Fast Fashion

In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

They say fashion is an art form, well ain’t no room for art in this world. And ain’t no room for fashion either. Fashion is the use of clothin’ and accessories to style yourself with no objective other than to be fashionable. Than to be in with the cool crowd.

That ain’t gon’ get you anywhere in life, other than pictured in the newspaper, and in Arcadia more eyes on you means more creeps knowin’ all about where you live and hang out. I see clothin’ as two different things in life. Fashion versus utility. Clothin’ as fashion is to look pretty. Clothin’ as utility is to be useful. This jacket protects me against the elements. This jacket has pockets and hidey-holes all over for me to store what I need whenever I’m traversin’ the levels. This hat looks cool as fuck but it also stops the lights from gettin’ too bright in my eyes, stops me from gettin’ wet. It all serves a purpose.

But not with Narcissa. Narcissa don’t give two shits about utility. Narcissa wants haute-couture and she wants it now. Where is the paparazzi? She’s showin’ her best side. I sometimes wonder if the fashion is even about the garments or more about the person wearin’ them. And that will always be the difference between us. I, like my clothes, am a utility. I serve a purpose. I’m here for a reason and I’m good at it. Narcissa, like her clothes, is a fashion product. Only here for a short time and a good time. I’ve seen many fads cross these levels, and Narcissa is just like all of them. Pointless and banal.

And that is part of the problem. Fast fashion rules the waves, these days. Flash in the pan fads that are made to fail within a year so you have to buy more. But all of the credits in Arcadia couldn’t buy enough fast fashion for Narcissa. Her fad will pass so quickly that the register will barely have rung, and just like the sweatshop levels that make her lines, it will become unsustainable. So people will try and patch her up, again and again. Keep her goin’ for just one more season until the next collection drops.

But bad quality can’t be patched over. Only a solid piece of utlity clothin’ is worth saving. I’ve been in my share of wars and been patched up. I can take it. But can Narcissa Balenciaga? 

The fact of the matter is she’s far too fragile for a place like Arcadia. She’s be better off forgettin’ her fast fashion. Better off forgettin’ being patched up to make do. She’d be better off realisin’ now that she’s the t-shirt people wear when they paint, because they don’t care if it gets a little spoiled.

The paint rag of OSW.

And this little paint rag may have been around OSW a long while. But it ain’t seen nothing like me.