The opening of Driven is only static. A camera finally switches on, fuzzy at first, flickering across the screen. Stood before us is the KKK, dressed fully in their gowns and head gear so that we can’t see their faces. Whoever is filming lifts the camera off a table and walks it across the room, revealing Atticus Kyll bound and gagged, unconscious, whilst Charlie Thompson looks on petrified.

“Everyone demands to know answers,” a voice echo’s in deep unrecognisable tones. They’re still covering their tracks with voice modifiers and hoods. “And tonight, they’ll get them.”

The cameraman bends down to show the tear and make up stained face of Charlie.

“Tonight, this story ends and another soon begins.”

He laughs sadistically.

“No-one in Old School Wrestling is safe. You’re either a nigger or you harbour niggers and neither is good enough.”

Finally the camera moves up to where the voice is coming from.

“Everyone will understand our message by the end of Driven. Everyone will understand why we’re here and what we’ve come to do. The casualties that you see before you,” he says whilst the camera points down. There’s a slight pause and then he continues. “They are only the start, the beginning.”

He walks towards Atticus and slaps him awake. The once savior of Vespertine comes to and is immediately punched square between the eyes. The man grabs him by the throat and starts strangling as Atticus struggles for air.

“We won’t be banished so easily.”

The camera drops abruptly to the floor, cutting our feed.

Driven opens up with the amazing scenes live inside The School Yard. The crowd are on their feet, cheering, chanting, acting about as ruckus as possible after that damning introduction to the show.

We take a spin around the capacity crowd, checking out some of their signage as “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold plays us in.

“Can’t you help me as I’m startin’ to burn (all alone).

Too many doses and I’m starting to get an attraction.

My confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone).

No one can save me and you know I don’t want the attention.”

Finally we rest ringside with Rick Walker and Richard Roman looking extremely pleased to see us.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to an Old School Presentation right here in The School Yard. You’ve joined us here tonight for Driven and you will not be disappointed. Despite that rather uncouth opening, we’ve one hell of a show for you,” Rick leads us in with a smile. “Joining me tonight as always is Richard Roman and Rich, tonight will be an insane night.”

Richard nods in agreement.

“All you have to think about is the Ku Klux Klan and you know we’re in for a ride. When you think that we’ve the World and United States Championships also on the line, it’s going to be off the chain.”

“Speaking of the US Championship, let’s take you over to Paloma Ruiz who’s standing by for our first match of the night.”

Paloma Ruiz: “The next match is a fatal four way match and it is for the United States Championship.”

The quiet beginning of “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins and soothes the arena as it falls into pitch blackness. As the chords come in and the singing begins, a spotlight appears at the entrance and from behind the curtain walks Fate. Calmly, Fate walks to the front of the stage, looking left and right at the crowd in front of him.

“…Remember Me! For Centuries!”

BOOM! Fireworks across the stage awaken the arena. The lights are on full blast and frantically moving around and blinking in and out. During the madness, Fate simply opens his arms with a smile on his face. After a few seconds, Fate makes his way down the ramp with energy matching that of the song – escalating. As the song progresses and Fate gets closer to the ring, the more hype he gets. Screaming and interacting with the crowd, Fate slides in the ring…

“…Remember me! For Centuries!”

BOOM! Simultaneously, Fate jumps up and the ring posts ignite the arena once more. Smiling and interacting with the crowd, Fate now moves towards his corner – stretching and awaiting the match to start.

Paloma Ruiz: “From Detroit Michigan coming in at 278lbs, he is Mr. Inevitable, FATE!!!!”

The song goes down and the people await the next opponent. Then suddenly the sound of a Japanese flute starts out playing quietly over the loudspeakers and the lights go down. The Tron comes up and we see two armies standing face to face on a battlefield. The flute continues playing and the camera on the Tron gets closer to the two armies. The camera cuts scene…

The camera cuts back to a scene of two armies. The Japanese flute plays louder. Both armies are huge and they are an army of shogun, ronin, and samurai. As the army walks forward a single figure comes into view and emerges from the line. The figure raises their sword and as one the entire army stops. The figure runs forward and gets atop a boulder to look out. The camera goes over their shoulder and we see the other army standing as a wall in the distance. The figure/leader takes off their helmet and long black hair tumbles out from it and flows all around, sometimes waving and weaving in places where the wind catches it. The figure turns and looks at the army behind them and we see it is Vespertine. She raises her sword and roars in fury. Camera cuts scene and the Japanese flute stops.

Camera cuts back to scene of her army raising their own swords and shouting in fury. The camera pans back quickly and she does the motion of “forward” with her sword and the camera goes up and we see her entire army run forward to join in the fray below. The song “Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown starts up and then goes straight into the song.

Suddenly the spotlights in the arena come up and we see a lone figure standing at the top of the ramp. One arm is raised and we see it is Vespertine and she is standing facing the entrance curtains. She spins around rather quickly and at the end of the turn she points at the audience where upon a couple of pyros go off on each side of her. She stands at the top of the ramp looking around at the audience. Then suddenly she reaches her hands out to them as if to encompass their souls and fire pillar pyros go off behind her. She saunters on down to the ring, stepping in time to the music.

She wears black wrestling shorts, a black wrestling sports top with purple sequins which reveals her midriff and abs, black wrestling boots, her black trenchcoat duster and black sunglasses. She slides in underneathe the ropes, takes off her sunglasses and looks around at various spots with a feral like look in her eyes and slightly licking her lips. We see she has heavy glitter around her eyes and a heavy dark black eyeliner. She crawls seductively like a cat to the other side of the ring and then suddenly jumps up and spreads her arms out and lands in an “V” like pattern where upon at each corner of the ring, showers of sparks come flying out. She looks around, still with the feral look in her eyes, and takes off her trenchcoat duster and and gives it to a person outside the ring and goes to sit on the turnbuckle facing the ring entrance until the match starts.

Paloma Ruiz: “His opponent, from San Francisco, Ca, coming in at 5’8, she is Elegance Personified, VESPERTINE!!!!!”

The song dies down and the audience awaits the next entrant. It isn’t long before “I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” hits as a chorus of people come out, clapping and singing along with Marcus X’s song, happily singing away as Marcus X himself comes out, walking past them as he makes his way down the rampway and heads towards ringside. Marcus walks up the steel steps, entering the ring as his music fades out.

Paloma Ruiz: “Their opponent, from Harlem, New York, New York, coming in at 225 lbs, he is the Freedom Fighter, Marcus XXXXXXXX!!!!!”

The crowd is half on his side and half against him but he neither looks around or cares and his music dies down and all three competitors eye each other as they wait for the champion. Then the sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters “OSW” and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists. As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Once the professional wrestler gets to within several feet of the ring apron, he sprints the remaining distance — sliding under the bottom rope and coming to his feet in the middle of the ring. The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he maneuvers his way around the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “And their opponent from Beaumont Texas, coming in at 255 lbs, he is the Enforcer, BRENT KERSH!!!!”

At the sound of his name the crowd goes wild and he waves to them lazily. The referee waits this out and then signals for the match to begin and then the bell rings. For a moment nobody does or says anything, then suddenly Vespertine whirls into action and superkicks Fate, who was standing a few feet away from her, glaring at Brent, he doesn’t see it coming and she catches him on the chin. He falls backwards into the ropes and out of the ring. Marcus and Brent just look stunned at what she just did. They look at her, she smiles and shrugs. Both men come to their senses and start wailing away on each other. Vespertine just looks at them and shrugs. She goes over to the corner post and sits down on it watching them do it.

Meanwhile…. Marcus and Brent get into a hookup and for a minute or two nobody gains the upper hand. Then Brent, being the heavier of the two starts pushing Marcus back towards the corner post. Marcus gets into the corner and puts his hands up. The referee immediately gets in and breaks it up. Brent backs up and Marcus comes forward. They try again and again with the result. Brent backs up but this time, Marcus charges and nails a running clothesline. Brent goes down but gets right back up and is nailed again with another running clothesline. Brent is back up but not as quickly as the first time and Marcus does it again but this time, Brent is ready and executes a perfect arm drag/hip toss. Marcus lands a few feet away and is up on his knees eyeing Brent as he wasn’t prepared for that. Brent waits until Marcus is on his feet then runs forward and attempts and gets a step up enzigurai.

Meanwhile… Fate has come to and is just now getting up. Vespertine sees this and stands up from her perched position. Fate sees this and before she can fly onto him, he jumps on the ring apron and shakes the rope. She loses her footing and falls with the ropes between her legs. He goes through the ropes, gets on the second turnbuckle, puts her arm over his neck and tries a superplex off the post. She blocks. He tries again and is blocked again. She starts punching his stomach and he starts letting go, she then pushes with all her might and he lands on his back in the middle of the ring. She climbs up fast and when he sees he gets quickly up to try and charge her but she is faster and executes a flying missile dropkick which connects with his chest. He goes down and she quickly covers him. The referee gets into position and 1 …2… NO! Marcus has pulled Vespertine up by her hair.

She gets on her feet and starts arguing with him. He argues with her back and shrugs his shoulders. At the same time, both Fate and Brent pull each competitor down into a schoolboy rollup. The referee looks confused as to who to count for a second before decided to do a double count. 1..2, Vespertine kicks out. At 2 and a half, Marcus kicks out. Brent pulls Marcus up, Fate pulled Vespertine up, they look at each other and then each takes their opponent’s arm and tries to whip them into the other across the ring. Somehow, Vespertine and Marcus manage to both duck and jump over at the same time and Marcus clothesline Fate and Vespertine bicycle kicks Brent. Fate lands on the mat and Brent staggers back and turns and ends up on the bottom ropes. Vespertine looks around and smiles thinking it is 619 time.

She runs to the opposite ropes and on the rebound, she stops short, Marcus and Fate are in her way. She tries again and rolls/cartwheels around them and nails the first portion of the 619 (aka the 415, the SF ca area code). Brent is up and holding his face in pain on the mat as Fate and Marcus battle over him. Vespertine watches to see when he is up but Fate and Marcus battles towards her. When they get to just next to her, she grabs both of their heads and tries to make them headbutt each other. No dice, they are stronger. She tries again and they push her hands off and both men look at her for a few seconds. She smiles and waves at each of them mouthing sorry in the process. Both men jump at the same time and drop kick her in the chest which causes her to fall to the arena floor below.

Both men don’t see that Brent has gotten up and is running towards them and nailing them with a double clothesline that sends them over the top rope. Both men land on the arena floor below. He watches as all three of opponents get up groggily. He looks around and smiles at the audience. Brent runs the far ropes, rebounds and as Fate gets on the ring apron to enter the ring, Brent spears him through the second rope causing both him and Fate to crash down upon Vespertine and Marcus. Again all three go down and Brent lands and rolls off of him. The audience starts the Holy Shit chant.

Brent is first up and so Fate. Fate picks up Marcus and Brent picks up Vespertine and both roll them into the ring. Brent covers Vespertine and Fate covers Marcus and again the referee is confused but with less time than before, he goes for the 3 count. At 2, Marcus kicks out. At 2 and a half, Vespertine kicks out. Fate gets up and looks over at Brent who doesn’t see him. He waits until Brent is in his sites then he nails a Continuum (spear) and Brent goes down hard. Brent lays there catching his breath. He watches as Fate and Marcus battle each other to cover him. He then sees Marcus throw Fate over the top rope. He quickly gets up, and as Marcus turns around, goes for a Southern Discomfort – a shoulder breaker followed up by a Tombstone piledriver. He quickly covers Marcus and the referee gets into position. 1…2… 3! Brent wins and retains the United States Championship!

Paloma Ruiz: “Here is your winner… and STILL.. UNITED STATES CHAMPION…. BREEEENT… KEERSSSH!”

“Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis hits again as Brent is handed back his US Championship belt. He holds it up, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd who still aren’t so sure of his innocence. Either way, he proved here tonight that he will fight until he fights no more. Then the lights dim..

The lights have dimmed and when they return, The KKK are stood inside the ring with Brent Kersh. Marcus X is back to his feet first, running straight into a Clothesline. Kersh doesn’t know what to do with himself as Vespertine and Fate are back to their feet as well. Vespertine goes after Kersh, Brent pushing her backwards and trying to tell her that he’s not involved.

WHAAACCCK!! A steel chair suddenly wallops across the back of her head, knocking her to the canvas in a heap. Brent screams at them, infuriated. “What did you do that for?” he yells. Fate meanwhile has been dragged to the outside, bounced off the steel ring steps and is being stomped away at by members of the KKK.

Brent inches forward towards the clear leader, who stares back at him, nodding at him as if this was one big plan all along.

Suddenly Fate screams an awful scream – the crowd “OOOHHH!” in disgust as we realize that two members of the Ku Klux Klan have just slammed the steel steps down on his ankle, potentially breaking it. Kersh again tries to leave the ring, only to be pulled back by the leader, who tells him that it’s all under control.

“What?” he says. “I’ve got nothing to do with this.” Brent loudly says off microphone.

Just then, Marcus X is up from behind, turning Brent around and… THE BLACKOUT! MARCUS NAILS HIM! HE NAILS HIM! That infuriates the KKK who’re all back into the ring now and MUGGING MARCUS FOR GOOD MEASURE! They punch, kick and stomp away at him until he’s finally dragged to his feet and thrown to the leader, who with a steel chair in hands, CRACKS HIM OVER THE SKULL!

No-one knows what’s going on here. The KKK exit the ring, leaving carnage in their wake as they do.

Is Brent Kersh a member or not? He’s saying no, they’re acting as if he is and all the while, we don’t have the damndest of ideas.

In the Kingdom of Orwell backstage, both King Konstantine and Nigel Royal are surrounded by guards, on the lookout after last week’s nightmare. As you’d expect, they’re devastated after Pickpocket stole their Championships from right out under their noses last week.

“We need to get those Championships back now,” Royal demands in frustration. “That puny thieving little arsewipe needs my foot directly up his arse.”

The King pats him on the shoulder.

“Nigel, let’s be calm for a moment, alright? Tonight in the middle of that ring, Pickpocket fights alone. Have thou seen Thomas Roll in a few weeks?”

He thinks about that.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t.” he admits.

“That’s because he’s been bought and paid for, dear friend. I offered Thomas his own little island of dance somewhere in the pacific and he took it. He won’t be of bother to us or our agenda here tonight. Thou should be relaxed – our Championships shall return to their rightful waists.”

That gets a chuckle out of the Bloodline.

“I like it King, I like it a lot. Though one must wonder if tonight will be the end of this saga between you and the thief. I know that once I have my Championship back, I’ll be more so inclined to attend to other matters.”

That disappoints Konstantine, but he concedes.

“Very well Nigel. The Kingdom will always be a home to thou and I doth know that one day, thou shall return to it.”

Both men shake hands in a very polite and overly humane fashion. Just then, the camera rises to the rafters, where Pickpocket and Buford appear to be sat above the scene, watching intently.

“Looks like it’s going to be just you and I, Buford.” he whispers disappointedly.

Paloma Ruiz is in the middle of the ring, as ravishing as ever, she begins by introducing our first competitor.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentleman, on his way to the ring, hailing from Bayside, California. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty three pounds. He is a former Hardcore Champion….. Matthew Coriesssssssssss.”

“Go Green Ranger Go!” starts playing over the P.A. system , bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet, handing his jacket over to the time keeper at ringside.

Once Matthew Cories is in the ring, Paloma introduces his opponent.

The illumination in the arena is cut to an unforeseen darkness. It returns in a blue tinge on the same beat as Hangman’s theme sounds on the P.A system. Hangman is lowered down from the rafters, hung on a thick rope. The middle of the ring is where he’s placed. His head is down but he swiftly raises it, his theme would fade out thereafter.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent for tonight, from Parts Unknown. A huge six foot 8 inches and two hundred and seventy pounds. The Legend of years….. The Hangmannnnnn.”

The two men look across the ring at each other, this one is going to be brutal. The height difference is huge here. That said it’s the littler man who seizes the initiative, reigning in on The Head Hunter’s mid drift with swift and accurate blows to the 6ft 8’’ giants body. The final one reigns in and sends Hangman doubling over. Cories bounces off the ropes and comes flying back at The Hangman with big pace, upper cut from Hangman to his jaw, sends Cories flying and resting up against the ropes. The force off the uppercut from the Manslayer has left Matthew Cories tied up in the ropes. Struggling, yet failing, to unleash himself from the ropes whilst Hangman just stands there and stares, must be realizing in his head the opportunity he has here. Stalking The Fresh Prince of Wrestling, Hangman finally wraps his huge shovel like hands around the throat of Matthew Cories and begins squeezing with all his might.

Matthew Cories eyes look they could bulge out of his head here. The Referee has no choice but to get involved and stop the Hangman before we have a second OSW death on our hands. During the talking to the referee is given Hangman, Matthew Cories has managed to wriggle himself free. Gasping for air, hands on knees. The Head Hunter tries to keep Matthew Cories down and winded with a huge BACKBREAKER. Quickly going for the cover, One…. Two…… NO! Kick-out! Back on our feet and Matthew Cories gets a bit of offence in himself. Running high knee, followed by a swinging neck breaker though and Cories tries for a pin of his own. One… Kick-out! Take a lot more than that to put the Manslayer away. Acrobatically climbing the turnbuckle Matthew Cories is taking it HIGH RISK.

Sensing the danger Hangman is straight to his feet and his only option of defense is to throw himself onto the ropes, the vibrations of which make Matthew lose his footing and he falls onto the top ring post, GROIN FIRST. The agony on Cories face is evident, Hangman wanting to seize his opportunity closes in on Cories. Slowly climbing the turnbuckle himself. Feet firmly on the second set of ropes, still towering over Cories he begins to reign down punches. ONE….TWO…..THREE….FOUR…FIVE….SI….. NO NOCories has blocked and is throwing wild punches of his own. A struggle ensues, both men swinging wildly. Eventually the Fresh Prince of Wrestling gains the upper hand and a two footed kick to the torso of The Hangman sends him crashing from his turnbuckle position to the floor.

When Hangman went flying though he crashed into the referee who was trying to keep a close eyes on things and make sure nobody used any illegal moves. The referee is laid flat out, he took a pretty heavy hit. Regardless of that fact Matthew Cories is still up top, steadying his feet on the top turnbuckle, SWANTON BOMB……. MISSES. Hangman just having the sense to roll out the way. With no referee to start the count, Hangman is the one who is moving but he isn’t trying to stand he is rolling, right to the outside of the ring. Once dropping out he goes underneath the ring, a quick search about and he pulls out a ……. NOOSE. HANGMAN HAS A NOOSE.

Returning to the ring, he signals to the still motionless Matthew Cories. Lifting Matthew’s head up off the mat he places the noose around his his neck and tightens it up to the point where you can almost see the rope cutting into Matthew Cories throat. Matthew now stands up and Hangman just lets him. Amazingly though no Matthew throws no offence and instead just begins to start shaking his head in a peculiar fashion, like he is battling something in his head. Hangman lets out a sickening laugh. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling begins slowly, almost robotic like, walking back to the same turnbuckle he missed the swanton bomb off. Slowly climbing it until he is standing atop the top turnbuckle, Noose tightened around his neck, causing his face to go slightly red. Hangman has a hold of the other end.

The fans can not believe the events unfolding before them. Letting out a sickening laugh, Hangman begins winding the rope around his arm. With every segment of rope getting the Hangman ultimately closer to the, seemingly hypnotic and very confused Matthew Cories. Upon reaching his intended target, Cories, he tightens the noose one more time before turning his back on Cories. In a sickening move, he pulls on the noose and the two men are now back to back. He begins wrapping the rope around his arm again, thus shortening the length, one more wrap. CORIES IS HANGING!! HIS FEET ARE NOT TOUCHING THE FLOOR!!! HANGMAN IS LITERALLY HANGING CORIES!

The crowd gasp, are they really witnessing this? CORIES HAS SNAPPED OUT OF IT AND IS THRASHING AROUND WILDLY! THE BREATH HAS BEEN SUCKED OUT OF CORIES. Out the corner of his eye Hangman notices the referee is now coming around. Releasing the noose, just in the nick of time by the look of Matthew Cories. Hangman quickly kicks the noose out the ring and covers his opponent. The referee is now up and see’s no more than a downed Cories and a cover being made, thinking nothing of it he begins the count ONE…… TWO….. THREE. This one is over and not surprisingly. Savage victory by the Hangman.

Paloma Ruiz: “Here is your winner… THE HAAAANGMAAAN!”

The Hangman gets back to his feet, looking down at the broken Cories, knowing that now is his opportunity to save him. He steps over the top rope and heads to the outside.

The Hangman snatches the blade from the time keepers desk and rolls into the ring with it. He stands over the fallen Cories who looks up at him, almost begging him not to do it.

“You want this?” The Hangman roars at him. Suddenly he grabs it with both hands, snapping it in two. Almost immediately, Cories falls forward onto his hands and all fours. “Matthew?”

He carefully looks back at him.

“You did it!” he yells excitedly, jumping to his feet and hugging a very awkward Hangman. The crowd cheer, knowing that finally he spell has been broken. “You saved me from the blade.”

Matthew looks around the crowd and looks truthfully relieved. The Hangman, like the hero that he is, drops the broken blade of two and steps backwards, heading towards the exit.

As he does, Cories reaches out, spinning him around and offering him a handshake.

The crowd almost demand that The Hangman takes it..

And he does.

Both men shake hands and The Hangman exits, leaving Matthew to hop onto the middle turnbuckle and celebrate his freedom with his awaiting fans.

In the backstage area, Canadian Gold Medallist Will Abel is polishing his Olympic Medals. He’s looking extremely proud of himself as a deranged looking fellow enters the frame, eyeing up the gold.

“What the heck are you looking at eh?” Will snaps at him. “Oh I see, you’re looking at the merchandise, is that right? Well back off bucko, this beauty is mine.”

Willie just stands there, unmoved.

“I know who you are, you’re one of my ‘opponents’ for tonight, aren’t you? Well I’ve got news for you, pal; I use the term opponent quite loosely.”

“Men who talk so much, often have very little to say,” Manson says stoically. “And as a result, end up on the losing end of Willie Manson’s temper.”

Abel steps forward and scoffs at him.

“Save your talk for the ring, tough guy.” Abel laughs with a chuckle, walking away.

Willie stands there, his eyes widened and his smile now beaming across his face.

“When hurting people is what you’re born to do, you don’t need a ring for that. But never fear William, I shall await your very presence in the ring and there, I shant toy with you any longer. Enjoy your success, it’ll be short lived.”

Willie heads off ominously in the opposite direction, the scene now empty.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 6’2, 225 lbs. From London England, he is The Bloodline To Greatnesssss… OSW HARDCORE CHAMPION… NIGEEEEELLLL ROYALLLLLL!!!”

The Anthem flares up and out steps Nigel from behind the curtain, union jack flag draped over him like a cape. He signals to the crowd for silence right now, listen and obey the greatest anthem in the world. The crowd naturally don’t play along which brings a look of disgust on Nigel’s face, especially disgusted seeing as he is without his OSW Hardcore Title. Standing at the top of the ramp way he stands as tall as a mountain, hand on his heart and blares out God save the queen with all his heart, after the first verse he proceeds to make his way down the ramp, scowling toward the people he thinks have just disrespected his great country. Upon reaching the ring Nigel unties the union jack flag he has been wearing as a cape and holds it high for all to see.

Paloma Ruiz: “His partner,weighing in at 6’2, 238 lbs. From the North, he is the first of his name, Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling… OSW ALL-STAR CHAMPIOOOON…. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING KONSTANTIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!”

Lord Tremblay enters the arena to address the audience. He asks everyone to rise for the entrance of “King Konstantine of the House Orwell, first of his name, Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling.” Queen Kassandra enters next, followed by King Konstantine. The King sits on a throne, carried to the ring on the shoulders of his King’s Guard. No music accompanies the royal family, only the sounds of his loving admirers in attendance.


A new riff hits the speakers. It belongs to Everyone Has Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey, by the Beatles. Coming to the ring, for the first time with this music, is Buford and Pickpocket. They slap hands with fans, hand out assortments of random, presumably stolen objects (money, gold chains, wallets, and candy) to people in the crowd who seem to particularly enjoy them. As they slide into the ring, they keep a careful eye on their opponents, aware of the danger both men present.

**DING, DING, DING!!!** When the bell rings it is Pickpocket and Nigel beginning the match. The two men immediately lock up in the center of the squared circle, trying to gain an upper hand. Nigel underhandedly gives Pickpocket a knee to the gut to break the lock up, and places Pickpocket in a side headlock. He wrenches Pickpocket’s neck a few times, before Pickpocket backs up and bounces off the ropes, throwing Nigel off on the return. Nigel runs to the other side and bounces off the ropes himself, flying knee to Pickpocket! Pickpocket hits the mat only to reach his feet. On the way up Nigel goes for a DDT, but Pickpocket shoves him off and runs to the ropes. Only he doesn’t return, he instead flies over the top and takes out the Kings Guard with a crossbody block!

The fans erupt as Pickpocket takes them out, standing to his feet. HE DECKS LORD TREMBLAY WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND!!! Queen Kassandra is in Pickpocket’s sights! He walks towards her, Kassandra backs away, begging, but Pickpocket pays no mind. He reaches out and grabs her by the hair, but King Konstantine NAILS Pickpocket with a big boot to the back of his head!!! Good God!!! Nigel beckons his king to roll Pickpocket back into the ring, and Konstantine obliges. Nigel begins nailing Pickpocket with boot after boot after boot. He begins focussing on Pickpocket’s legs in particular. Stomping his knees, jumping and dropping several knees onto Pickpocket’s own violently. Nigel follows it up with a figure four leg lock, and he’s putting on a clinic on how to target an opponent’s body.

Pickpocket is crying out. Buford is nervously dancing around the apron, watching Pickpocket get hurt. The Showthief does not give up though, and he eventually reaches the ropes. The referee demands Nigel Royal breaks the hold, and he finally does so on the four count. Then, with veteran forethought, Nigel drags him by the leg back to the center of the ring and locks the hold back in again! The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as King Konstantine applauds, laughing, entertained. Eventually, however, the King demands the tag, and Royal, a bit begrudgingly, breaks the hold and tags him in.

Once King Konstantine enters the ring, the crowd really starts behaving restlessly. They clearly hate the man. He smiles back at them, and lifts Pickpocket up to his feet, locking him in an abdominal stretch. He keeps it locked in, seeming to bend Pickpocket’s back further and further towards the ground, unnaturally. However, the crowd begins chanting, “Pick-po-cket! Pick-po-cket! Pick-po-cket!” Pickpocket starts stomping his foot. Konstantine looks concerned. He tries to wrench Pickpocket back further, but it doesn’t seem to effect him. Pickpocket’s arm is reaching out shaking! It closes to a fist! He punches backwards and hits Konstantine’s forehead! Again! Again! King Konstantine is forced to break the hold! Pickpocket runs and nails Nigel Royal with his own sort of spinning heel kick! He comes back and delivers one of the King’s own strong headbutts! He does so again!


The crowd is cheering on Pickpocket, while Buford sneakily climbs to the top turnbuckle!!! BUFORD JUMPS OFF THE TOP ROPE AND LANDS ON QUEEN KASSANDRA’S BACK!!! HE STARTS YANKING HER BY THE HAIR!!! She is running around screaming for someone to get this monkey off of her!!! The King tries to run to her aid, BUT HE’S NAILED BY A CORKSCREW PLANCHA FROM THE PRINCE OF THIEVES!!!

The crowd is going apeshit, and perhaps rightly so, but trouble is on the horizon for the duo. The King’s Guard and Nigel Royal swarm them, laying into them with every fist and kick they have, and eventually, Konstantine and Nigel have regained the momentum. Konstantine orders the guard to restrain Pickpocket while he and Nigel take Buford into the ring! Buford is trying to claw and fight from their grasp. But it’s no use as Konstantine demands Nigel place the monkey in the powerbomb position on Konstantine’s shoulders. Nigel does so as the crowd begins to become exasperated with what is about to unfold in front of them.

Konstantine then demands for Nigel to remove the turnbuckle cover and the crowd, and Pickpocket, have all but lost it. They know what’s coming for Buford. Konstantine is about to sentence the monkey to death. Nigel removes the turnbuckle cover, and everyone in the arena protests. Pickpocket is fighting desperately to escape the King’s Guard, who has his arms out, and him forced down to the Konstantine runs with the monkey, and slams him into the turnbuckle!!!!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! POOR BUFORD’S HEAD SNAPS OFF THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!!! …or does it?


Buford runs across the ropes and begins pissing right in the ring!!! Nigel and King Konstantine get the hell out of the ring as Buford chases them around the outside, with urine flying from his organ! Only on PPV folks! Suddenly Nigel runs by Pickpocket, who sticks a leg out and trips him. He forces himself back and the King’s Guard hits the ringside railing, freeing Pickpocket just enough to grab Nigel by the hair and slide him into the ring, and follow behind him.

Meanwhile, the referee has King Konstantine angrily standing in his corner, and Buford stands in his, no longer urinating. Pickpocket reaches his feet just after Nigel, who delivers a boot to the Showthief’s belly, and spins him around! Belly-to-back suplex! Belly-to-back suplex! Belly-to-back suplex! BELLY-TO-BACK MOTHER FUCKING SUPLEX!!!! THE ROYAL FLUSH!!!! BUT NO! PICKPOCKET FLIPPED OUT OF THE LAST ONE!!! HE BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES!!! CLOTHESLINE TO ROYAL!!! HE RUNS AND DROPKICKS KING KONSTANTINE!!! As Nigel reaches all fours, Pickpocket sizes him up! HE RUNS AND DELIVERS A VICIOUS, BRUTAL KICK RIGHT INTO NIGEL’S NOSE!!! NIGEL FALLS TO HIS BACK!!! PICKPOCKET MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!!! **DING, DING, DING!!!***

Everyone’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey by the Beatles hits the speakers, and the crowd erupts! Good lord what a response!!!! Nigel and Konstantine have been thwarted by Pickpocket and Buford, and the crowd is loving them for it!!!

When we arrive in the backstage area, we’re watching as Crash wheels Zander into the arena through the back entrance. He doesn’t look to pleased to be there, or to have his Mentor with him and double checks that this is a good idea.

“I don’t like it,” Crash bluntly complains. “You’re a target waved around in front of him. Crash wants to kick his ass for what he did to you, Zander. All the Crashmasters do too. How can I do that if I’m worried about The Awakening back here with you.”

Zander scoffs at him.

“C’mon kid, don’t be a sissy. If I’m not scared of those punks, you shouldn’t be either. I’ve got myself a first class front row ticket to the Crash and Burn show. Do you think I’m going home? I want to see Red River Jack crippled.”

“You’re not going to change your mind, are ya?” Crash reluctantly admits.

“Nope, not a chance kid,” Zander gleefully reminds him. “Now I’m going to wheel myself in there,” he says pointing a private locker room. “Mr. Flint organized me some personal space after what they did. I’ll lock the door, turn on the monitor and enjoy the show. They aren’t getting in there and if they do, I have this,” he looks down and pulls a crowbar out from the side of his wheelchair. “Had it fitted especially.”

Crash can’t help but laugh at him.

“Alright, alright, I know I’m not going to win this one but let me tell you, win or lose out there tonight, he’s going to know that what they did to you was a mistake. He’s got a crash course in ass kickin’ coming his way. He’ll know that you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t piss in the wind and you DON’T dance with the Devil.”

Zander chuckles at the phrase and wheels himself off in the direction of his room.

“What? You don’t like it?” Crash remarks with arms outspread. “What about when it all comes crashing down?”

Zane keeps on rolling away, laughing as the scene comes to a close.

As we come to the ring, we find Willie Manson standing in a corner, leering out at the crowd.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following fatal four way contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from another state of mind… WILLIE MANSON!!”

The beat for Cinderella Man by Eminem hits and out steps Will Abel, The Wrestling Machine. Abel has a towel in his right hand, a smirk on his face as he makes his way to the ring. Abel doesn’t take his eyes off the ring, clearly in the zone.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing next, he hails from Red Water, Alberta, Canada… The Wrestling Machine… WILL ABEL!!!!!”

Abel makes his way up the stairs and between the ropes in to the ring, holding the towel in his hand high in the air before throwing it to the ground in the middle of the ring, marking his territory. Abel flashes a big smile, showing off his trademark mouth guard that reads “FUCK YOU” before winking at his opponent and backing in to his corner.

D’la viande cé murs by Les Ékorchés begins to play, as the lights go out in the arena, and white strobelights activate, as the fans go nuts at the appearance of Doug Murdock onstage, as Vinnie Briggs comes in behind him, as Doug rushes to the ring, hands out as he interacts with the fans, before sliding into the ring, and popping up in the middle of the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “The next competitor is from Upstate New York… DOUG… THE THUG…. MURDOOOOOOCK!!!!!”

His manager is opting to take his time getting to the ring, walking around to the announcer table, where he puts on headphones, and opts in for commentary, while Doug plays to the crowd before finding a corner, sitting on the top of the turnbuckle as he awaits his final opponent.

“WHY DO I CALL MYSELF A JUGGALO!?!” – “Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and, as Jake Jeckel explodes on stage, the crowd goes wild with boo’s.

Paloma Ruiz: “The final competitor is the man known as the Juggalo. He hails from Long Island. JAKE… JEEEEEEEEEECKEL!!!”

Despite their distain, the Juggalo seems to enjoy the reaction, egging people as he moves at a jog towards the ring; air boxing and occasionally flicking his nose with his thumb as he goes. Once ringside Jake rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, immediately jumping up on the far turnbuckle; camera side. Atop the turnbuckle Jake peers down at the fans in the front row; a look on his face that conveys that they are nothing but peons to him. A snarl on his lips that conveys he wants nothing more than to rip their heads off at the neck. Jeckel takes off his shirt and fakes like he’s going to throw it to the crowd before letting it drop on the apron for the ref to kick off the canvas.

The bell sounds, and the wrestlers all stand in their respective corners, waiting to see who strikes first. Jeckel and Murdock attack Will and Willie respectively, and almost immediately, all four competitors end up over the top rope and to the floor. They all brawl for a bit until Will nails Jeckel with a huge right hand. Murdock bumps into Jeckel as they back into each other.

Murdock suddenly hits the ground as Willie leaps right into Jeckel, knocking both of them into the steel post. With two competitors down, Murdock seizes the moment, and pushes Will back into the ring. However, using his superior wrestling acumen, Will is ready for Murdock as he gets into the ring, nailing a quick Yakuza kick.

One…. Two…. Kick Out!

In the entrance way, Jeckel and Willie are brawling up and down the aisle. Willie is quicker than the Juggalo King, but he is nailing assorted shots as he pulls back. In the ring, Will waits for Murdock to get to his feet before going for a vertical suplex. Murdock quickly nails Will in the gut.


Hearing the mat being hit by the ref, both Willie and Jeckel head back for the ring, but Murdock has decided to turn his attention, hitting the opposite ropes.


The action is hot and heavy as Murdock has spilled out on top of the Juggalo King and Manson. All three are up relatively quickly considering the situation, and Murdock takes great interest in laying in with rights and lefts to Jake Jeckel. While they brawl, Willie quickly runs back towards the ring. A rising Will Abel tries to get to his feet, still stunned from the Heart of a Murdock. As he does, he finds that Willie Manson is on the turnbuckle facing him.


Will is taken down by the leaping Manson, who hooks the leg. One…. Two…. Murdock leaps in to break up the pinfall! The Thug wags his finger at Willie Manson before laying boots to his head. Jake Jeckel is on the outside of the ring, leaning against the guardrails, trying to ignore the fans in his ears.

Murdock picks up Willie quickly, and tosses him outside the ring. He stands back and eyeballs Will, who is even slower to rise this time. As he does, Murdock seems to be watching his fallen opponents on the outside of the ring with one eye and Will with the other. Just as Will to his knee, Murdock goes in, BUT ABEL WAS READY! POP UP POWERBOMB!!


The Juggalo hoists Will Abel straight up in the air and on to his shoulders. He roars to the crowd.


Jeckel looks down at the downed Will Abel. He looks over the top rope at the fallen Willie outside the ring. Then the Juggalo King sets his sights on Doug Murdock. He picks up The Thug off the mat, putting him up on his shoulders, a huge grin on his face.


Murdock lays in with shots to Jeckel, who is overwhelmed. Both men fall to the mat, joining Will Abel. The crowd is buzzing as Willie Manson slides into the ring. He sees the three men down around him, and tries to calculate who to go after. With no basis as to who the last to be attacked was, he picks Will, who seems to be the whipping boy of this match.

The Wrestling Machine is barely able to get up as Willie assists him kindly, with maybe a little more than a little hair in his hand. He hooks on a loose front facelock and charges, bringing Will with him. Instead of a bulldog, Will throws Willie across the ring with force. He lands flatly, quickly coming back up only to have to duck a clothesline from Will.

Keeping his momentum, Manson hits the opposite ropes and comes at Will with a head of steam. Abel side-steps, using his own momentum to throw him to the outside of the ring. The Wrestling Machine immediately hits the opposite ropes, headed for Willie.

CROSS CHECK!!! Somehow Murdock was able to get up out of nowhere, and nail Will with Running Shoulderblock from Hell, killing all of his momentum. The Thug goes for the cover, in desperation.

One…. Two…. The Thug is pulled out of the ring by Willie Manson!

As soon as his boots hit the floor, Murdock knocks Willie back with a vicious forearm. This has given Jeckel a chance to get to his feet. He grabs the fallen Will Abel up off the mat, once again placing him on his shoulders for the Hatchet.

Will reaches out with his pure instincts and grabs the ropes. He holds on while Jeckel tries to pull him away. Murdock leaps up on the apron, talking trash to Jeckel as he does so. He tries to get in the action, but Willie also leaps up on the apron, all four of them battling.

With raw strength, the Juggalo rips Abel from the ropes, spinning him around to nail Murdock in the face. The spin gives Jeckel momentum to execute THE HATCHET!!

The King Juggalo doesn’t even try to cover Abel, quickly getting to his feet to combat a charging Willie Manson, who dodged the attack earlier. Manson goes for a clothesline, but Jeckel quickly ducks.


Jeckel gets his feet with a grin on his face. It’s time for OSW to face the music of the Juggalo!

Paloma Ruiz: “Here is your winner… JAAAKKEEE JECCKKKEEEL!!”

Jake Jeckel gets back to his feet, an amazing debut victory in Old School Wrestling under his belt. He throws his arms into the air and listen’s as the boo’s reign down upon him. These people remember.

Suddenly a loud squeal deafens the entire arena and we cut to black.

Heavy drums kick in and before you know it, the lights are back and standing at the top of the entrance ramp is a dishevelled looking man – his face contorted with rage, his eyes focused only on Jake Jeckel.

“What the fuck?” Jack mouths whilst watching on in disbelief. “Pig?”

Then he runs. Pig bolts down the entrance ramp like a bat out of hell and slides straight into the ring, diving at Jeckel with a flying Headbutt like Spear to the mid-section that takes him down – March Of The Pigs! Jake rolls over in agony, getting back to his feet whilst holding his mid-section, only to be kicked in the gut.. scooped up into the air and into a Crucifix position.

Wait a minute, what’s he doing now? He launches him up into the air and NECKBREAKER!!! THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY!

Jake Jeckel crunches off the canvas with a thud as Pig rolls away to his knees, looking at the carnage he’s caused. The fans don’t know whether to cheer or boo this guy – that is until a voice booms from the speakers.

“That’s good my child, come back to daddy.” the voice sadistically says.

Pig seemingly does as he’s told, rolling to the outside and trudging back up the entrance ramp. He doesn’t even look back at Jeckel, who comes to and tries to roll over and see where he is.

Paloma Ruiz: “The next match is a standard match and is set for one fall.”

There is a few moments of silence and then… the lights in the arena dim and a bright spotlight shines on Desmond Cross, clad in a white trench coat, as he appears at the entryway. He’s Got the Whole World in His hands by Laurie London plays over the loudspeakers and clutched in his hands is a massive wooden cross, the length of his massive frame. He smiles as he drags the cross to the ring. Propping it up, he climbs into the ring and falls to his knees, looking upward towards the heavens.

Paloma Ruiz: “From Greenville, South Carolina, coming in at 280 lbs, he is the Messiah’s Messenger, DESMOND CROSSSSSS!!!!!”

The crowd boos him loudly but he seems unphased as he continues to warm up for his match. Again there is a moment of silence as the crowd calms down then…

“Show me a smile on your silly face
‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race,
My darling.”

The crushing guitars of Wars by Hurt blast through the sound system as the initial blackness wakes up with the sunrise of a white splash that violently attacks those in attendance. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat. He reaches the foot of the stage, pridefully one-hand gripping his Serpent Dragon staff, and pauses to allow his eyes to drift from side to side. He then closes those eyes with a half-grin, kisses the head of the serpent on his staff, opens his eyes, points that same staff toward the rafters, and resumes his systematic strut down the ramp and to ringside. He rests the staff on the edge of the squared circle, marches up the stares, removes his black overcoat, enters the ring, and takes his cue at the far corner.

Paloma Ruiz: “His opponent, from Barr Nunn, Wyoming, standing at 235 lbs, he is the Luminary Sage, Reichous MARXXXXX!!!!”

Before you know it, Reichous has a microphone.

“Do you know what bemuses me, Desmond? It’s men like you, so hell bent on the destruction of everything and everyone in a God’s name you’ve never seen. You chose this war with me because you believe your God told you too. You lost your title opportunity and as a result, your opportunity to become Jesus Christ. It has all been one giant excuse for you, hasn’t it?” Reichous says pacing the ring in front of a demented looking Cross. He finally stops in front of him and scoffs directly in his face. “But those excuses, they end tonight.”

Desmond looks at him as if to ask ‘how?’

“You see, once I defeat you in the middle of this ring, your quest has been proven false. You say that your LORD took you away from Michael to prevent my presence, to prevent Reichous Marx but when I lay you to the count in this ring, what of your quest then? What of your fables, your fallacies and lies? What of your desire to bury me, YOUR desire to spite the spirits that saved me, then?”

Cross takes a microphone from Paloma and meets Marx in the middle of the ring.

“God has a plan for me, Reichous. The LORD knows what direction I must take. Whatever happens here tonight, his plan for me is bigger than anything or any one person in the world. He has tasked me to meet you here in this ring but do not be mistaken, if I were to fall, it would be his will. It would be a lesson taught to me in righteousness. But if you lose, if you lose then that will be your cross to bear.”

Marx shrugs.

“Eyes wide open or eyes wide shut!”

Both men throw their microphones down, well and truly ready to do battle.

The bell rings and too men stare each other down and then immediately whirl into action. Huge rights and lefts and kicks and punches are exchanged. Marx goes for an armbar but when he clutches it in, Cross reverses it. Cross pushes Marx forward, Marx turns around and charges Cross. He tries for a shoulder block but Cross doesn’t go down. Cross tells him to try again. Again with the same effect. Marx tells Cross to try it and when he does so, Marx doesn’t go down either. Marx tries again but Cross executes a perfect clothesline from hell. It doesn’t take Marx off his feet but he does go down and lands on the mat hard. Cross follows it up with a running elbow drop and lands right on Marx’s chest. He goes for a cover but at 1 and a half, Marx kicks out.

As soon as Cross is on his feet, he goes over to Marx, picks him up and whips him towards the ropes. When Marx rebounds, Cross tries for another clothesline but Marx ducks it. On the next rebound, Marx executes a perfect flying clothesline which almost takes Cross off his feet but he staggers back, winds up in the rope and falls out of the ring. He doesn’t waste any time and rolls right out of the ring after Cross. He picks him up and then proceeds to whip him against the ring post. Cross hits hard and goes down. Marx picks Cross up again and whips him again, this time into the steel steps. Cross hits and goes flying over. At the count of 5, Marx realizes he is being counted out, goes over to Cross, picks him up, rolls him into the ring and covers him. At 2, Cross kicks out.

Marx looks around, gets up, and then picks Cross, then sets him up for a Spirit Plunge. When he gets Cross up for the 360 degree turn, however, somehow, one of Cross’s leg’s comes free and in the process of spinning, Cross’s leg hits the referee who falls like a ton of bricks on the mat. Marx doesn’t see this and continues with the Spirit Plunge. Then quickly covers Cross. No count is forthcoming. Marx gets on his knees and looks over at the downed referee. He then looks over at his scepter and gets a wicked smile on his face.

He goes over to get his scepter and when he comes back, he hits Cross in the stomach with it. He then picks up Cross and whips him into the corner post. Marx backs up and attempts a splash of some sort using the scepter but Cross has moved out of the way and in the process hit his head on the turnbuckle corner. He is dazed and staggering around. As he staggers around, Cross takes this opportunity to run the ropes and on the rebound executes a big boot which catches Marx in the temple. Marx goes down. Cross looks at the scepter in his hand and then takes it. He looks down at Marx and then back at the scepter. He looks up and looks around as if trying to determine whether to use it or not. He sees the referee coming to and in a split second decision, breaks the scepter in two using his leg. He throws both parts out of the ring. The crowd goes wild at this. He picks Marx up, sets him up for a Crucifix Powerbomb and nails it. He then covers Marx for the three count. The referee is slow to crawl over and count and when he finally gets there, 1…2… NO!

Cross looks mad but gets up, picks Marx up and executes a German Suplex. Or tries to but Marx hangs on to the ropes and doesn’t go anywhere. He quickly spins around and attempts and nails a superkick right to the chin of Cross. Cross goes down. Marx quickly covers Cross but at 2, Cross kicks out. Marx looks around. He then figures what the hell, he’ll go for it and gets on top of Cross and wails on him with rights and lefts. Cross covers himself but Marx keeps going. The referee can’t stop him so he starts the 5 count. At 4, Marx stops and gets up. He stands in the center of the ring looking upward for a full minute before deciding to go over to Cross, pick him and whips him towards the ropes. Desmond ducks under a Clothesline attempt and nails him with one of his own.


Paloma Ruiz: “Here is your winner….Reichous MARX!!!”

Marx quickly exits the ring and takes his leave as Desmond Cross slowly comes to, looking up the entrance ramp to see a sneering Mike Lane looking back at him. He nods and chuckles to himself, telling Mike that “He has his full undivided attention now.”

In the locker room of Dead To Rights, David is looking through old Internet Wrestling Federation photos that depict some of the biggest moments of his past. We see him brawling with Jimmy Sartyr, Li Quang and Jensen Cussen. We see him on fire, setting Jensen on fire and holding various Championships. A voice interrupts his moment of serenity, forcing him to put the photos back into a box.

“You had better kill him.” the voice roars gruffly.

Dave swings around – recognizing that voice.

“That’s no way to speak about your son, is it Jonah? Though after the things you did to him, I suppose you’re really to blame for the way he turned out.”

Jonah walks in and takes a seat.

“And whom is responsible for you?” he scoffs. DTR smirks and takes a seat across from him, pulling up a chair. “I may of created the monster but it is you, here tonight, that will put an end to it – once and for all. Having said that, he is my son and to do it, you may have to go to lengths you never thought possible.”

“Do you know how long we’ve been doing this dance? Four.. maybe five years now. Do you think that I’m not prepared for what I may have to do? I know that to finish this, I likely won’t walk away. But at the same time Jonah, I have every single intention of being the only man to walk away.”

Both men look at each other for a moment, the intensity brewing within the air. Finally, Jonah stands up and with a nod, walks away. He exits the room, causing DTR to follow, except when he does, the mysterious father of Jensen Cussen has vanished.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, she stands at 5’11’’, weighing in this morning at 170 pounds THISSSSS ISSSSS MOTHERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!”

The lights go out and two strange looking children emerge from the back holding candles they both walk towards a microphone set up at the top of the stage, a strange melody begins to play in the background and the two children begin to sing nursery rhymes while holding the candles.

Mother then emerges from the darkness and begins to walk down the ramp her robe giving the illusion she is gliding.
She slides into the ring and nods to the two children who put the candles out with their bare hands and walk down the ramp after her as the lights turn on.

Paloma Ruiz: “And her opponent from The Cornfield, Willoughby, he stands at 6’3’’ inches and weighs 260 pounds, The Hayman, SCAREEEEEEEEEEECROOOOOOWWWWWW!!!”

There’s a massive loud clunk as the lighting system shuts down inside the arena. With the arena suddenly thrust into darkness, the sounds of squawking crows can be heard. Smoke begins to fill the stage as his eerie and terrifying music of Scarecrow filters throughout the arena. Finally he steps out onto the stage, pitchfork in hand, and begins to make his way to the ring through the smoke.

The bell sounds and immediately the crowd cheers with anticipation. The two stalk each other, circling around the ring wondering who will make the first move. Mother steps fearlessly in the center and Scarecrow follows, she challenges They Hayman and slaps him right across the face. Scarecrow’s expressionless face stares back at her and he shakes his head, he throws a vicious right hand in her direction but she’s able to duck out of the way and dropkicks him in the knee. Mother wastes little time following up, rushing at him and they both go crashing to the outside. They begin brawling outside of the ring as the referee is screaming for them to come back in. Scarecrow throws Mother into the railing and her charges at her, she avoids and he goes crashing in. As the referee gets to the count of 8, Mother rolls back in, breaking the count and Scarecrow follows soon after. She doesn’t allow him to get to his feet as she’s right back on top of him, kicking him to the back. None of this phases Scarecrow as he is still able to get to his feet. He pushes Mother away before throwing hay into her eyes and delivering a BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!!!

With Mother down, Scarecrow is able to create some separation for a minute. Mother is relentless though, before Scarecrow can shake the cobwebs, she meets him with a running clothesline and both go crashing to the outside once again. Mother is quick to her feet and she grabs a steel chair and SHE SWINGS!!! The referee grabs the steel chair before warning Mother. Mother turns around and is scooped up into the arms of Scarecrow, he drives the back of Mother into the ring post before press slamming her over the top rope and back into the ring. He slides back in after Mother and slowly begins to stalk her, he slowly pulls her up to her feet, Vertical Suplex, the injured back of Mother slams hard into the canvas once again. He looks over Mother, tilting his head before waiting for her to get to her feet. She does once again and Scarecrow slams her down once again, she rolls to the outside to avoid the onslaught for a minute. Scarecrow follows her outside and the referee quickly gets on them again, warning both parties that they could be disqualified. Scarecrow doesn’t care and he removes the mat, exposing the hard concrete floor. With his tunnel vision getting the best of him, Mother has been able to slide back into the ring.

Mother charges at Scarecrow, rushing him into the corner but he doesn’t budge, he shoves her away. Mother again charges and Scarecrow moves out of the way, Mother crashes into the turnbuckle. Scarecrow lines her up and crushes her into the corner, he lifts her high into the air with a devastating CHOKESLAM!!! Scarecrow follows up, he covers Mother. One…..Two….OH!!!! MY!!!! GOD!!!! MOTHER BROKE THE PINFALL UP BY LODGING HER RAZOR SHARP NAILS INTO THE SCARECROW. She’s pulling hay out of the Scarecrow, the crowd cannot believe what they’re seeing. Scarecrow panics as Mother repays the favor and throws hay in his face, distracting him long enough, boot the midsection. Mother just kissed Scarecrow, THE GOODNIGHT KISS!!!! This has to be it. Mother covers. One……Two……TH!!!! NOOOOOO!!! Kickout at two. Back and forth action here, Mother had the match in her favor but Scarecrow showed the strength to kick out at the last second, she cannot believe it.

Mother looks quickly at Scarecrow still down, she slides outside the ring and grabs the steel chair, when she looks back in the ring she sees the Scarecrow is once again standing. The son of a bitch is back on his feet. The referee quickly slides outside and grabs the chair, Scarecrow slides out too, he goes for a clothesline to send Mother down but she ducks once again. She kicks Scarecrow in the midsection, DDT ON THE EXPOSED CONCRETE!!!!!! Scarecrow is out, but the impact was rough on Mother as her injured back hit the concrete floor. The two slowly work to get to their feet, but Mother is the first one up. She grabs Scarecrow and throws him back into the ring. One…..Two…..Three!!! NOOOOO!! Scarecrow was able to kick out.

As what seems like a last ditch effort, Mother climbs to the top rope. CORKSCREW MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP!!! Mother goes big but misses, Scarecrow is back to his feet and he’s not looking thrilled. With fury in his eyes he starts throwing Mother around, German Suplex, he’s up, Backbreaker, another German Suplex. The second German Suplex had so much impact that Mother rolled outside of the ring. Scarecrow follows her up and begins pummeling her. She stumbles up the ramp and is able to fight back, kicking Scarecrow right into the midsection, she kicks Scarecrow repeatedly in the midsection with her heavy boots and with every kick hay is flying in the air. Mother chops Scarecrow and Scarecrow chops her back. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. They reach the top of the ramp and continue to pummel each other.

Scarecrow is able to create some separation as teeters on the edge of the ramp. SPEAR!!! Scarecrow just speared Mother OFF THE FUCKING RAMP!!! MOTHER AND SCARECROW WENT CRASHING INTO THE TABLES BELOW. Neither one shows worse from the wear though as they stumble to their feet and still are throwing lefts and rights at each other, fighting amongst the crowd.

When all of a sudden the referee is forced to call for the bell. He’s had enough!


Paloma Ruiz: “The referee has decided that Mother and Scarecrow have not listened to his warnings and therefore, he has disqualified both participants.”

The crowd goes absolutely ballistic, booing the decision of the referee. That doesn’t stop Mother and Scarecrow as they continue to brawl into the darkness.

In the locker room of Jensen Cussen, there’s a surprise visitor. When the camera pans around to see Jensen standing in embrace with one-time friend Li Quang, the fans are almost immediately on their feet.

“What brings you around Li? I heard what Dave did to you. Are you alright?” Jensen asks in complete surprise.

“I’m fine. It’s nothing that I can’t handle. But when I heard that you were going to put an end to DTR once and for all, I had to come by. I always kinda knew that you’d be the cure to the virus and I just want to see it done in person.”

Jensen smiles.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Cussen says whilst motioning for Li to sit down; he obliges. “After everything he’s done, everything we’ve done to each other, it’s time to put this to bed once and for all. Do you know what I regret, Li? I regret choosing him over you. I regret losing The New Wave for The Virus.”

Li seems to appreciate that.

“I think that throughout all the years, through our one show reuniting to now, you’ve never once said that to me,” Quang says with feeling. He puts his had inside his pocket and pulls out a photograph of when they first won the titles. Quang dusts it off and hands it to Jensen. “I brought this, just in case you needed to know what you’re fighting for. Don’t die out there man.”

“Only one man will perish tonight.”

Li gets to his feet and nods, walking towards the door. Once there, he turns and stops.

“For the New Wave.”

Jensen nods in agreement as we fade to black.

When we finally catch up with the Scarecrow and Mother, they’re on top of the roof and Scarecrow has his prey by the throat, dangling her over the edge. She kicks and squirms but appears unable to escape.

“Is it true that you cannot live without your children?” he asks of her with his head tilted. “Because I don’t believe you’ll survive this fall either. So what will it be, Mother dearest? What do you choose?”

She looks down at the floor and shakes her head.

“Just give me my children and I’ll leave,” she pleads. “I’ll never come back, I’ll never show my face again. Just give them back to me and I will do what you want and vanish into the abyss.”

Scarecrow considers it.

“Do not double cross me, Mother.”

He pulls her back from the edge and throws her to the floor. She scrambles away, looking back at him.

“I won’t double cross you. Send me my children and I will leave.”

Scarecrow nods and walks towards the roof-top door, looking back to see her clawing her way back to her feet.

“They will return to you. But remember, where your eyes don’t go… fear The Scarecrow.” he says, vanishing into the darkness of the hallway.

Mother gets back to her feet and dusts herself off, smirking evilly as if she finally got what she wanted.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is a DEATHMATCH!”

The opening riff from State of the Union blares throughout the arena, the lights strobe along to the music. Dave steps out from behind the curtain with his arms extended and moves down the ramp in a fast motion, slapping hands with the fans as they go.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, from Ogdensberg New York, weighing in at 220lbs.. D…… T….. R!”

Drop Dead Cynical hits as the crowd begin to intensely boo, a cocky, arrogant Jensen Cussen slowly making his way out to the ring, taking in every bit of anger from the crowd like every shout is pure ectasy. Jensen slowly walks into the ring, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, feeding off the anger of the crowd before he walks to the opposite side of the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, from Jacksonville Florida, weighing in at 235lbs… JENSEN… CUSSEEEENNN!!”

As soon as both men are in the ring, the bell sounds and they charge. There’s a massive collision as they reach each other, slugging it out with left and right hands until Cussen slams a knee into his mid-section and drags him into the corner, slamming him head first off the turnbuckle. This match isn’t going to be for the faint of heart as DTR stumbles across the ring and is Clotheslined over the top rope and to the outside. Cussen quickly pops out after, going underneath the ring and pulling out a barbed wire table. He places it across the barricade and the steel steps, sneering at The Virus as he gets back up.

WHAM! DTR nails him with a kick to the gut and bounces him back first into the ring apron. He hits him with a series of hard right hands, spinning him around and IRISH WHIP STRAIGHT INTO THE BARBED WIRE TABLE!! THAT ALMOST TOOK HIS HEAD OFF!Jensen tried to go low to avoid it and caught a table to the throat for good measure. DTR rushes over and drags him out, rolling him back to his feet and with a swift kick to the gut, lifts him straight into the air and POWERBOMB!! POWERBOMB ON THE BARBED WIRE! HOLY FUCK! THE TABLE JUST SNAPPED CLEAN IN HALF!!!

Cussen rolls around in agony. “ARGGHHHHHHH!!!” he screams, his back bloodied and cut by the barbs that show no mercy. Dave drags him out, watching the barbs rip from his flesh as he does. He tries to drag him away but The Mastermind is having none of it.. DDT!! DDT INTO THE BARBED WIRE! OH NO! OH MY GOD NO!! The fans are on their feet.. “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” as DTR lays face down in the barbed wire table. Jensen drags him away, blood almost pissing from a wound on his forehead, running him straight into the ring post.

The Mastermind goes underneath the ring apron and drags another table out, sliding it into the ring. He keeps reaching under, pulling light tube after light tube out until ten sit on the apron. He barely gets a chance to turn around before DTR has one in hand.. CRAAAACCCK!! GLASS EVERYWHERE! DTR JUST BROKE THAT TUBE RIGHT ACROSS HIS FACE!! DTR lets him fall to a knee in blistering agony before throwing him back inside the ring and following. He grabs the light tubes and places them on the table that lays flat across the canvas – something dastardly in mind, no doubt.

He reaches down and pulls Jensen up, except Jensen has an uppercut waiting for him. Dave stumbles backwards and here comes The Mastermind, light tube of his own in hand… BOOOOM!! STRAIGHT ACROSS THE FUCKING HEAD!! DTR falls like paper to the canvas, thudding as he drops. Jensen falls to a knee but he’s not done, rolling to the outside and going under the ring. He finally pulls out a gas can, heading back to where DTR lays bleeding and looking to make yet another vicious statement. He pours gas all over the light tubes – only to be stopped by Dead To Rights.


Both of them lay barely moving for minutes before they each agonizingly roll off the carnage beneath them. DTR is the less hurt man and stumbles to the outside, grabbing a box of matches. He lights one and throws it into the ring… but nothing. He lights another, throwing that too…. but nothing. One more time, perhaps? He sparks another and throws that into the ring.. only THIS TIME THE TABLE AND TUBES CATCH FIRE DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO JENSEN CUSSEN!! Dave slides back into the ring with flames roaring next to him, grabbing Jensen and signifying for the end.

Don’t do it man. Don’t do it. He picks Jensen up and right hand, another, another, JENSEN BACKS HIM AWAY!! He ducks under a Clothesline attempt and BLUNT… FORCE… TRAUMA! OH GOD NO, OH MY GOD NO, DTR FALLS INTO THE FIRE! HE’S IN THE FLAMES!! THIS IS DISGUSTING!! He rolls away as quickly as he can, putting the flames out as he does but the damage has surely been done. Jensen drops to his knees over him and looks set to cover.. except he doesn’t. Their hatred knows no bounds and that’s why there hasn’t been a pinfall. He crashes right hands down onto the bloodied face of DTR, hitting him until Dave reaches out and with thumbs in the eyes, pushes him away.

Somehow, someway, he gets back to his feet and despite the burnt flesh and ripped skin, spins Jensen around and REASONABLE DOUBT!! BOOM!! THAT HAD OUGHT TO DO IT, IF ONLY DAVE WAS INTERESTED IN ENDING THIS NOW. Instead, he rolls him to the outside and drags him up the entrance ramp. The crowd watch in awe as DTR takes Jensen Cussen backstage and with a handful of hair, delivers a warning knee to keep him pliant. Finally they reach some stairs, DTR dragging Jensen to the roof with every ounce of energy he has. Once there, it’s Cussen who uses the roof entrance as a weapon, slamming The Virus’ head straight into it.

The crowd don’t like the look of this and who can blame them. They’re both on the roof now, bleeding, sore, their flesh burned, torn and their bodies almost defeated. Jensen drags DTR to the roof edge and slaps him around the face… that’s a fifteen foot drop to concrete floor below… oh please, c’mon, let’s not do this. Think of the history. Think of the once friendship, the once enemies, think of life… Jensen backs up… BLUNT… FORCE… DTR CATCHES THE FOOT, SPINS JENSEN AROUND AND THEY BOTH NOW TEETER ON THE EDGE OF THE ROOF!! ELBOW… ELBOW….






The saga has reached a devastating and terrifying conclusion. EMT’s rush to their aid as the camera switches to a ground-cam, watching the action unfold. Both men are unconscious, not moving and bleeding from their head. Ambulances show up in number, surrounding the two fallen former Internet Wrestling Federation wrestlers as they lay destroyed at each other’s hand.

A fitting way to end, a fitting but unbelievable way to end their story.

How either of them will survive this, or wrestle again, is a question we hope to ask.

“THANK YOU JENSEN!!” roar one set of fans as Cussen is carefully loaded onto a backboard and slid into the back of an ambulance. “THANK YOU DAVID!” roars the other half as likewise happens to him.

The scene comes to a close – two ambulances , two enemies, two victims.

Their careers in tatters over a thirst for vengeance unlike no other.

As the ambulance door containing Jensen Cussen shuts, the paramedic shoots us a quick glance, revealing himself to be Jonah – Jensen’s father. His evil smirk is the last thing we see before we fade to black.

In the backstage area, our World Heavyweight Champion is trying his best to get the attention of Errol Flint. The Chairman has remained locked inside his office all evening and after last week’s embarrassing conclusion, he has every right to be angry.

Mike bangs on the door.

“C’mon Errol, just hear me out, okay? I didn’t have a choice. You know that deep down.”

He continues to bang.

“If I didn’t end it, Desmond Cross would have continued ripping you to pieces in front of the world, in front of Destiny, in front of.. me,” he says with emotion. “I can’t bear witness to that. You’ve been like a father to me. You told me that you were doing what you did for me as well, so how could I stand by and let him do that to you?”

Nothing. Just silence.

“I’m going to get him back. I’m going to end this, once and for all. I’m sorry Errol, I really am. I know you wanted to be the one to put Desmond Cross down and end this misery for Destiny but it was never going to be that way,” Mike admits. There’s honesty in his tone because he knows what it takes to beat Cross. “Only I can do what needs to be done for our family.”


Out of no-where, Isaiah Black attacks Mike Lane with a forearm shot! He turns him around but Mike, he was ready for it. He blocks the next shot and grabs Black by the head, slamming him straight off the locked door. He bounces him again, again, again and one more time until Black finally falls slumped to the floor.

“You don’t think I knew you would come for me again? Too much has been taken from me, Black – you’re not taking my title as well.”

Lane storms off down the corridor, leaving Isaiah slumped against the door, a slight blood trickle from his forehead with one big smile on his face. Mike may of gotten the upper hand in this exchange but you’d be forgiven for thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, this is what Isaiah Black wanted.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…”

Suddenly, the lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of “To get to you” brings about the immediate rise of the fans.

Paloma Ruiz: “He hails from “The Streets”. Standing at a height of six feet, two inches and weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds… he is… RED… RIVER… JAAAAACK!!!”

Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see. He nonchalantly walks towards the ring.

Stopping at the bottom of the entrance ramp, Jack takes one last drag on his cigarette before putting it out on the floor with a press of his boot. The lights come back on as he does and he rolls into the ring. The crowd continues to react to RRJ’s presence and for the most part in a negative manner when the the lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent…”

When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. A large hoop had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, much like that which a Daredevil would leap through. The hoop hangs some ten feet in the air, sitting on a solid steel frame.

Paloma Ruiz: “From Greenville, South Carolina… He stands six foot even and weighs one hundred ninety pounds… please welcome… CRASH!!!”

Just as the verse plays, the hoop spontaneously bursts into flames. Crash comes leaping through the hoop with a seemingly super-human leap, flying through the air his cape trailing out behind him. The Daredevil is a picture of grace and poise as he hits the ground in front of the ramp and rolls forward to complete his jump on one knee.
With the crowd suitably wowed, the former stunt-double charges off towards the ring, slapping a line of hands along one side of the entranceway as he goes.

Crash slides into the ring before charging straight across the ring, but in a twist of his normal entrance Crash performs a leaping punch to the chin of RRJ and the official calls for the bell as Paloma Ruiz takes a dive to the outside.

Crash slides into the ring before charging straight across the ring, but in a twist of his normal entrance Crash performs a leaping punch to the chin of RRJ and the official calls for the bell as Paloma Ruiz takes a dive to the outside. Jack is completely caught off guard by the viciousness of the Daredevil and finds no escape from the corner as Crash pummels him with a series of rights and lefts, followed by a flurry of kicks to the midsection. Crash backs up before sprinting and delivering an elbow to the jaw of his opponent, sending him stumbling out of the corner.

With perfect timing the “General Lee of 1-2-3” hits the ropes and springboards himself into RRJ with a cross body block that sends both men to the canvas. There’s an opportunity for a pinfall, but Crash will have none of it. He pulls himself to a knee and lift Jack’s head with a handful of hair before DRIVING a fist down into his skull. ANOTHER big shot and the official is there to warn him off, but not before Crash gets one more in. Bringing himself to his feet, Crash heads to the corner.

Red River Jack is dazed, but continues on, climbing to his feet. By that time, the “Pioneer of Kicking Rear” has occupied the middle turnbuckle. Jack turns and SHOTGUN DROPKICK! RRJ goes down hard, his head snapping against the canvas and Crash will not back down. He approaches the leader of the Awakening and now… SHARPSHOOTER! Crash is going for the sharpshooterAND HE HAS IT! Red River Jack is screaming in pain. AND HE’S… SMILING! Jack is SMILING as he screams, reaching out, clawing to get to the ropes! Crash is really leaning back, but RRJ DOES make it and the hold will be broken.

Crash releases the hold and immediately pulls Jack to his feet. “The Blockbuster” hits the ropes and on the return POWERSLAM FROM JACK! Red River Jack from nowhere with that powerslam and now both men are down and LOOK AT RRJ! LOOK AT THAT SICK SON OF A BITCH. HE’S STILL GRINNING! Grinning as both men climb to their feet. AND CRASH IS MET WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE! That nearly took the head right off his shoulders and Jack falls to his knees out of balance, showing the effects of the early goings of this contest.

“The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds” works to his feet, bringing his opponent along with him. Turning him around and DRIVING a knee into his gut. Look out here. NAILED IT! Double underhook piledriver from RRJ and Crash is in trouble. Jack going for the cover to end it all. ONE … TWO … NO! Crash shoves his way out and that face, that sadistic grin of Red River Jack remains. He takes his time to get up and Crash has no choice as he tries to clear the cobwebs. Jack leaning against the ropes, waiting… watching.

“The One-Man-One-Take Highlight Reel” makes it to his feet and RRJ moves in. BIG backhand chop! AND another. AGAIN! HOLY HELL! Red River Jack chopping Crash back into the corner. And now Jack turns his back and walks away. What the hell is he…LOOK OUT! RUNNING flying knee to the jaw and “A THOUSAND WORDS”. Red River Jack nails Crash and now he’ll go for another pinfall. ONE … TWO … THAT WAS close, but Crash is once again able to kick his way out. And this is amazing. Jack is laying on his back, laughing. He’s literally LAUGHING!

AND CRASH catches him right in the kisser with a backhand fist. Jack isn’t laughing about that one. Crash to his feet, a little wobbly. HE HITS the ropes. On the return and Jack is, DROPKICK to the face of RRJ! Jack was just getting his knees when Crash delivered the blow. It won’t keep RRJ down though as he works right back up, BUT CRASH IS THERE WITH A “CRASH CRUSH COMBO”!! That one was Jack seeing stars, but “The Daredevil” will not go for the pin. Jack lying motionless on his stomach and you can see the wheels turning in Crash’s head.

Crash headed to the ropes, flip, NO! ROLLING CANNONBALL and Red River Jack is writhing in pain. Crash landed right on Jack’s back with that cannonball maneuver. Now he… LANDS a falling knee on the back of RRJ’s skull. I think he may have knocked Jack out with that one. Red River Jack might be out cold. But what is… Crash sliding Jack across the canvas and in front of the turnbuckle. Crash… to the corner… “CRASH AND BURN”! “CRASH AND BURN” from the top rope and this could be it. Is Crash going to…

HE IS! He’s going to the corner. He’s going to the outside. Crash is looking to end it here. Crash climbing the ropes now. He’s mounted on the top. Red River Jack lying motionless on the canvas below and… “CRASH COURSE”! “CRASH COURSE” by the “General Lee of 1-2-3”. And this could be it. Crash is… YES! HE GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE … TWO … NO!!! OH MY GAWD, I do NOTbelieve it. Red River Jack somehow, someway kicks out of the pin following the “Crash Course” and look at Crash’s face. He can’t believe it either!

Crash will not be denied; however, and he gets to his feet and brings Jack up with him. Crash will send Jack into the ropes with an irish whip, BUT JACK CATCHES HIM WITH A SPARTAN KICK! WOW! You could hear that contact throughout the arena and both men have dropped to the canvas. That’s not a move RRJ would normally use in that spot, but sometimes you do what you have to do to survive. And now he’s definitely fighting to survive as he works to his feet. Crash doing the same. Both men slowly getting up and it looks like Crash has the lead!

Crash moves in for a clothesline, but Jack ducks it and cinches up into a GERMAN suplex. Jack holds on and brings Crash to his feet for ANOTHER! This time he lets go and Crash remains flat on his stomach kicking the canvas in pain. RRJ finding some life now. He’s to his feet quickly and he DROPS a falling elbow on the spine of “The Blockbuster”. Dropping to his knees. He rolls Crash over for a cover. ONE … TWO … NO! Crash kicks out. And Jack sends a FLURRY of fists into the face of Crash.

RRJ goes for another pin. ONE … TWO … and Crash kicks out again! Jack appears frustrated and AW MY GAWD! Nails Crash with one headbutt after another. Four, five, six headbutts in a row. This time he won’t go for the cover. This time he pulls Crash straight to his feet. Crash is bent over and… look out… “SEEIN’ RED”! “SEEIN’ RED” from Red River Jack and this is it. He goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … CRASH KICKS OUT AGAIN! How in the hell does Crash have ANYTHING left after that onslaught from Jack?!?!

I think RRJ is asking himself the very same question, but look at him!! He’s smiling again. Red River Jack is sadistic. He loves it! And it looks like he’s about to take that love right to Crash. Jack pulling his opponent to his feet and he DEL… NO! Crash blocks a big right hand. AND HE BLOCKS ANOTHER! AND CRASH RETALIATES with a kick to the calf of RRJ! And another! A roundhouse kickBUT JACK CATCHES! AND THERE HE DRIVES a fist into the jaw of Crash. “The Daredevil” stumbles backwards with RRJ pursuing.

CRASH catches him off guard with a super kick to the gut and he follows it with a hip toss. Jack goes down, but is quick to his feet. ANOTHER hip toss from, NO! Jack blocks and DELIVERS a hip toss of his own. Back and forth we go. Neither man now willing to conceit momentum. Both men up. They converge and it’s a fist to the forehead from Jack THAT IS MET WITH A FIST OF HIS OWN FROM CRASH! Crash and RRJ exchanging blows in the center of the ring. This has been an unbelievable battle of will and fortitude.

Both men barely standing at this point, but Crash hits the ropes anyway! On the return and it’s a BUTTERFLY TWIST KICK THAT MISSES! Jack dodged it and KICK to the gut. Crash is doubled over… LOOK OUT! “SEEIN’ RED”! IT’S THE SECOND ONE TONIGHT!Crash is out cold! Red River Jack thinks he has him. Jack with the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! THAT’S IT! RED RIVER JACK PULLS OFF THE VICTORY AGAINST A VERY DETERMINED CRASH! RRJ FINALLY CLOSES THIS CHAPTER OF THE UNBELIEVABLY ODD SAGA!What a war these two men have been through tonight!!

Paloma Ruiz: “Here is your winner… RED….RIIIVVEERRRR… JAAACCK!”

The fans boo as Red somehow pulls himself back to his feet, looking doggedly tired after that brutal match. He looks down at Crash and almost nods in respect, falling between the middle and top rope onto the apron, bouncing off and walking away. Crash slowly rolls over and looks towards Jack, who doesn’t look back, knowing that in his heart – this isn’t yet over.

After that terrific match, we switch our ringside view to those back at the commentary table. Rick Walker and Richard Roman look like they have some awful news and we listen in, the fans too.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m afraid that we have some bad news,” Rick says somewhat choked up. He regains his composure with a pat on the shoulder from Richard. “We’ve just been informed that DTR suffered serious spinal damage from his fall with Jensen Cussen here tonight. We’ve yet to uncover the intimate details but as we hear it, he’s currently in a medically induced coma at Dessert Springs Medical Centre.”

Richard takes over.

“I have no love lost for DTR but this is a man’s career in tatters. I’m just afraid that our bad news gets worse. Jensen Cussen should of been taken to the same hospital but as we saw, his father Jonah impersonated an EMT and the ambulance didn’t make it to the hospital.”

“Now this a plea directly to Jonah. Please take Jensen to a hospital. If Dave suffered such terrible injuries in the fall, you can only imagine the kind of injuries that Jensen has too suffered. Please, please take him to a hospital.”



The announcers booth quickly breaks up and shuts off as footage begins to roll across our screens. Stood before us in the darkness is the figure of a man.

“Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!” grunts the voice in the darkness. “Old School Wrestling is plagued. I’m not talkin’ about that idiot Desmond Cross, either. He’s in charge of two things, jack and shit; and jack left town. I’m not here for any man, I’m here for the evil. I’m here for the twisted, the demonic, the damn right dark and scary. I’m here for the monsters at the end of the book that keep you up at night. And guess what?”

He pauses for a moment, only to reach up and switch on the light.

“I didn’t come alone. This right here,” he raises his right fist and smirks. “This is my Boomstick. Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.”

The scene suddenly vanishes with Ash cocking his hand like a gun, sending us back to the rather shocked announcers.

“What on earth was that?” Roman enquires in surprise.

We head to the backstage area where Errol Flint is leaving the building early. We’re just moments away from the Main Event in which his daughter’s boyfriend Mike Lane faces off against Isaiah Black. After last week, we’re not surprised to see him looking dejected.

He heads out towards security, who open the doors for him.

“Do you want me to call for your car, Mr. Flint?” the burly security guard asks. Errol nods and watches as he makes the call. “Please bring around Mr. Flint’s vehicle, pronto.”

Errol nods in a very weak ‘thank you’ and heads out into the parking lot outside the arena. He steps off the curb..



A car suddenly bursts through the scene, taking Errol completely by surprise, launching him up and into the windscreen. He bounces off and hits the concrete floor with a thud as the vehicle reverses quickly, tinted windows blocking our view of who’s inside and speeds off out onto the main road.

The security guard from before rushes into the scene and checks on Errol, wailing for a paramedic on his headsets.


The camera carefully backs up as EMT’s rush out of the entrance and onto the concrete floor, quickly to the aid of the fallen Chairman. The security guard stands back and looks mortified.

“He’s not moving, help him, he’s not moving,” he keeps complaining, unable to keep his cool at the horrific events in front of him. “Someone…”

We cut back to the ringside area where in just a moment, Mike Lane – utterly oblivious to what’s just happened, will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Isaiah Black.

Who the fuck just ran over Errol Flint?

The houselights all but die as a slow, pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down.” Sporadic strobe bursts pierce the darkness in-time with the track’s loose guitar harmonics and soon Isaiah Black staggers from the backstage area, peering disdainfully from beneath his hood. The Grim doesn’t stop for fanfare and starts his way down the ramp with his head bowed, cracking his knuckles as he goes. Eventually he reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet. He pulls the hood back and casts a wide, demented gaze across the arena.

The opening tune of “California Love” hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena. The People’s Choice walks from behind the curtain and places his hands on his hips where the World Heavyweight Championship lies as he surveys his people. He walks with a confident stride down to the ring, soaking up the admiration of the fans in the audience. A brisk jog up the steps is followed by Lane stepping between the ropes and walking to the middle of the ring to bask in the power he has brought to it.

“PEO-PLE’S CHOICE!! PEO-PLE’S CHOICE!!” The School Yard is insanity as the official begins checking the boots, wrist tape and knee pads of our competitors. Mike Lane wears a level of focus and intensity on his face that’s almost frightening while The Grim grins confidently at the Heavyweight Champion.

Both men step to the center of the ring with our beautiful ring announcer, Paloma Ruiz between them.

Paloma Ruiz: “This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WOOOOORLD HEAVYYYWEEEIIIIGHT CHAMPIONSHIIIIIIIIIPPP!! Introducing first the challenger, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing two hundred and three pounds… ‘Walking Death’… ISAIAHHHHHH BLAAAAAAACCKKKK!!”

The hatred is deafening. The fans in attendance at The School Yard clearly loathe Walking Death but Black rolls his wrists, cocks his neck and gives zero fucks about what they think.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent… currently residing in Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred sixty-two pounds… he is the PEOPLE’S CHOICE and the WOOOOORLD HEAVYYYWEEEIIIIGHT CHAAAAMPION… MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKEEEEE LAAAAAAAANNNNEEEE!!!”

The bell tolls, Mike Lane removes the World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to the referee, Miss Ruiz makes her exit and every man, woman and child in attendance are on their feet as the Driven Main Event begins. The referee raises the World Heavyweight Championship into the air, displaying the ultimate prize for The Grim and The People’s Choice to see.

Both men pace in the ring- circling each other for the proper opportunity to strike. Black lifts his knee to strike but Lane counters back and the standoff continues. Lane lifts his leg for a strike of his own but Black counters back. They inch closer and closer… collar and elbow tie up will start it off. Walking Death pushes The People’s Choice against the ropes and the referee starts the count, one… two… three… four… Black finally breaks on four and SLAPS MIKE LANE ACROSS THE FACE and moves back to the center of the ring. Mike Lane flips his hair from his face, stares deep into the eyes of Isaiah Black… he CHARGES… SPEAR TAKES ISAIAH BLACK DOWN HARD!!!

The World Champion mounts The Grim and pours down with right hands to the face. Black fights to get his hands up to block the onslaught and goes a step further. Somehow Black manages to hook his feet and gets his arm above the neck and he’s got Mike Lane locked in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE!!!! CHOKEHOLD BY BLACK!! The referee wrenches back on Black’s arms trying to break the hold but he can’t do it. ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… Black finally releases the hold on four but the damage is done. Mike Lane leans back on his knees, clutching his neck when Isaiah Black lifts his leg and grabs the head… TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! HELL’S GATE ON THE WORLD HEAVWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! The referee checks on Lane as the People’s Choice positions himself closer to the ropes before reaching his leg out and grabbing them. Referee calls for the break but the Grim holds on, ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… break on four.

Isaiah Black hurries to his feet and positions Mike Lane seated in the corner. Black sets his foot on the throat of The World Champion and leans into it. We get a count again from the referee, ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… and Black breaks the hold and backs away from the corner. Walking Death is really pushing it here with the legal brutality, but these chokeholds are certainly finding their mark. Mike Lane makes it to his feet and rushes the challenger… LARIAT FROM MIKE LANE… BUT IT MISSES!! Isaiah Black turns to Mike’s back… HE LEAPS… HE BRINGS LANE’S BACK CRASHING ONTO HIS KNEES… BACKSTABBER!!!!!

The World Champion is sent rolling under the bottom rope to the outside by the impact of that sickening back breaker from Walking Death. Black rolls under the bottom rope in pursuit of the champion. The Grim props Mike Lane against the barricade and lights up the People’s Choice with a few knife edge chops to the chest. Lane shields his pectorals and moves around the ring near the announce table but Isaiah Black is STILL in pursuit! Isaiah Black charges and NAILS LANE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH AN ELBOW!!

Lane collapses onto the announce table… the World Champion is in the lap of Richard Roman… uh oh… WALKING DEATH RUNS… HE LEAPS… GRAND LEVELER ON……… RICHARD ROMAN??!!! HOLY SHIT MIKE LANE DODGED THE ATTACK AT THE LAST SECOND!!!Mike Lane staggers back and he’s against the turnbuckle post. Isaiah Black spins around… HE RUNS… HE LEAPS… GRAND LEVEL… LANE DODGES THE ATTACK AGAIN… BLACK SLAMS HIS KNEE INTO THE STEEL POST AND FALLS TO THE FLOOR!!!! The People’s Choice grabs Black and slides him into the ring.

The referee calls for assistance and the EMTs make their way down the aisle to clean up the mess of an announcer at ringside. Meanwhile, The World Champion pulls Isaiah Black to his feet and nails him with a wicked EUROPEAN UPPERCUT… AND ANOTHER… A THIRD EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Lane hooks him… up and over… NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE… ONE… TWO… Walking Death kicks out. The People’s Choice peels Black off the canvas and sends him into the corner with an Irish whip. Lane hoists Black onto the top rope… Lane steps onto the second rope… BUT ISAIAH BLACK LOCKS ON A GUILLOTINE CHOKE AGAIN!!!! GUILLOTINE CHOKE ON THE TOP ROPE!!!

The referee is pleading with Black to break the hold but it’s no use. Mike Lane uses all his might to lift Black off the top rope and hops down to the canvas… Lane runs into the corner with Black hanging around his neck… but the impact isn’t enough and Black is still holding on. Lane runs into the corner again, this time breaking the hold. Black runs out of the corner at Lane… BIG BOOT… LANE DUCKS… LANE WITH A ROUNDHOUSE… BLACK DUCKS!!! BOOT TO THE MIDSECTION… THE CHAMPION IS IN THE AIR… TERMINATION!!!! BRAINBUSTER ON THE WORLD CHAMPION!!! ONE…… TWO……… MIKE LANE KICKS OUT!! Chaos in the School Yard as “THIS IS AWESOME” chants fill the air.

A sadistic smile slithers onto the face of The Grim as he makes it to his feet first. Isaiah Black pulls Mike Lane to his feet and scoops him into a fireman’s carry. Black moves to the corner and sits the World Champion on the top rope. Walking Death steps onto the second rope… OH MY GOD… BLACK LIFTS THE CHAMPION… TERMINATION FROM THE SECOND ROPE!!! The School Yard erupts as Isaiah Black hooks the leg, ONE…… TWO……… TH- MIKE LANE IS STILL ALIVE!!! Black can’t believe there’s still fight left in the champion and makes it his feet again… grabs the champion… scoops him into a fireman’s carry again… and heads to the corner. Black sits Lane on the top rope… The Grim follows, this time stepping on the top rope… JESUS CHRIST!! NO!!… BLACK LIFTS MIKE LANE… TERMINATION FROM THE TOP FUCKING ROPE!!! THIRD TERMINATION ON MIKE LANE!!!

Black hooks the leg again, ONE……… TWO………… THRE NO!!! NO!!!! MIKE LANE KICKS OUT!!! Isaiah Black sits up and grabs his head in his hands. What does he have to do to put the Champion away? Walking Death pulls the Champion’s lifeless body to his feet and props him up in the corner. Black SLAPS Lane in the face again before moving to the opposite turnbuckle. The Grim runs… just as Black lifts his knee… MIKE LANE LEAPS OUT OF THE CORNER… SHADDOOOOWWWW KIIIICCCKKKKKKK!!! LANE JUST TOOK BLACK’S HEAD OFF!!!! The Champion collapses on top of the challenger, ONE………… TWO…………… THRE OH MY GOD!!! ISAIAH BLACK GETS A SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST SECOND!!!!!

Mike Lane somehow makes it to his feet first and hooks his arms around Walking Death… RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Lane pulls Isaiah to the center of the ring and moves to the corner. The World Champion steps onto the apron and climbs the ropes. The People’s Choice takes flight… FLYING LEG DROP… WAIT, WAIT… BLACK ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY… BLACK OFF THE ROPES… GRAND LEVELER!!!!! GRAND LEVELER THE SECOND LANE HITS THE MAT!!!!!!! Walking Death makes the cover, ONE………… TWO………………TH THE CHAMPION KICKS OUT!!! MIKE LANE KICKS OUT!!!!! Isaiah Black is ravenous now as he rolls Lane on top of him into ANOTHER GUILLOTINE CHOKE!!

But don’t count Mike Lane out yet! Lane pulls himself to his knees, then standing, again with Black hanging from his neck. Lane breaks the grasp of Black’s legs and makes way to the corner. The Champion swings The Grim onto the top turnbuckle… he breaks free of the choke… HE LEAPS… HOLY SHIT… SHADOW KICK!!! SHADOW KICK TO ISAIAH BLACK ON THE TOP ROPE!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Black just fucking crumples to the mat. Lane pulls Black away from the corner, he hooks the leg, every person in the School Yard counting along, ONE…………… TWO………………… THRE WHATTTTT??!! ISAIAH BLACK JUST BARELY GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!!! BLACK KICKS OUT!!! This time it’s Mike Lane sitting up with his head in his hands.

The Champion makes his way to his feet and slowly pulls Isaiah Black up as well. Lane connects with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT…Black responds with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP. They trade blows until Lane swings wildly with a lariat… but Black ducks… Black grabs the back again and drops to the mat… but LANE REMAINS STANDING!! Black rolls over and hops to his feet but SHADOW KICK… NO!! NO!! ISAIAH BLACK DODGES IT…… GRAND LEVELER!!! KNEE TO THE BACK OF A STANDING MIKE LANE’S HEAD!!! The People’s Choice drops to his knees… A SECOND GRAND LEVELER!!! TWO GRAND LEVELERS IN A ROW!!!!! Mike Lane hits the mat… Walking Death rolls him over and hooks the leg… ONE……………… TWO………………… THREE!!!! GOOD GOD!!! ISAIAH BLACK IS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! THE GRIM IS THE HEAVYWEIGHT FUCKING CHAMPION!!!

Isaiah Black has done it! That son of a bitch has become the OSW World Heavyweight Champion.

He gets back to his feet and snatches the World Championship from the referee, raising it up so that the crowd can see what he’s taken from their beloved.

Then it happens.

Three members of the Ku Klux Klan come from all sides of the ring, one from behind Isaiah and two to the side. He’s surrounded, eyeing up every available option to him as one hits the apron and he storms to knock them down.

That’s all they need. That single opportunity and from behind, he’s clobbered in the back by a steel chair. Jesus Christ!

The KKK come together in the middle of the ring – their promise to unveil themselves to the world.

One of them steps forward, grabbing his mask and hood from underneath his chin…

……. NO…..

……. NO…..

……. NO…..

……. NO…..

……. NO…..


The second man removes his hood.


And finally, we know what’s coming…



They’ve made every person of colours life a living hell, they’ve ended the career of The Black Widow, tortured Atticus Kyll and Charlie Thompson, not to mention what they’ve done all night tonight.

And all along… it was them?


The fans are in shock. Some of them boo, some of them can be psychically seen with their mouths agape. There’s no-one available to stop them. Red stands dominant over the new World Champion, reaching down to grab his belt and raise it into the air.

Driven comes to a close with Red, fully cloaked minus his hood, the World Championship in his hand – smiling.

That utter bastard.

Why? WHY!?