Demon in the Mirror

In Promo by Chronoa

Do me a favor, go into the nearest room, turn off all the lights and stand in front of the largest mirror you can find

Surrounded only by the murky gloom and as your senses slowly accumulate to the darkness, stare deep into it’s foundations.

What do you see?

The pale reflection of yourself, an image only meant to mirror what the world sees when they stare back at you

Or is there something darker? A broken secret you keep hidden away, the true visage that you would burn the world to keep hidden.

Because everyone has their secrets and darkness, everyone has their demon and staring back into the black is the one you fear the most.

Most people see their fears, the lows they have sunk, the monster they hope never to become.

Maybe it’s the voice echoing in the back of your head that whispers your greatest fears.

Maybe it’s the worst moments of your life, the time you were at your lowest and most vulnerable.

Maybe it’s just an excuse to pretend you’re not an evil piece of shit.

So what do you see Tureos?

Is it this other personality that has warped and manipulated you for as long as you could remember?

Is it the so called demon of souls that wants to tear others asunder?

Is it the terrified boy who only wishes for the nightmares to end?

Or is it the brutal truth that it’s all a lie?

Because only a mad man fights against himself for so long and doesn’t realise how fractured and broken this makes him.

You claim to be all powerful yet you have fallen time and time again. All these souls you’ve failed to reap because you weaken your own

All because you can’t accept the being that stares back at you.

I used to do the same, long ago, back when my soul was still pure.

Back when I believed that the monster staring back was only a figment of my imagination.

That all this was a nightmare and I’d wake up and escape it all.

That the blood running down her hands was just a trick

That the corpses at her feet was just an illusion.

That the screams ringing in my head were just my mind playing tricks in the dead of night.

It took centuries before I accepted her, before the image in the mirror flipped.

Because sometimes what stares back is the only thing that gives you hope.

The woman I was, the idealistic fool who believed she could do good stares back.

And unlike you Tureos, I’m not scared of her, I don’t hate her, I don’t pity her.

Because she gives me strength and resolve.

Fate will have nothing to do with this

Because until you can look in that mirror and not quake in fear at what you see,

The only Slaughter you’ll find in this Temple will be yours.