Doctor’s Orders

In Dr. Death, Promo by Dr. Death

Let’s talk about my fellow residents during my training years.

Dr. Greentomb kind of creeped everyone out. There was something insidious about him, whether it was the way he had pet names for his patients and his coworkers, like when he called me “his little birdie,” or how he delighted in the bloodier surgeries that he participated in, I got the feeling that he wasn’t somebody I wanted to get to know too closely.

Good old Dr. Sight, however, had a lot of fans within the department. He was a true leader, and loved bringing along the younger residents to learn how to navigate different surgeries. Great fellow, but his loops always seemed to fog up on him, hindering his vision at critical junctures and basically forcing him to operate blindly.

And then there was Dr. Fiddle. The silver-tongued hunk sure had a way with words, and it seemed he could talk his way into getting whatever it was he needed from faculty… especially his nurses. As you could imagine, there were plenty of stories about him and his nurses fiddling around, if you will.

And me.

It’s not like I had bloodlust, but I came from the bowels of Arcadia, so I’ve seen some shit in my day that would make other surgeons faint. And honestly I don’t particularly enjoy social interaction, so coming up with affectionate names for others was out of bounds.

Again, I keep others at arms-length in order to preserve my sanity, but if I could find use in the younger residents I would bring them along to my surgeries, strictly for business. But if I found their practice to be sightless I’d have no problem kicking them from the field at critical junctures of a surgery.

And if a nurse ever got in my way, I would always find the right words to leave an emotional scar inside them that no hugging or kissing could ever heal. It’s suffice to say the hospital had plenty of stories that detailed my “no-messing-around” policy.

It’s easy to see why I was the only successful surgeon out of us during our residency.

And it’s easy to see why I’m the odds-on favorite to win this fatal four way match.

Jasper Redgrave can’t quench his bloodthirst, but I can handle just enough blood to keep a cool head in the ring.

Also, please stop calling people nicknames Jasper, you sick fuck.

I may not have as many followers as Vision, but I have a nurse and a professional in another specialty who augment my purpose, in and out of the ring.

Plus unlike you, I can see clearly, even despite my mask’s nose.

And I don’t need to rely on whispering sweet nothings to control those around me. I will say what I want, when I want, because those are the doctor’s orders.

There will be absolutely no fiddling around in the ring with me, Fidel.

There’s only one doctor between the four of us, and it’s time for you three to follow the doctor’s orders.

Now take a deep breath and close your eyes…

See you on the other side.