In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was having the world forget his exists.”

Death Row.

Inmate #5129 sits before us.

Jasper Redgrave.

“It’s no secret who I am. Outside of these cell walls, I’m a household name that is feared.”

“My work is known across all the levels of Arcadia. When the name Jasper Redgrave escapes someone’s lips, it brings chills down the spines of all within earshot.”

“I am the devil of Arcadia.”

“Months have went by. Days upon days, I have sat locked away in the shadows of a cold prison facility.”

“I’ve had my chances, but I’ve chosen to remain silent.”

“I’ve taken a few losses on the chin, but they were necessairy to get a lay of the land.”

“To divert their eyes from seeing who I truly am.”

His lips curled into a twisted smirk.

“I’ve kept myself on the back burner. I’ve spent these last few months gathering intel. I’ve watched as the inmates of Death Row all clammer to come up with a way to overthrow The Warden..”

“And therein, lies their mistake.”

The Artist slumps to a stand, his hands being placed behind his back as he peers out the front of his cell into the heart of Death Row.

“Everyone thinks that overthrowing The Warden is their way out. Their ticket to freedom. But I’ve come to learn that’s not true.”

“Max Meadows has only been The Warden for as long as I’ve been here. Which means just as replaced the last warden, he too, can be replaced.”

“Killing The Warden is only applying a bandage to the wound, not stopping the blood flow.”

“The way to the top of Death Row isn’t through some placeholder of a warden. The way to the top is by capturing the Death Row Championship.”

He gives a dry chuckle.

“And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

“It’s time the devil joins the fray, boys.”

He paces back and forth.

“I’m done pretending to be just another inmate. I’m sick of taking one on the chin just to conceal who I am. I’m tired of taking these uprising idiots under my wing, while knowing damn good and well they don’t have what it takes to achieve their goal.”

“The Death Chamber is the perfect opportunity for the devil to rear it’s ugly head.”

“Five other men will lock theirselves into a chamber of death. What they have yet to realize is the demon they will be locking theirselves in with.”

“After this week, the name Jasper Redgrave will cause the same chills as it does outside of these walls.”

“Only this time, you won’t be able to utter the name of the devil without referring to him as the Champion of Death Row.”

Jasper leers into the camera.

“Watch closely, Arcadia..”

“Because the massacre inside the Death Chamber will be my greatest masterpiece yet.”

“The devil’s home.”

A sinister laugh is given as the cameras cut to black.