Dragon’s Lair

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“My grandfather used to tell me a story.”

“The story of three men. Some of the baddest warriors of the land.”

“Enlisted by their king to venture into the depths of the dungeon to retrieve a chest full of riches. A prized possession that any man, especially the greedy king, would sacrifice their lives for.. or in this case, the lives of several others.”

“Though these men were hand selected, they knew nothing of each other besides who they were. Each of them have strived to be the baddest of the land, which means each of them had a strong distaste for one another.”

“Two of them led their own flock of followers into battles against one another. A gang war, if you will. Each fighting for control of their territory.”

“And the third.. the white knight from the King’s personal court. Ready to follow the King’s every demand.”

“They entered the dungeon with no real plan. Each of them confident in their abilities, crawled the dungeon floor with the assumption that they could just brute force their way through.”

“One step into the altar triggered several iron bars to clang shut, locking them in the room as a loud snarl is heard.”

“From the depths of the shadows emerged quite the beast. A large three headed dragon. Snarling and growling at those who wake him from his slumber.”

“The head from the left entrances the warriors with it’s cry, while the head from the right strikes with the precision of a surgeon.”

“With one last growl, the middle head takes aim before releasing a fire breath that roasts all three warriors to a burnt crisp and disposing of those who trespass his tomb.”

“This week at Clash, our greedy King shall send forth three of the strongest men from his court with one goal in mind, slay the Three Headed Dragon that dwells within the dungeons of Arcadia.”

“The most abstract of teams. Grimskull and Vision quite the polar opposites, leading their cults down their own corrupted paths.”

“And then, there’s my personal favorite. My little Eagle, who operates by the book to the T. Ready to carry out his orders rather than his own plan.”

“Strong in their own right, abstract art will never outweigh perfect symmetry.”

“Before you stands a mythical beast. The Three Headed Dragon of Death.”

“You each may have your own plan of attack, but much like the dungeon crawlers from my grandpa’s story, you will be discarded to the floor.”

“Because the Three Headed Dragon of Death moves in beautiful harmony. Perfect symmetry.”

“I am the middle head of the dragon. I am the head that’s at the helm of your demise.”

“And I will be there to deal the final blow.”

“This week, I create a different piece of art.”

“One that tells the story of why you shouldn’t trespass in the lair of the dragon.”

“With your ashes, I shall create the perfect masterpiece!”