Eyes Opened Wide

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

Sometimes in order to see the true nature of this world, you have to look beyond the visual into the spectrum of emotion underneath.

Blind yourself to the falsehood of preconceived notions to truly see the world as it should be.

A prism of colors that denote the soul of ones intentions and allows you to better understand humanity as a whole.

Like the facet of Empathy, the knowledge of others strife and pain and not just acknowledging it but taking it as if it was your very own.

Or the ideal of Charity, embracing their strife and pain and doing everything you can to erase it from existence.

The concept of Love, alleviating the hearts and minds of those who feel alone and ensuring they always know someone is there for them.

And lastly there is Hope, that spark in the dead of night that allows you to live through the terrors and believe it’ll be alright in the light of dawn.

It’s simple, perfect and pure. A way of looking at the universe that is denied from all those who refuse to close their eyes so they may truly see.

Yet I don’t need a third eye to realize every second of what you speak is complete bullshit V1sion.

Because you prattle on about being the only person who can perceive this world as it truly is, how these colors exemplify the greatest parts of Arcadia.

And you may have fooled Grimskull with the purity of your actions, but I know the truth.

For your prism isn’t draped in white but drenched in black.

Your so called Empathy is how you masquerade your Greed, the desire to be worshipped and praised hard coded to every action you take.

Just like how your Charity barely hides your Envy, seeing the success of your rivals and needing to take everything they have away from them with false rhetoric.

Those who blindly follow you may love you unconditionally but I see the hatred behind your eyes, these people are just tools, a means to an end that you will gladly sacrifice without question.

As even though they found Hope in your words and actions, the moment they falter is when the blue turns into fear itself for what you do next.

You may have fooled your followers, you may have fooled Grimskull V1sion but my eyes are wide open and I see you for exactly what you are.

A parasite preying on the weak and defenseless, who uses his handicap as an excuse to do exactly what every monster does.

For your prism and its cascade of colors may showcase the world as it should be seen, but deep within it is the color that exemplifies exactly what you are.

A being of pure black that corrodes everything within.

But where there is black, the white is not far behind.

And when my Faith shines through your false prism and those you have forsaken finally open their eyes to a new dawn,

Even you will see the light your darkness could never extinguish.