In Promo by Kpavio

School is the place where the young boys and girls of Arcadia can go to learn, further themselves and brighten their futures. Within the safety and confines of the school, the children of Arcadia are allowed to dream, be they from the depths or the top all the children have the same right to dream. They have the same right to aspire to be something greater, something better. And education and a dream for many of the youth, can be their only way out. A way to secure their future, a way to step out of the shadows and the darkness that surrounds them.

The youth can learn about science, understanding the world around them and how it functions. They can learn about their history, the history of their very people.

For example, a young student can learn about the element of fire, its unforgiving, unjudging and unrelenting nature. They can learn how a single spark from the tiniest of sources can ignite a force more powerful then about anything in our world.

That same young student can read about the heroes of Arcadia and dream themselves to one day be spoken in the same breath. Pretend to be standing atop the mountain, grasping the grandest of prizes like their heroes.

But alas, when school is done those same young students become adults and suddenly those dreams that they held onto as children seem to be a little less tangible. That young student who dreamed of being a hero has to face the realization that he grew only to be a small man.

School allows children dream, but adulthood is where dreams come to die.

The burning man, he dreams of redemption. In the depths of his scorched chest, he desires to find those responsible for taking his beloved family, but alas he has failed. Leaving his confidence as scarred and broken as his body.

Destructo Boy dreams that one day he will eventually step out of his Fathers shadow, he desires to be a hero, but alas his fathers shadow has continued to eclipse him. Obscured by the shadow, the world doesn’t even know of the boys existence.

These men dream to be hero’s they dream to be bringers of vengeance, but only one man standing in that ring has accomplished that. Only I am viewed in Arcadia as a hero, only I am viewed in Arcadia as Vengeance.

But this, this was never my dream. Just a function of my reality, the gifts I was given were not those I had wanted, not those I had dreamed off.

Burning Man and Destructo Boy resent me, because I am everything that they wish they could be. No shadow in Arcadia can eclipse the name Kpavio. No arsonist could ever escape my Vengeance. I’m the teacher who dares those kids to dream, knowing full well they’re destined for failure. I’m the fire, destroying everything that stands in my way. I am success, where others continue to fail.

And soon you’ll come to learn the true face of vengeance is the skull.