics that something idiosyncratic lurks underneath this thin layer of silence and solitude. ]

“Tired bird of prey, harbinger of restless fiction, I have been waiting with them. At the epicenter of rows that once was known as your solace, your umbrella of protection from due vengeance, I wade freely in your territory in hopes that you’ll come for me. And yet, you’ve only brought disappointment to the surface – a breed of disappointment that only a necessary victim could possibly generate.”

[Suddenly, the purely white sclera of two eyes appear like flashlights through the blackness of night. Crouched with his knees pressed neatly against his chest, there he stalks at a distance on a very familiar perch – Ozric Mortimer. No more than fifty yards away, the smoldering remains of Scarecrow’s cabin sits. Within its leftover skeletal frame, the Hayman wanders aimlessly – eyeballing the destruction with an expression of perplexity; as if it was impossible to extrapolate the damage enough to appropriately digest it and move on. He looks down at a destroyed artifact and kicks it, which is followed by an android-like chirp. Scarecrow quickly turns around and looks outside, squinting his eyes, but sees nothing but the silhouette of stalks. ] [Ozric cackles quietly to himself, as we can start to make out the unbelievable decomposition that’s taken place. Lining Ozric’s makeup are cracks, bubbled-over blisters on his neck, his cheeks – and these blisters appear to be pulsating with a gradual aggression. He glances at his left arm, which is covered in these seemingly blood-soaked blisters, and begins to scratch them away. Through the coagulated blood, textured and disclosed domes of flesh appear.]

“With degeneration comes evolution. We have allowed our skin to spill away from our bones in order to make way for the next journey that the mirror has in store. I’m not afraid to say that it takes more than a man to take everything that means anything away from you, but I’m also not afraid to sacrifice everything that I may have been at one point in time in order to become the one that you’ve always feared – the test that inevitably stumps the professor, the ghost that distorts the mechanics of the machine. The emotions in which you feel as you walk through the shattered remains of your enclosure are but only preliminaries to the uncharted acts of chaos that only I have the means to orchestrate.”

[In grotesque fashion, these skin domes begin to pop away with a sickening splash. There’s a faint chirp at first, and then many at the same time. One after another, these skin domes pop on Ozric’s neck, both of his arms, and on his face. Through the thick translucent puss, the robotic-shifting of sparrow heads appear. Like oversized earthworms wiggling through the mire that’s influenced by a flash rainstorm, the baby sparrows squeeze themselves through the fleshy bore holes and take flight – developing an overcasting circular shadow above Ozric.] [From within the dilapidated cabin, Scarecrow takes notice to the ever-growing sound of mechanized chirping and decides to walk towards the entrance to take another glimpse outside – just in case his eyes were deceiving him. He reaches a remaining railing that once connected to the cabin’s porch and turns his head to carefully listen again. He grunts at first, but follows that up with a wide smirk. Something otherwise was lurking in his field, and he knew exactly what it was now.] [From a distance, Ozric continued to gaze and returned the smirk. Little did Scarecrow know, but their perceptions had now connected like two ends of the spectrum. Ozric retired his crouch on the perch and opted to stand with balance on the branch. The bore holes, wounds, cracks, all started to fade away on his face, his arms, and the initial evolution was now present. He jumped off of the perch entirely and slowly moved into the hideaway of stalks with another faint cackle – the sparrows dispersed as well. At the other end, Scarecrow let out a deep breath and crossed his arms – very much aware that something very important, potentially devastating was about to begin.] [As he turned back around and started to walk towards the other end of the cabin, Ozric’s face appears through the opening of stalks which leads to the cabin itself.]

“I’ve been working in the corn rows… all the live long day!”

[Ozric opens his mouth as wide as possible, as if to scream, and a final sparrow flies out of his mouth before everything snaps to complete darkness.]

“And now, welcome to DEAD END…”

[Angry screams open the scene, but off camera. Our view is bumping and shaking as the cameraman sprints towards the sounds. He rounds a corner and we see The DEAD and Lux Bellator in a full on brawl. The DEAD grabs Bellator and throws him into the wall. Bellator to the floor.]

“How dare you try to mutilate me! What the hell is wrong with you!?” [DEAD screams as he stomps the Messiah.] [He pulls Bellator up by the mask and slams his head against a steel door. Bellator rocks back, unsteady on his feet, but is able to clear his head enough to strike back with a huge right hand to DEAD’s face. DEAD stumbles back and Bellator continues to assault him while he has the advantage. Heavy punches drive DEAD back across the hall. Bellator smashes his head on a table, sending all kinds of supplies raining down onto the floor.]

“Why won’t you just work with me?!” [Bellator screams.] “You’re an agent of God!!”

[The DEAD hits Lux with an uppercut, loosening his grip on him. DEAD then wraps his arms around Bellator and begins hammering him with headbutts!! Then, out of nowhere, Father Pedro sticks The DEAD in the neck with a syringe and forces the liquid into the DEAD. He immediately lets go of Bellator and grabs his neck. He drops to one knee and looks up at Pedro.]

“Don’t worry, my boy, it’s only a mild paralytic. We have one more test prepared for you.” [Pedro smiles a sickening grin.] “Lux, help me with him.” [The two men put one of DEAD’s arms over each shoulder and carry him away.]

Axel the Shark is walking with a purpose backstage. He seems slightly more serious than we are used to seeing him, but still ready for a good time. He sees a backstage worker walking the opposite way and throws a couple of quick shadow punches, followed by a high five.]

“Good luck, Axel!” [the employee says.]

“Thanks, Chuck! How’s little Charlie?”

“He’s still your biggest Sharkhead!”

“Great!” [Axel replies with genuine cheer in his voice.] “Let me know if he needs any more merch. I’ve got a sweet new bobblehead comi…..”

[Suddenly Yuki Shiroi appears from nowhere and hammers the Shark with a double axehandle, knocking him to a knee.]

“You rang the bell early you idiot!” [Yuki screams at him.] “I was just about to break out of the hold! I had Royal right where I wanted him! It was going according to plan, and you cost me the match!”

[Yuki kicks Axel in the gut just as he begins to stand. He doubles over and as she rushes at him, he drives a shoulder into her midsection driving her against the wall. Her breath is driven from her lungs and she drops to the ground. Axel stomps her a couple of times before he hears]

“Axel! What are you doing!?”

[Axel looks over and sees a few young OSW fans on a tour of the building. He stops his leg mid-kick.]

“Sharkheads! I…I don’t know what came over me! I’m sorry.”

[Axel looks at Yuki, barely stirring on the ground, and then back at the kids. He runs off. Is this the new Axel?] [After weeks of watching from the side-lines, Alex Reese arrives backstage with a view to watching the action up close and personal. When he heads towards the arena entrance, he stumbles upon Gator arguing with security.]

“What the fuck do you mean; ‘You’re not on the list’?” [Gator screams at him.] “Check the name again, alright? It’s Gator, you stupid cunt. What do I look like to you, huh?”

“You look like a moron that isn’t on the list.” [The security officer says with a wry smile.] [Gator tries to step forward but Reese is quickly in to cool down the interaction.]

“Whoa there man, why don’t you turn that frown upside down, huh? There’s no need to get all bent out of shape. So he won’t let you in the building,” [Reese says with a shrug.] “That’s okay, I’ll bring you in as my guest.”

[Gator sneers.] “And who the fuck might you be, The Queen?”

“There’s no need to be so aggressive. Look, your problem is that you can’t get inside the building and I’m offering to solve it for you. That’s taking a negative and making it a positive. You’ve got a title match right? You should be full of positivity and cheer.”

[Gator looks at him oddly before lunging forward with a brutal headbutt. Reese immediately falls to the ground whilst holding his face in agony. Gator backs away, looking at security with a scoff and then turning his attention back to Reese.]

“Make a positive out of that, asshole.”

[He storms off, deciding that he’d find another way into the building tonight. Reese meanwhile holds his face as security comes to his aid. Poor Alex Reese – this isn’t what he intended when he arrived here in OSW.] [Will this long running rivalry end tonight? The referee rings the bell and The Bouncer runs at Axel the Shark, winding him with a big knee to the mid-section. With Axel cut half in size, Yuki lays three chops into the back of her opponent, the sound of which echoes round the arena, finishing it up with A DDT and a cover. One count, before Axel bounds out, the force of which sends Yuki flying. This allows Axel time to get back on his feet and re-adjust. Back at square one, the two lock up again. Yuki tries kicks to the mid-section, but the height advantage means she can’t quite connect.] [Axel using the height advantage, begins to bring Yuki to her knee’s, throwing himself off the rope he returns with a huge drop-kick to her chest. The fans love Axel and he signals for SHARK BITE, whilst Yuki crawls to the corner, using it to help climb herself to her feet. Backing away Axel then charges straight at her, once immediately behind, he drops to his knee’s and bits her on her arse. The crowd lap it up, laughing away at him doing Shark Bite, as Yuki paces around the ring clutching her arse cheek. Axel just winks, before they tear toward each other.] [With the two meeting centre in the ring, punches are traded back and forth. Shiroi begins to gain the upper hand and flings The Shark off the ropes. When he returns she’s setting him up for a big boot, but he glides under it and does a quick roll-up from behind. One… Two… No. Yuki kicking out last moment. Shock on her face, she jumps straight back up and charges and connects with the running big boot this time. Axel goes sprawling across the mat, as Yuki heads up top for some flying action. Launching herself into the air, she goes for a huge FROGSPLASH.] [MISSES. Axel being aware enough to roll out the way at the very last second. Axel seizing this as his time, decides to head up top himself. SHARK DIVE!!! CONNECTS!!! Beautiful Swanton from Axel. He covers, this one has to be over. ONE….TWO…. THRE….. LAST MINUTE FOOT ON THE ROPE. Axel sits up on his knee’s clutching his head he can’t quite believe she kicked out. With Yuki looking to be out cold, He goes up top AGAIN. He’s really wanting this one finished NOW. The Kids Champion throws himself off.] [Yuki gets a knee up, striking Axel clean in the face as he went for a diving head-butt, pure instinct from Shiroi. With both competitors down, the referee begins to start a count. One…. Two… Axel begins to stir… Three.. Yuki just behind him, grasping at ropes. Four.. Five…Six.. Yuki is up, The Shark a second behind her. She seizes the opportunity and RUNNING BULLDOG INTO THE RING CORNER PAD. Axel’s head rebounds and smacks off the mat on the way down to add insult to injury. Yuki pins. One.. Two… Kick-out.] [Yuki puts an armbar on Axel The Shark, she’s going for the submission victory. Axel has nowhere to go here, the referee keeps checking on Axel as the hold looks in tight. Mustering all his strength, he rolls through. THE TABLES HAVE TURNED AND IT IS IN FACT YUKI WHO IS NOW SCREAMING IN AGONY. The Bouncer tries to claw her way to the ropes, but in doing so she allows Axel The Shark to transition from a standard Arm Bar to the FUERZA SPECIAL!! LOCKED IN TIGHT YUKI TAPS RELENTLESSLY. Axel wins via submission in this long running feud.] [The DEAD’s eyes are open. He is sprawled on a huge wooden cross lying on the floor of the same storage area from last week. He laid out like a life sized crucifix: Arms out to each side, legs crossed.]

“Hurry, the paralytic will be wearing off at any moment.”

“Give him more!”

“I want to save it, just in case. It’s there if we need it.” [Pedro points to the syringe lying on the floor just to left of where the DEAD is lying.] “Where are the nails?! Ahhh!”

[Pedro turns from a the table with three very long nails. He hands them to Bellator, who grins.]

“Through the wrists, not the palms.”

“Yes, Father, I know.”

[Pedro grabs the DEAD’s right arm and holds it flat to the wood. Bellator places the nail against his wrist.]

“The hammer!”

“There!” [Bellator stands and turns to the table, grabbing the massive hammer. He comes back, kneeling next to the DEAD. He places the nail back against DEAD’s wrist. He raises the hammer……but the DEAD rips his right arm away, and swings toward Bellator with his left, driving the syringe filled with paralytic into his shoulder. Bellator immediately tumbles over, frozen. The DEAD climbs slowly to his feet as Pedro backs away in fear.]

“You sick bastard!!!” [The DEAD screams and kicks Bellator in the stomach. He does nothing, can do nothing. Pedro jumps and runs from the room. The DEAD watches him go, and spits directly in Lux’s face. He kneels next to him.]

“I’ll see you in the ring,” [Barely more than a whisper as he grabs the U.S. Title belt and kicks him one more time, in the face, before leaving.] [Backstage, the Kinsman kneels once more in the ruined wing of the Schoolyard. He appears to just be looking around, this time. No skulls to be found.]

“There probably aren’t any clues just laying around, you know?” [The voice of Bobby Baxter, the Culture Boy, interrupts.]

“No.” [Kinsman sadly states.] “But it honors the memory of those lost to try. To show that they mattered.”

“Revenge, Knight. That is what shows that people matter.” [Baxter spits.]

“Revenge doesn’t fix anything.” [LH Harrison has arrived on the scene, and he quietly seems to take up the side of Kinsman.] “Once you’ve sated your desire for revenge, all you do is lose yourself.”

“Speak for yourself, pal.” [This time, Erron Corvin.] “Once the job is done, you walk away and leave it behind you.”

[The four men stare silently at an impasse, the four of them having already competed against one another tonight. The silence is broken by a chuckle from Baxter.]

“Yous boys can keep measuring dicks all you want, I’ll keep holding the long and strong hand.”

[Baxter meanders away from the other three, and Corvin turns to face them.]

“I’d cut you gents a deal for that son of a bitch’s head.”

[The other two men don’t even look at each other before shaking their head.]

“Your funeral.” [Corvin replies before walking off, scuff beneath his boots.] [Harrison turns to Kinsman and extends his hand.]

“Good luck out there, Bright Knight. Don’t let them dim you too much. Always remember that you have someone like me as an example!”

[Kinsman just shakes his head over the rubble as he is left alone once more, his mission still incomplete.] [The bell rings as the Dead rushes forward with a shoulderblock but Lux manages to dodge it, grabbing The Dead as he bounces off the ropes and slamming him down to the canvas with a double leg takedown. Lux sits on Dead’s chest, raining down elbow after elbow before The Dead manages to push him off. As the Dead slowly rises to his feet, Lux rushes forward, landing a spinning backfist that sends Dead staggering back into the ropes as Lux rushes forward again, landing a Bicycle Kick flush on the chin of the US Champ as he tumbles over the ropes to the floor below] [The Dead slowly reaches his feet, grabbing the guard-rail for support as Lux has backed up against the far side of the ring. He dashes forward, leaping over the ropes onto the Dead with a big time Sommersault Plancha, wiping out the US Champ. Lux gets to his feet to some small cheers from the crowd as he pulls Dead up to his, grabbing him by the head and slamming it on the apron before rolling him back inside. The Dead slowly gets to his feet right into a kick to the gut from Lux who leaps up, grabbing The Dead’s head and slamming it into the canvas with a facebuster. Lux quickly hooks the leg for the cover, the referee counting] [ONE…TWO…Dead kicks out! Lux pulls the champ up to his feet, peppering him with rights and lefts before backing up and landing another vicious Bicycle Kick. The Dead sways but is somehow still on his feet as Lux hooks him up, dropping him down to the canvas with a Cradle DDT. Bellator doesn’t cover, instead he walks over to the ropes, and begins to climb up to the top, patiently waiting for the Dead to get to his feet. As the Dead slowly gets to his feet, Lux leaps off. CROSSBOD..NO SPINEBUSTER! The Dead caught Lux in mid-air and made him suffer with that modified spinebuster as he rolls the prone Lux up on the canvas] [ONE..TWO…Lux gets the shoulder up. The Dead pulls him to his feet as he lands a few heavy kidney punches, each one making the light warrior wince in pain. The US champ throws Lux over into the corner, as he lands a European Uppercut, followed up with a knife edge chop from his right hand . The Dead repeats this with his left hand before backing up. Lux stumbles out of the corner but as The Dead rushes up with his headbutt, Lux manages to side-step The Dead, as the US champ runs headfirst into the turnbuckle. The Dead stumbles out of the corner now as Lux grabs him, spinning him down to the canvas with a lightning quick Deum Lucem, holding onto the hold for the cover] [ONE…TWO…THR…The Dead just gets the shoulder up as Lux signals for the end. He pulls The Dead up to his feet, landing a savage elbow to the temple that seems to knock the Dead out on his feet before thrusting him between his legs, and picking him up high into the air in position for the Catholic Cross. As Lux rushes forward, The Dead manages to wiggle free, landing behind Lux and as Bellator turns around he gets a headbutt to the throat for his troubles] [Lux staggers away, holding his throat in pain as the Dead pulls him forward, locking his arms behind him as he begins delivering the Death Rattle. After an even dozen headbutts, The Dead drops the near limp Lux to the canvas, as the US Champ signals for the end, backing up as he urges Lux to get to his feet. Bellator slowly rises up, FINAL BREAT..NO! Lux manages to duck away, as the Dead stumbles forward. The Dead rushes towards Lux again right into a kick to the gut, DISCIPLE MAKER! That hit outta nowhere and The Dead seems to be out cold as Lux crosses his arms across his chest, pinning him while praying. ONE…TWO…THREE!!! New US Champion!] [Vinnie Lane, Gator, and Todd are standing in the back shaking their heads as they walk down the hallway.]

“That sucked. Try to help a couple of Backstreet Bitches out and they attack you. Where’s the respect, Gator?”

[Gator shakes his head as he feels on his jaw.]

“Fucking retards, mate. Where the hell are all of the bitches, anyways? This place is a fucking sausage-fest if ever I saw one. At least [BLEEP] had some goddamn bitches.”

[Loverboy looks down the hall and squints as he notices something.]

“Gator, isn’t that one of those Crowley guys?”

[Gator looks up and nods.]

“Whoa yeah, it’s Jax!”

“That’s Piotor.”

“Shut up Todd. White Jax! C’mere!”

[They take off down the hall. As they get close, they realize he’s holding a gift in his hands. Piotor flings the gift to Lane who hot potatoes it to Todd who drops it. Gator slaps the back of Todd’s head as Lane reaches down and picks it up.] [Lane looks up to see Piotor has vanished. He opens the gift to see two pieces of clothing within. He pulls out a t-shirt and a replica mask of Gator’s. He throws the mask to Gator who unfolds it to reveal it with a crudely sketched smile upon it. Lane opens his to see his face with a painted smile.]

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand…” [Lane starts.]

“…it’s people fucking with my merch. This isn’t even a cute smile, Vinnie!” [Gator appears at near hysterics.] [They throw down the merch as they storm back down the hallway. A boot appears across the mask and shirt as Lee and Hangman watch their opponents leave quickly.] [The bell rings as the four men circle around. Each of them looking incredibly determined except for LH Harrison. He steps forward and extends his hand to Kinsman who shakes it. He extends it to Bobby who eyes his hand curiously but shakes it. Harrison extends it to Erron who kicks it out of the way before drilling Harrison with a throat thrust into a superkick! REGULATION! Harrison hits the ground clutching at his throat as Kinsman lights up Erron with a superkick of his own! Erron hits the mat as Kinsman turns to see a straight right hand connect with his face that dazes him.] [Kinsman is then struck by multiple chest chops that send him into the corner where Bobby has taken control. Bobby rears back and begins delivering shot after shot into the ribs and neck of Kinsman who is just trying to cover up. Erron and LH are getting to their feet on the outside of the ring as LH lifts Erron up for a spinebuster and drills him into the floor outside of the ring. He rolls inside and yells at Bobby.] [The Culture Boy turns around as he ties it up with The Inspiration. They lock up as Harrison whips him over himself with an armdrag. Culture Boy gets up slowly and Harrison’s speed takes advantage as he hits an STO drilling him into the mat. As he gets to his feet, he sees Kinsman standing beside him. Kinsman nods his head as Harrison does the same.] [Suddenly two well-dressed gentlemen begin walking down the ramp. Nigel Royal and Max Million take a couple of seats ringside as they dissect the action going on inside of the ring. LH Harrison and Kinsman look at them briefly before reverting their attention back to themselves. The two circle around looking for an opening when Erron Corvin blindsides Kinsman! Harrison goes to stop him, but Culture Boy locks onto his leg! The Inspiration looks up with enough time to take a LEMAT KICK! The discus big boot floors Harrison. Culture Boy goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…NO! Erron breaks it up.] [Erron begins stomping on the back of Culture Boy before yanking him up to his feet. Erron kicks Culture Boy three times in his side as he prepares for his finishing move! Kinsman nails him from behind with an elbow smash before turning him into… THE FALLEN! The powerbomb lungblower nearly broke him in half! Kinsman hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…NO! LH Harrison breaks it up. Kinsman gets to his feet as LH kicks him in the gut before lifting him up onto his shoulders… A PLACE OF HOPE! The fireman carry guttbuster did the job as Kinsman is down and out. He goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…] [NO! Culture Boy breaks it up. Culture Boy throws Harrison off of the ropes, but Erron comes out of nowhere and takes both men down with a lunging clothesline from the top rope! Erron waits as LH Harrison gets to his feet before hitting a kick to the knee followed by another at the ribs. He goes for a roundhouse, but Erron is taken out by Kinsman! Kinsman gets to his feet but only to get his eyes raked before being pulled into a… SPIKE BRAINBUSTER! Kinsman isn’t moving as Culture Boy hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…NO! Kinsman kicks out! Baxter looks slightly impressed as he lifts him back up. He pulls his head between his legs but… HOPE LANDING CONNECTS! Culture Boy is out! LH goes for the pinfall, but Erron throws him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. He goes for the pinfall on Culture Boy… ONE…TWO…NO! Baxter gets a shoulder up. Erron turns around to see Kinsman and connects with a roundhouse that sends him to his knees. Finally, Erron gets to complete his finisher!] [Erron leaps backwards as his foot connects for PEACEMAKER! Kinsman is out! He goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…NO! Bobby breaks it up! He grabs Erron and he throws him into LH as their head collide. He looks down at Kinsman as he helps him up slowly. He lifts him up onto his shoulder and begins wrenching on the move hard! Kinsman is trying not to give in but is forced to tap out to THE CULTURE RACK!] [As The Culture Boy gets back to his feet after that gruelling match, he’s suddenly surrounded. Nigel Royal stands to the left of him, Max Millon to the right. What the hell do these guys want? They came out here together and watched this entire match from start to finish.]

“Relax boys, just relax.” [The Culture Boy pleads with them, his hands raised in a white flag moment.] “I know what you want.”

[Suddenly the façade stops. The Culture Boy nods and all three begin attacking his downed opponents. Nigel Royal goes straight after Erron Corvin, stomping away at him as Max Million pummels the holy hell out of Kinsman. Bobby meanwhile catches Harrison as he gets back to his feet and scoops him straight up into THE CULTURE RACK!!]


[The fans can’t believe what they’re seeing. What’s the meaning of this? Nigel locks in the Dungeons Of London on a poor Corvin and Max Million wraps Kinsman in the Bad Intent. All three men have submissions on every single one of his former opponents as referee’s swarm the ring to break it up.] [They finally manage to stop Baxter, Million and Royal from their brutal assault, helping Corvin, Kinsman and Harrison out of the ring as Million retrieves a microphone.]

“There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes that he is simply better..” [Million pauses with a grin, pointing at the fans.] “.. than each and every single one of you. My name is Max Million,” [He points to Royal] “This man is Nigel Royal,” [And then to Baxter] “And this is The Culture Boy. But collectively, you can call us High $ociety. Everyone has a price, and it’s time you people paid us.”

[Million tosses the microphone to the ground, celebrating with his comrades as the scene comes to a close.] [We come back from commercial break to find Jake Jeckel standing in the center of the ring, the booing crowd drowning him out until he shouts.]


[The boos subside and Jake clears his throat.]

“So, tonight you guys have the pleasure to see RAGE take control of OSW. You should be greatful! If we didn’t take over you’d still be seeing programming with a scarecrow, some rich daddy’s boy, two homeless assholes, and some dude with a whore wife-”

[“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. Darlin’ you give love, a bad name!”

The crowd goes wild as Bruce Van Chan appears at the top of the ramp, making his way to the ring with and sliding in, microphone in hand.]

“Jeckel, these past few weeks have been nothing but you throwing the same damn insult around and cheap shotting me left and right. Do you really expect to be able to win tonight in a fair match?”

[Jeckel sneers at Bruce, yelling again for the crowd to shut up.]

“You have no idea who you’re dealing with, do you? We’re RAGE! We were able to get even the mighty Brent Kersh on our side because he knew we were better. Do you expect to be able to win when even he knows it was a losing fight? I’ll even be nice, I’ll let you leave the ring in once piece if you just go back stage right now.”

[Jake smirks at Bruce as BVC turns around. Jake turns back to address the crowd when Bruce says]

“One more thing.”

[The Juggalo turns around BIG RIGHT HOOK! Bruce hits Jeckel with a cheap shot of his own and grabs him from behind NAP TIME! The inverted DDT lays out Jake in the middle of the ring. BVC rolls out under the rope, their aggression clearly not over.] [The Avenger, Corey Black, walks down the hallway he hears a sound coming from the end of the hall to his left. His face turns to see the frame of a little girl. His hands come up to his face as the color slowly drain.]

“Hey big brother!”

[Corey begins to lose his breath as he staggers down the hall towards the small girl. The girl giggles before skipping down the corridor just out of sight. Black turns the corner to where he saw the girl, but she’s vanished. What awaited him was a mere smile and a cold gaze.]

“Hello, my friend! Is something troubling you, Corey?”

“That girl… that was my sister. She… she’s dead.”

“What girl, Corey? Your doctor was here all along, but I didn’t see any girl.”

“I SAW HER. I know what I saw!”

[The Doctor takes a few steps away as he sighs.]

“We see, what we want to see, Corey. Perhaps this girl that you’re seeing is your subconscious trying to free itself from the guilt of her death. You could have saved her, Corey. Why did you hesitate? The Creeping Death could have saved her. Her death… was your fault.”

[Corey’s eyes shoot open as a wild expression crosses his face. Doc stands about twenty feet away holding open a door as he enters with a grin. Corey rushes over and whips it open before it shut. Within the door was nothing more than a few brooms and mops. He slams the door shut as he storms away. In his rage, he throws a table over onto its side. The door creaks open just a little as the smile shines through the darkness.] [The bell rings as both men are inside of the squared circle. Surrounding the ring is a cell that stands ten feet tall with weapons tied onto it for their usage. This is an Iron Maiden match. Within the ring was a smiling Doctor D’Ville and his absolutely seething opposition. Corey Black charges Doc who simply takes the hit? Doc hits the ground as Corey begins laying shot after shot into his face! D’Ville is taking blow after blow as he smiles away at Corey Black. Black steps back with his expression only growing more agitated. Doc gets to a seated position with his arms across the ropes before spitting some blood at Corey.] [Corey becomes enraged as he goes toward the Doctor who simply grabs his trunks and pulls him to the outside. Doc rolls out after him and slams his face into the steel mesh of the cage. Doc picks Corey up, but The Avenger is on a tear! He sends a devastating uppercut to Doc who reels back. He gets to his feet and begins tearing into Doc with a series of hellacious elbows to the head of Doc. Doc staggers backwards before connecting with a roundhouse that floors Doc.] [The King of All Wrestlers takes a moment to breathe before beginning to disconnect some weapons from the wall. The first thing is a table in which he sets up inside the ring. He slides back out and begins to take down a steel chair when he’s headbutted from behind! Doc yanks the chair down and waylays Black over the skull with it. He sets the chair up beside him and begins smiling as he kicks at Black’s face.]

“Where’s your Creeping Death, my friend? I can help you!”

[Doc walks along the wall as if examining his choices before taking a moment to feel on a small bag on the cell wall. His smile returns as a devious glint is in his eyes. He detaches the bag and places it on the apron before pulling down a Singapore cane. He tests the swing before walking over to Corey. He swings downward and the cane cracks against the ribs of Corey who spouts a profanity as he tries to cover up. The Doctor picks up Black and rolls him into the ring. The Doc grabs the bag and raises it over his head as he empties the contents…] [Shards of glass hit the mat as the crowd begins to gasp in horror. Doc slowly lifts up Black before whipping him into the ropes and catching the rebound… SIDEWALK SLAM INTO THE GLASS! Corey’s back arches in agony as he rolls away from the debris! Doc walks over and places a boot on Corey’s throat to pin him. ONE…TWO…NO! Corey kicks out as Doc just smiles. He’s seemingly impressed and thrilled this onslaught will continue.] [Doc allows Corey to slowly climb to his feet before rushing across the ring for a lunging clothesline, but Corey ducks under it! Doc hits the mat hard as Corey is struggling to keep his footing. Doc gets to a standing position in the corner but his face is then caved in by a dead-on Yakuza kick! Doc hits the mat as Corey hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…NO! Doc kicks out. Corey is shaking his head in disbelief before lifting Doc up for The ROYAL BEH-NO! Corey drops it as the shards in his back prevent him from lifting Doc up. Doc sees his opening, takes a step back, and kicks a shard deep into the shoulder of Corey Black!] [Corey cries out in agony for a moment before collapsing into the corner as Doc sneers at his victim. Doc pulls something out of his tights and its… a pair of handcuffs?!? The referee is trying to take them away but Doc gives him one icy glare. The official thinks twice about it. Doc slaps the cuffs on the hand of Corey and attaches the other to the top rope. Corey tries to pull at it, but Doc smiles as he wields that Singapore cane. He rears back and begins inflicting shot upon shot into the glass-embedded back of Corey! Black falls to the ground and is motionless. Doc tries to pin him but the referee points out that his shoulder is off the ground due to the handcuffs. Doc uses the key to detach the handcuffs, and Corey hits a low blow! Corey’s back is stained with blood but his face is full of rage as Doc realizes his error. SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! DISCUS LARIAT and Doc is laid out upon the table! Corey sees his opportunity as he climbs to the top rope! He leaps for a corkscrew 450 splash!] [THE PHOENIX SPLASH MISSES! Corey smashes through the table as Doc grins down at him. He lifts up the dead weight of Corey before nailing THE LOBOTOMY ON THE GLASS! Doc rolls him over into a pinning position. ONE…TWO…THREE! Doc slowly stands in the corner before slumping down to the bottom. The smile on his face is still present but the battle obviously took its toll on him.] [Those 90’s Guys are standing in the locker room getting ready for their match when suddenly the door opens to reveal Tobias Crowley. The two guys get to their feet. Cories withdraws a plastic lightsaber that unfolds and makes a ‘whooshing’ noise. Ashley cracks his knuckles in anticipation. Tobias just holds his hands up.]

“I come in peace to bring you a gift from our family to… yours.” [The last words seemed painful as Tobias seemed to remember last week.] [They lower their guard if nothing else just to ease the young man. The young man withdraws a scrap of paper from his pocket as he clears his throat.]

“A boomstick a day shall keep the doctor away,
But trick the Crowleys and down you shall stay.
The Hangman is displeased as he tightens his noose.
Try that again and it’s your neck that you will lose.

The time is up, your time has come.
The Family is here and-”

[BOOMSTICK!] [Tobias hits the ground as Cories walks over and begins striking him with his lightsaber. Ash just shakes his head as he looks down.]

“I’ve had all the poetry I could stand from that Deadite lover.”

“Thank you, my padawan. I think you’re ready to become a knight.”

[Ash gives him a curious glance before picking up his title and throwing Cories’ to him.]

“C’mon. It’s time to teach these Deadites and Prima Donnas that they can come get some.”

[Ash steps over the incapacitated body of Tobias as does Cories.] [The camera once again finds itself centered on Marvolo and Nigel Royal, except this time the two aren’t running around the ruined wing and causing trouble, the duo is in the office of Errol Flint.]

“I have had it with you two! You have been running around that wing for weeks and making a mockery of both it and those who died there! Now, I am putting it to an end. The wing goes to NOBODY!”

[Both Marvolo and Royal speak up, trying to argue their cases to Flint all while cutting each other off like children.]

“But I invested in it-”

“I deserve the wing-”

“He’s just trying to steal the spotlight in MY wing-”

“He’s merely jealous he can’t be Marvolo-”

[The arguing is brought to an end by Flint slamming his hands down on the desk, glaring both men down before sighing and standing up from his chair and pushing past them to the door.]

“Fine, if you are going to argue like children then so be it, I’ll play your games. Since everything is put on the line tonight and I have more pressing matters, the man whose team wins tonight will get their name on the plaque above the entrance to the wing, agreed?”

[Both Marvolo and Nigel Royal look at each other then back to Flint, shaking their heads in agreement. Both men try to speak, only for the obviously stressed Flint to hold a hand up.]

Not another word. Now get out of my office, you two have a match to prepare for.

[The two men make way out of the office, Nigel moving a bit faster than Marvolo and slamming the door in his face, getting the last laugh as he heads down the hall.] [The match starts with Ash, Lee Crowley and Vinnie Lane the legal men. Ash wastes no time going after Lee Crowley and Vinnie steps back with a smile, allowing the two to men brawl. Ash plants Lee back first on the canvas and Crowley lets out a cackle of pained laughter. And here comes Vinnie Lane! SUPER KICK! And Ash goes down hard! Lee finds his feet and… SUPER KICK! Lee down too! Vinnie goes for the cover on Crowley but both Hangman and Matthew Cories storm the ring to make the save! And here comes Gator to join the fun! The referee struggles to regain some form of control as all 9 men battle it out in the ring! And its Gator with a clothesline on Matthew Cories, right over the top rope and to the outside! Hangman and Lee Crowley pound away on Ash in the corner but here comes Lane… SUPERKICK! Another Super Kick on Hangman that sends the Manslayer through the ropes to the outside!] [Back down to our legal three, Lee Crowley and Vinnie Lane lock up. Lee with the side headlock… BULLDOG! Vinnie fumbles to his feet but Crowley is waiting on him… INVERTED DDT! Vinnie Lane is… ASH WITH THE TAG! Ash Sneaks a tag to Matthew Cories and That 90’s Guy storms the ring! SPINEBUSTER on Lee Crowley! Lane has found his feet and, GERMAN SUPLEX! He’s back on the canvas! Cories takes a moment to soak in the pop from the crowd, which only grows as he leans against the corner and screams…] “It’s Morphin Time!” [… his arms extended to his sides… Lee gets to his feet first, SUPERKICK! Another Superkick to Lee! And Cories storms the turnbuckle, ready to leap in a flash! MARCH OF THE DRAGONZORD! Cories leaps off the top rope with that Swanton Bomb! NO! Vinnie somehow catches him mid-flip, upside-down and back facing Vin… OPERATION: MINDCRIME!]


[The crowd can’t believe that seamless transition from Swanton to Screwdriver and the impact it caused on Cories neck and head. Vinnie goes for the cover… but it’s Lee Crowley with the save, AND the tag to Hangman! The Manslayer storms the ring and catches Vinnie by surprise! REVERSE SUPLEX! With Vinnie down, Hangman turns his attention to Matthew Cories. He drags That 90’s Guy to his feet and hooks him for the Full Nelson Facedrop… but Cories with an elbow. And another, and another… somehow, he’s fighting free. And he takes to the ropes, and on his return… Hangman catches him! Lifts him upside-down… holds… BRAINBUSTER! Hangman goes for the cover, but Cories somehow manages to kick out just in the nick of time! Meanwhile, Vinnie makes the tag to Gator and the freshest man in this thing storms the ring!] [Gator catches Hangman with a dropkick that takes him off his feet. Cories barely shows signs of life so Gator continues to work on Hangman… he wrestles the Manslayer down to the canvas and, CROSSFACE! Gator locks in the Crossface and the fans go wild at the sight of Hangman struggling to reach the ropes. Cories, meanwhile, inches towards the ropes… he’s looking to tag in a very eager looking Ash! Gator sees this and seems torn between breaking his hold to stop Cories or trying for the submission on Hangman… he decides to go after Cories, stopping him right before he makes it to Ash. SNAPBACK! Gator with that Inverted Neckbreaker onto his knee! And Cories is really out for the count here! Gator with the cover, but it’s Hangman with the save!] [The Hangman grabs Gator and shoves his head between his legs… POWERBOMB! With Gator down, Hangman turns to Cories, but it’s not Cories! BOOMSTICK! Cories made the tag and Ash takes down Hangman with a huge Superman Punch. Ash charges the ropes… BOOMSTICK! On Vinnie Lane, sending him flying off the apron! Ash turns to find Gator getting to his feet… BOOMSTICK! And Gator waivers for a moment before dropping… so Ash snatches him, HAIL TO THE KING! Ash goes for the pin on Gator… but Hangman manages to Tag in Lee Crowley! And Crowley breaks up the count moments before the three! Ash pops up but Lee is ready! CHELSEA GRIN! NO! Ash ducks underneath… BOOMSTICK! And Ash with the cover! One! Two! Three!] [They’ve done it! Those 90’s Guys have retained their Tag Team Titles! Each of these men gave it their all tonight but that flurry of Boombstick’s at the end there really took it home for the Champs.] [The locker room area backstage is buzzing with anticipation ahead of tonight’s massive five on five Main Event. Congregated tonight in one room, Mike Lane, Red River Jack, Bruce Van Chan and Nigel Royal all await the arrival of the boss.]

“Tonight marks the biggest night in Old School Wrestling history,” [Bruce Van Chan says with a proud and stern tone.] “And it’s one that will be remembered for years to come. We need to-”

[Red River Jack soon pipes up, unimpressed.]

“We need to what, man? Since when were you appointed leader?” [Red scoffs.] [The door then opens, Errol Flint’s voice leading him into the room.]

“No-one leads but me,” [He announces.] “Bruce, I appreciate you trying to motivate the troops ahead of tonight’s match but allow me.” [Flint waves Bruce away with a hand and watches as he takes a seat back on the bench.] “If you gentlemen need any more motivation than Old School Wrestling being taken over by RAGE, allow me to give you it. Tonight isn’t just about me, or the fans out there in attendance, it’s about you. Each and every single one of you will be without a job if Jackson Slade takes my company.”

[Suddenly, a young woman barges in with a headset on. She looks flustered and immediately gets the attention of Errol Flint.]

“Mr. Flint, it’s… its Jackson Slade. He has arrived.” [She says with a gulp.] [Errol looks stunned, his entire facial expression that of shock as we fade away, leaving Team OSW to soak in the news that RAGE’s thought to be injured leader has arrived here tonight.] [The match bringing this bitter feud starts with a bang as Santelmo streaks across the ring while The Question has his back turned. Garcia levels Hunter with a clothesline to the back of his head. Santelmo quickly takes advantage staring a barrage of stiff kicks to the downed Question. The match has not officially started yet, and the referee slides in between the two and pushes him back to his own corner. He points to the timekeeper, the bell ring starting the match officially. Santelmo sprints back to the corner, but the Question pops up with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!] [Santelmo is rocked and stumbles back. Hunter stands with that smirk on his face and stalks Garcia. He grabs Santelmo and throws him into the turnbuckles. He mounts the second turnbuckle and begins hammering him as the crowd counts along: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9…… TEN!!! The Question moves as Santelmo stumbles from the corner. Hunter grabs him from behind and INVERTED DDT!!! He covers: One… Two… Thr…Kickout!! The Question looks upset but quickly gets over it. He pulls Garcia to his feet and throws him to the ropes. Santelmo returns and ducks a high knee.] [Santelmo comes off the opposite rope as the Question turns towards him and WRATH O’ RICHMOND!!! Santelmo hits a Lou Thesz Press, knocking Hunter to the ground and begins pummeling with punches, elbows and, finally, a headbutt driving the Question’s head hard to the canvas. Santelmo climbs to his feet and head to the top rope! FLYING HEADBUTT!!! One… Two… Thre… HE KICKS OUT! Santelmo looks at the ref and holds up three fingers. The ref holds up two to defend himself. Garcia shakes his head and pulls the Question to his feet.] [Santelmo punches Hunter, driving him into the corner. He kicks The Question in the gut and then whips him to the opposite corner. The Question hits the corner with force and Santelmo follows closely behind him with a heavy LARIAT. Hunter drops to the ground in the corner. Santelmo walks away, smirking. He runs to the corner and STAY DOWN!!! The Yakuza Kick levels the Question. He covers again. One… Two… Three!!!] [NO!!! The Question got his foot on the bottom rope! Santelmo cannot believe it. He rolls out of the ring and gathers his thoughts. He thinks better of it and grabs a steel chair. The anger is too much for him, he slides into the ring, but the ref immediately gets in his way. He finally gets the chair loose from Garcia and as he hands to a stagehand The Question hits Garcia with a LOW BLOW!!! The ref didn’t see it and Santelmo drops to the ground. The Question gets to his feet and begins stomping Garcia. Hunter pulls him to his feet and THE IRONY!!!! He throws Garcia across the ring on the third suplex and rushes to cover! One… Two… Thre!!! NO! Kickout!!] [The Question once again pulls Santelmo to his feet and INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!! He doesn’t cover, however, and the 6’7” beast climbs the ropes to the top!! He waits for Santelmo to get to his feet and when he does…. DIVING CLOTHESLINE!!!! He still doesn’t cover but rips him to his feet by the hair andCONTRADICTION!! One… Two… Thre! SANTELMO KICKS OUT!!!!! No one can believe it and the crowd is going insane!!!! The Question rests on his knees, catching his breath! He grabs the ropes and climbs to his feet. He waits, moving his hands up and down, motioning to calm down. When Santelmo finally rises, the Question explodes and tells him to RELA….Santelmo ducks the clothesline!!] [The Question spins to meet Santelmo who has slid behind him, but he his met with a DROPKICK TO THE KNEE!! The Question drops to one knee. SHINING WIZARD!! The Question drops and Garcia quickly stomps on him. Santelmo pulls him to his feet and whips him to the ropes. The Question returns and HAIL MAR…..Hunter ducks the knee!!! Santelmo turns surprised and kick to gut and double underhook! POETIC JUSTICE!!!! One… Two… THREE!!!! Hunter looks at the ref. There was no last second kickout, no foot on the ropes. The Question has done it! He is the new All Star Champion!!!] [The match may be over, but the ringside area is buzzing as the official brings the All Star Championship into the ring. They aren’t buzzing because of that, though. They are buzzing because a man with a suit has walked down to ringside with a gaggle of armed police officers behind him.]

“What the hell are you doing here?” [Santelmo yells in recognition as he looks at the man in the suit.] [There is little response as the professionally dressed man climbs into the ring, the officers behind him. James Hunter now is standing near Garcia, although he doesn’t look as perplexed. The man takes the microphone from the ring announcer and stands facing James Hunter, not Santelmo.]

“Officers, the kidnapper stands before you!” [The man dramatically states.] “Our good Lord above only knows what he has done with the poor lady!”

[Hunter only grins as the officers produce an ax from behind the well dressed man. It is of the usual cut and style used by the Question.]

“Arrest the man whose finger prints were on the this foul weapon!”

[Garcia turns to face Hunter, an expression of anger on his face.]

“You son of a…” [Santelmo leaps forward, but is quickly restrained by the officers, who begin to place handcuffs on him. Not James Hunter.] [Who is still smiling.] [As Garcia is lead away, being read his Miranda rights, Hunter looks out to the audience and shrugs to them. It’s almost as if he is saying…] [I told you so.] [Hobbling into the arena with a walking stick in hand – not the way Jackson Slade thought he’d be taking down OSW tonight. He’s greeted joyfully by Jake Jeckel, who walks with him towards the locker room area, where Marvolo, Bird, Bellator and Kersh await.]

“You made it?” [Kersh says with a big pat on the back and a smile.] “I honestly didn’t think you would be able to.”

“You’re a tough son of a bitch, Slade!” [Jeckel remarks with a shit-eating grin of his own.] [Slade fumbles for a chair and sits down, taking it easy.]

“I checked myself out,” [He admits with an uncomfortable twist of the neck.] “I just couldn’t miss tonight, could I? Everything we’ve done, everything we’ve planned, it all comes to a head tonight.”

“Don’t you worry, Marvolo has joined RAGE to set this straight.” [#1 chimes in much to the chagrin of everyone else.] “What?”

[Slade looks him up and down and shakes his head.]

“What the hell is this guy doing here?” [He demands to know with a thump of his walking stick.] “He isn’t RAGE, he isn’t one of us.” [Slade’s anger quickly becomes visible. He points his stick at Marvolo] “Get this piece of shit out of my locker room, his services are no longer required!”

[Kersh and Bellator look at each other as if to say ‘what the fuck’, but Jeckel takes no more convincing. He grabs Marvolo and runs him through the door and into the corridor. Number One quickly tries to rally but he’s clocked and knocked on his ass by a big Brent Kersh Clothesline. They enter back into the room and look at Slade who smiles.]

“What do we do now?” [Kersh asks, referencing the fact that they’re now one man short with only minutes to go until the Main Event.]

“Don’t you worry about that, I have it all in hand.”

[The scene comes to a close with RAGE already one man down, Marvolo on his ass outside the locker room and for certain, he has an axe to grind.] [We’re just moments away from the biggest match in OSW history. The fans are on their feet, roaring, cheering, sending as many good vibrations to the crowd of OSW warriors ready to do battle as they can.] [Chants of “OS-DUB! OS-DUB!” rattle throughout the sold out School Yard as Errol Flint gives his team one last pep talk. RAGE stand in the ring opposite, talking amongst themselves when suddenly, “Stronger” hits and the fans change their tune, booing.] [Jackson Slade stumbles out onto the stage with his walking stick, a microphone in hand.]

“If I could have your attention please,” [Slade says whilst clearing his throat. The fans ignore him and let him have it.] “As you can probably tell, we’re one man short. But before I get to introducing him, I just wanted to leave you with this, Flint.”

[He points to the tron and looks up to watch with the rest of us.] [Footage begins to roll, showing Driven. Errol Flint walks out into the parking lot and is ran down, his body crunching over the bonnet of a car and into the windshield. The fans boo, watching as the car speeds off.] [The footage cuts, showing Jackson Slade with the biggest of smiles on his face.]

“Remember that? Do you know why that happened, Flint? Everyone has failed to connect the dots. You see, I had you ran down, Errol! It was me, all along. I wanted to invade your company and I wanted you out of the way to do it. So I called up a friend and asked him very nicely, to drive a car right through your punk ass!” [The fans boo, almost drowning Slade out. Flint looks on in shock, not realizing that this was connected.] “And then it was just a simple case of making a call and being brought in as a substitute for you.”


“I started this Invasion and you best damn believe that I’m going to finish it. As for the man who ran you over, I think I’ll keep that little nugget to myself.” [He says to Flint’s grimace.] “Now, without further ado, let me introduce to you, the replacement for Marvolo; DAX…. JAGGER!”

[Jagger’s music hits and he steps out onto the stage alongside Slade, tapping hands with him as he does. The fans boo, the wrestlers get ready and Errol Flint is trying to compose himself, pacing at ringside. It’s time for the Main Event, folks!] [Dax Jagger storms to the ring as a brawl quickly erupts between all ten of these wrestlers. The referee tries to establish order, watching as bodies fly over the top rope and slowly begin making their way to their respective corners. Scarecrow kicks this one off, standing opposite Ethan Bird. He flies in with a knee, clubbing a forearm down across his back for good measure. The Monster nails him with another before throwing him off into the ropes and catching him with a Big Boot on the return. He quickly drops down into the cover… One… Kick Out. There’s a lot at stake here tonight and that’s not including the revenge on The Hayman’s mind. He pulls Ethan up and drops him down with a big Uppercut, only to reach down and lift him straight back to his feet by the throat.] [The fans cheer that one, only Bird kicks out with a low shot to the abdomen that rocks ‘Crow. He hits another, another, and then a right hand and drops him straight into a DDT, planting The Hayman hard on the canvas. He gets straight back up and drags Scarecrow by the leg towards his corner, tagging in Dax. The Rocker goes to work with wayward stomps, some hitting the target, others missing, allowing ‘Crow to get back to his feet. If anything, Jagger has guts because as he gets up, he keeps kicking until he’s levelled with a phenomenally powerful Clothesline.] [Scarecrow grabs him by his shaggy hair and runs him straight into the turnbuckle of his team’s corner, drilling him shoulder first into the steel. He whines as he pulls himself out, Scarecrow making the tag to Red River Jack who enters the ring with aplomb. Jack grabs his arm and starts yanking at it, working the shoulder as best he can, and turning that into a twisting Hammerlock. Dax reaches back for the head but can’t get a grip, Red pushing him off into the ropes and nailing him with a Drop Toe Hold on the return. The Eater Of World’s pops back up, tagging in Mike Lane and stepping backwards as the World Champion enters, running with a diving Forearm across the back of the Rock star.] [Lane drops another forearm, then another, then another, reacting well to the tag. He pulls Dax up and ducks a weak Clothesline attempt, scooping him up and then down with a Back Body Drop. The World Champion rolls him over for the cover… One…. Two… Kick Out! Close but no cigar. The Shadowmaker grabs him by the hair and hits him right under the chin with a right hand, stumbling him backwards. Dax desperately rakes the eyes, gaining a second long enough to make a running dive to his corner, tagging in Jake Jeckel.] [The Juggalo catches Lane as he turns with a kick to the gut, dropping him with a DDT. He doesn’t cover though, getting straight back up and pulling Mike with him. A barrage of right hands follow, Jake scooping him up and down with a Body Slam. The Juggalo walks over to the OSW corner and flips Bruce Van Chan the bird, only to walk back to a getting up Mike Lane and knee him in the face,. He drops a couple of quick fire forearms for good measure and rolls him over, covering.… One…. Two… Kick Out! Jake gets him back up and backs him into the RAGE corner, tagging in Lux Bellator. Bellator goes straight to work with a kick to the gut, making sure he keeps The Champion down.] [The crowd are really getting behind Lane now, willing him on as Bellator nails him with multiple stomps, putting his neck across the bottom rope and then standing on his back. The Light Warrior wants to make an example out of The Shadowmaker and pulls him up, under and calls for it. It’s the DESCIPLE MAKER! NO! MIKE LANE WITH AN OVERHEAD BACK DROP! HE FIGHTS OUT!! Lux slams off the canvas with a thud and Mike has to make the tag, only Brent Kersh storms into the ring with a Clothesline from behind, knocking him back to the canvas. The referee drags Kersh away, only for the Enforcer to remonstrate long enough that Ethan Bird comes in and clocks Lane with a kneeling DDT.] [He exits and Bellator rushes for the cover, Kersh making way so that the count can happen.. One…. Two… Three! Kick Out! Boy that was close. Lux gets back to his feet and signals that he’s going for the top, only Red River Jack rushes across the ring, pushing him off as he steadies himself. The referee though didn’t see it, as he was distracted by Errol Flint on the outside. Bellator hits the canvas hard and now both men could use a tag. They crawl to their respective corners.. DOUBLE TAG! HERE COMES DAX JAGGER… HERE COMES NIGEL ROYAL!! They both rush into the middle of the ring and Dax swings with a Clothesline, only Nigel grabs his arm and drags him down INTO THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! THE DUNGEONS ARE LOCKED IN!! The fans are on their feet as Jagger pleads for the rope, begs for it even. He reaches out but can’t make it.. he just can’t! HE TAPS OUT! DAX JAGGER TAPS OUT!! The bell sounds as Royal releases the hold and makes the mistake of celebrating. What he didn’t expect is that Lux Bellator would be in quickly from behind with a Clothesline to the back of the head.] [Bellator grabs him back to his feet but Royal fights out, nailing him with a couple of shots to the gut that send him reeling. The Higher Class quickly runs into the ropes, storming back and leaping into the air with a Dropkick that sends Bellator to the mat. Both men are fast back to their feet, Nigel tying Bellator up in a grapple that turns into a Hammerlock. He quickly tries to transition for another Dungeons but Lux pushes him out and catches him with a Spinning Heel kick as he turns. He drops into the cover.. One… Two… Three! Kick Out! And Royal powers out near three.] [The Light Warrior gets him back up and runs him into the ropes, looking for a Tilt-O-Whirl Back Breaker but Nigel lands oddly on his feet, slapping Bellator across the back of the head as he does. He bounces back into the ropes and comes back with a devastating kick to the noggin that buys him some time. The Royal One drags him over to his corner, tagging in Bruce Van Chan. Chan though grabs Lux and walks him straight over to his team mates, slamming his head off their turnbuckle and leaving him there. He looks at Jeckel, then at Bellator and screams at him. “I WANT HIM!”] [Jeckel obliges, tagging the back of Bellator and entering the ring. He’s hardly stepped a foot inside before Bruce nails him with a knee to cheers from the crowd. The Real Deal kicks and knees away at The Juggalo, driving the wind out of him with every shot. He runs him into the ropes and connects with a Clothesline. Chan is furious and as Jake gets up, he scoops him straight into an Omega Driver! He could pin but he’s not yet had his fill. He pulls Jake up and right hands him back into the ropes, nailing a Drop Toe Hold and transitioning into the STF! THE VAN CHANINATOR! HE HAS IT LOCKED IN!!] [Jake struggles back and forth, trying to escape but failing. Surely he has to tap out! Surely! He edges as far towards the ropes as he can before he has no choice and taps! Jake Jeckel taps out! Holy crap! Bruce Van Chan has just made this match 5-3 in Old School Wrestling’s favour. The fans roar in approval as Kersh enters the ring, Chan making the tag to Royal in advance. Nigel comes in and locks up with Brent, the stronger Enforcer pulling him into a Side Headlock. He wrenches it, Nigel sending him off into the ropes and being taken down by a Shoulder Block on the return.] [RAGE need an elimination and quickly. Nigel pops back to his feet and walks into a Big Boot, Kersh looking to settle this score early. He grabs him, scooping him up and into position.. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT- NO!! NIGEL WRIGGLES OUT! That wormy bastard wriggles out! He pushes Kersh off into the ropes and catches him on the return.. THE DUNGEOS ON LONDON! HE HAS THE CROSSFACE LOCKED IN! IT’S LOCKED IN! RAGE COULD BE DOWN TO TWO IN A MATTER OF MOMENTS! Kersh struggles, turning him on his side with his entire body weight, Nigel refusing to release the hold… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! WHAT!? NIGEL ROYAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [Nigel can’t believe it, releasing the hold and kicking Kersh away to see the referee explain that he had his shoulders pinned to the canvas. Scarecrow is next into the lion’s den and quickly takes Brent Kersh right out of his boots with a Big Boot of his own. It’s 4-3 and RAGE have to try and even the score. Kersh attempts to roll away like a coward, wanting a tag, but Scarecrow pulls him back by the leg and grabs him by the neck. He drags him to his feet and THROWS HIM INTO THE CORNER! Brent stumbles out and gets scooped straight up and down with a Body Slam!] [The Scarecrow grabs him again, only Brent rakes the eyes, stumbling him backwards. He’s quick on the attack, taking him down with a Clothesline. The Enforcer wants no more of this battle and backs away to his corner, tagging in Bird. Bird comes in with a measured kick to the thigh, following that up with a few more measured shots to the gut and knees. He’s going to try and take him down the right way, whipping him into the ropes and then nailing a Basement Dropkick to the knee that flips Scarecrow right over.] [Crow bounces back to his feet and attempts a Big Boot with his bad leg; only Bird catches it and spins him, connecting with a Clothesline. He grabs him up, receiving a thrusting uppercut to his jaw for his troubles. Scarecrow fights back with a second, and a third, and even a forth before slapping his hand around Bird’s throat. He squeezes before reaching under with both hands and thrusting Bird up into the air… ELEVATED CHOKESLAM!! BYE BYE BIRDIE – QUITE LITERALLY!! OUT OF NOTHING! He covers… One…… Two….. THREE!! IT’S.. KICK OUT! KICK OUT! ETHAN BIRD KICKED OUT!] [The fans can’t believe it as Scarecrow questions the referee. Suddenly, Ozric Mortimer appears on the tron, having stalked him in his cornfield earlier. He’s pouring gasoline over the crops, the perch and the ground, preparing to set it on fire whilst singing “We work all the live long day”. The distraction is enough to buy Ethan some time and he spins Scarecrow around… THE WORLD’S END!! FISHERMAN SUPLEX DDT!! HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! ETHAN BIRD ELIMINATES HIS NEMESIS THE SCARECROW!] [That came out of the distraction and the fans hate it, this one being levelled up at 3-3. Bird gets back to his feet and smirks, only The Scarecrow sits up! THE SCARECROW SITS UP! He gets straight back to his feet and Bird turns, only to walk straight into a MONSTROUS HEART PUNCH!! THE HAYMAKER!!! HAY FLIES OUT EVERYWHERE AS BIRD SLAMS INTO THE CANVAS! Red River Jack rushes into the ring, pulling Bird back to his feet and THE WAKE UP CALL! HE GOT IT! HE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! THANKS TO THE SCARECROW, ETHAN BIRD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED AND THIS ONE IS BACK TO 3-2! IT’S BRENT KERSH AND LUX BELLATOR VERSUS MIKE LANE, RED RIVER JACK AND BRUCE VAN CHAN!] [Jack waves Bellator back into the ring and he obliges. They square off, nose to nose, only for Red to nail him with a right hand. The World Eater pulls him to his feet and drops him down onto a knee, connecting with the BUS DRIVER! SEEIN’ RED! He covers… One…. Two… Kick Out! Lux kicks out! How the hell Lux is still going tonight after fighting The Dead earlier is anyone’s guess, but he is. Jack drags him over to his corner, tagging in Bruce Van Chan. Chan picks up when Jack leaves off, only Bellator blocks the right hand. He spins Chan around and leaps into the HEAD SCISSORS… ARM OF GOD! ARM OF GOD!! HE HAS BRUCE RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM!] [The fans boo but Bellator needs this, he needs this to tie it up at 2-2. He squeezes as much as he can until BRUCE VAN CHAN TAPS OUT! HE TAPS OUT! MY GOD, IT’S DOWN TO 2-2! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!? Lux rolls away and immediately tags in Kersh, who rushes towards Red River Jack and is caught cold with a Spartan Kick. Kersh falls straight into the corner. Red runs, leaping up with a knee to the jaw, grabbing his head and driving it down into his knee! A THOUSAND WORDS! BRENT KERSH IS REELING! They’re both slowly back up… THE WAKE UP CALL! RED RIVER JACK HAS IT! HE HAS IT… HE PINS THE TRAITOR…. ONE……. TWO….. THREE! GOODBYE BRENT KERSH, YOU TRAITOROUS BASTARD!!] [That entices a cheer unlike any we’ve heard before as the tired Bellator steps back into the ring. Only Red River Jack… SHADOWKICK! HOLY FUCKING CHRIST! WHAT THE FUCK?! MIKE LANE JUST NAILED RED RIVER JACK WITH A FUCKING SHADOWKICK! THAT CAME OUT OF NO-WHERE!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING LANE!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? JACK SLAMS INTO THE CANVAS AND BELLATOR COVERS…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! WHAT THE FUCK IS MIKE LANE DOING?! OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING IS ON THE LINE AND HE JUST.. HE JUST FUCKED OVER RED RIVER JACK!] [No-one is quite sure what’s going on. Has Mike Lane turned on us? Has he gone to the dark side? Bellator gets back to his feet and shares a confused glance with Mike Lane, these two men now the only guys left in this match. Mike points to him and says, “It’s me and you, asshole.”] [Oh boy! Mike just wanted to teach Jack a lesson of his own. Could it cost us? Could it cost us Old School Wrestling? Mike runs over Bellator with a Clothesline, almost taking his head off to immense cheers from the crowd as Jackson Slade and Errol Flint look on from the outside in concern. Lane pulls him back to his feet and backs him into the ropes, sending him across the ring. The Light Warrior comes back and ducks underneath a Clothesline, leaping off the middle rope and nailing him with a Crossbody.] [They’re both down and only slowly get back to their feet. Lane locks up with Bellator, pushes him away and.. SHADOWKICK!! NO!! HE TOOK OUT THE FUCKING REFEREE! LUX DUCKED! HOLY CRAP! The referee hits the canvas with a thud and Mike can’t believe it. He turns around.. kick to the gut…. DISCIPLE MAKER!! DISCIPLE MAKER!! FLIP PILEDRIVER TO THE WORLD CHAMPION!! BELLATOR COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE!! BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE! JACKSON SLADE THROWS HIS WALKING STICK INTO THE RING AND ENTERS… HE STARTS COUNTING…. ONE….. TWO…… ERROL FLINT STOPS HIM! HE FUCKING STOMPS ON HIS HEAD AND STOPS HIM DEAD!] [Slade uses the ropes and gets back to his feet holding his mid-section. He’s screaming abuse at Flint who DECKS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!! WHAT A FUCKING RIGHT HAND!! Lux though is up and spins Errol around… STEEL CHAIR TO THE FUCKING SKULL! WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!? BRENT KERSH JUST FUCKING NAILED HIM AND I MEAN NAILED HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR!! FLINT GRINS… KERSH NODS… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? HE DRAGS LANE OVER INTO THE COVER AND FLINT WAKES UP THE REFEREE… WHAT THE HELL? HE COUNTS… IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER…… ONE…………. TWO……………… THREE!! IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING SURVIVES THE RAGE INVASION!] [No-one can quite believe it.] [The entire arena has been stunned into silence.] [Mike Lane gets back to his feet with his eyebrows raised, he too is in complete shock as Errol Flint hugs and congratulates Brent Kersh on the outside. Was this… was this planned all along? Jackson Slade lays hurting in the ring, holding his stomach in agony, his eyes glazed over and his mouth gaping like a black hole.] [Errol grabs a microphone from ringside and rolls straight under the bottom rope, Kersh following him in. He bends down, looking at Slade with the only real rage left in his heart.]

“You thought you held all the cards, is that it Slade?” [He bellows into the microphone.] “Well, I hold the ace, you son of a bitch!” [Flint points to Brent Kersh who stands, hands on hips, having done the unthinkable.] “Old School Wrestling lives!”

[Flint stomps down on his mid-section, throwing the microphone at him as he turns around, finding the man who put everything on the line for this company. He embraces Kersh, going as far to kiss him on the cheek for what he’s done. Months upon months, Brent Kersh has been labelled a turncoat. For months, he has been looked at with disgust and disdain from every single fan he ever had. For months, he’s had to go against his own moral fibre and he did it all in the name of Old School Wrestling.] [And now, with the fans cheering in the background, their understanding complete, he stands over RAGE with Errol Flint raising his arm; a true hero of Old School Wrestling.]

“Old School Wrestling lives!”

“It lives!” [Screams Flint] [And we go off the air.]