Dirty Hands

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

[ Stubbins Doom ] Quicker. Build it quicker.

Henchmen move as fast as they can, sweat dripping from their collective brows. They’ve been worked hard. 

[ Stubbins Doom ] In the construction of anything great, there are casualties.

He watches upon a balcony as people struggle beneath.

[ Stubbins Doom ] Nothing wonderous is created without the blood, sweat, tears, and toil of hard work. Men like me are thinkers. We concoct, we consider, we deliberate, and we create. What we don’t do, is get our hands dirty.

Doom scoffs.

[ Stubbins Doom ] Dirty hands are a waste of the minds time. 

A man below falls over in exhaustion. His body has given up. Doom looks down upon him with a sneer and nods towards another man, who approaches with a wrench.

[ Henchman ] Get up…

The man can’t.

[ Henchman ] I said get up!

He doesn’t.

The henchman looks towards Stubbins who nods.

[ Stubbins Doom ] And when dirty hands are no longer useful, or damaged beyond repair, thinkers like me know what needs to be done.

With a devastating blow, the henchman clocks the defeated worker repeatedly with the wrench, beating his brains out whilst everyone else stops to watch.

[ Stubbins Doom ] A small sacrifice.

In fear, they all quickly get back to work.

[ Stubbins Doom ] Zeus is a wise and logical leader. Like me, he wouldn’t get his hands dirty. No, he’d look towards the incumbent or obligated to fulfil their purpose.

He smiles.

[ Stubbins Doom ] Like you, Mr. Attano.

Doom walks the walkway above the workers, pacing.

[ Stubbins Doom ] You were a pair of hands for the Almighty Zeus. Like my workers below, you toiled for your leader. You worked hard, did what you were told and become dirtied by your efforts. With every task asked of you as a pair of hands, the dirtier you became. The blood soaked those sweaty palms and stained them.

He sighs.

[ Stubbins Doom ] Until finally, you were no longer useful.

Henchmen below drag the body of the deceased worker away, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.

[ Stubbins Doom ] Zeus placed you upon Deathrow, a death sentence for a dirty pair of hands that were broken, bloodied and to him, no longer useful. Fortunately for you, in that blood soaked den of iniquity, you managed to survive. By your fingertips alone, you found away to scratch and claw your way to freedom.

[ Stubbins Doom ] But that doesn’t mean you’re fixed, Mr. Attano.

[ Stubbins Doom ] That doesn’t mean that you’re repaired, or useful.

[ Stubbins Doom ] What it means is that next week, your two teammates are one pair of hands short of a job well done. It means that they’re going into construction with a handicap. That’s a handicap I’ll take full advantage of.

Stubbins laughs.

[ Stubbins Doom ] And as you just saw, when dirty hands no longer function as they should.

[ Stubbins Doom ] I crack the jar.